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Apple Music Replay on the Internet

With Apple Music Replay, you can relive the music that shaped your year. Get insights into the artists and albums you play the most. And get a playlist of your top songs of the year - and one for each year you subscribed to Apple Music.

Get Apple Music Replay

  1. You must have an Apple Music subscription.
  2. Go to music.apple.com/replay.
  3. Sign in with the Apple ID that you use for Apple Music.
  4. Click on "Listen to your replay mix".

You don't see Replay? You may need to listen to more music. Once you've heard more music, check back to listen to your replay mix.

This is how Apple Music Replay works

Apple Music Replay calculates your top songs, albums, and artists of the year based on your Apple Music listening history. In addition, Apple Music Replay uses other factors to determine the music you have played this year, for example:

  • Music played on any device signed in to Apple Music with your Apple ID
  • Does not take into account music that was played on devices on which "Use hearing history" is deactivated in the settings
  • Only includes music available in the Apple Music catalog
  • Songs playing in your library must be synced with your Apple Music subscription
  • Minimum number of plays and the minimum length of time you've listened to a song, artist, or album

Watch your top songs of the year

Check out the top songs you've heard this year in a playlist that's updated weekly. And you can get a replay playlist for every year you subscribed to Apple Music.

To save your replay playlist and access it on all of your devices, click + ADD.

After you've added your Replay playlist to your library, you can share it just like any other playlist you create. Your friends can add your replay playlist to their library and get updates on your most played songs all year round.

Information about the artists and albums you listen to the most

Scroll down to see how many artists you've heard so far this year and how many hours you've spent on them.

You'll also see the top 10 albums you've listened to so far and the number of times each album has been played.

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