Who are the wood suppliers for furniture

Here you can find out which wood is suitable for home-made furniture and what you should pay attention to when buying your material.

Wood is not just wood!

You can use different types of wood for your furniture, depending on your furniture design project and taste. We have therefore put together a little wood science for you.

Frames and battens are structural woods made of spruce or pine that are kiln-dried. Freshly cut goods are an exception. Various dimensions and lengths are available in rough sawn or planed quality as well as impregnated goods.

Frames and battens are mostly used as a substructure. Therefore, depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication, they should be protected from high humidity, mold or fungal attack.

OSB is the English abbreviation for Oriented Strand Board, which translates as "plate made of aligned chips". OSB panels are multi-layer panels made from long, slender chips (strands) with a predetermined shape and thickness. The upper and lower chips are aligned lengthways, the middle ones crossways. This means that the flexural strength is greater than that of conventional chipboard. The gluing and chip structure give the OSB board its characteristic appearance.

OSB panels are used in house construction, interior construction and furniture construction. OSB is divided into OSB / 1 to OSB / 4. Our OSB / 3 cut-to-size and installation panels are suitable for load-bearing parts in furniture construction, also for damp areas.

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