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Delivery crisis at H&M, Saturn on the test bench, Rocket Internet, Zooplus, Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, online growth

Dear reader, Delivery times of up to two weeks without notice. At H&M, the 80s have just taken over logistics again. Customers grumble in series. The trundling fashion brand is making itself superfluous. Another brand will probably have to justify its existence better in the future.

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Saturn on the test bench:

According to LZ information, the Saturn brand is being put to the test at Ceconomy. Reasons: It's going badly and you can't really explain the difference to Media-Markt to any customer. Apparently not himself either. At Media-Saturn, you have been pondering this question for what feels like an eternity. "The two-brand strategy will not be shaken," says the company meanwhile.

H&M invents "Next Month Delivery" - so to speak:

H&M is having delivery problems when ordering online. The complaints are increasing on the Facebook fan page. There, the fashion chain speaks of "increased order volume" and issues a certificate of poverty: "Your shipments should probably reach you after 7-8 working days," it says or "that in the best case it can take 3 to 8 days for the Fashion musthaves find their way to the customer. " I translate the PR German: Please buy, please somewhere else.

Rocket Internet must keep hoping for profits:

Oliver Samwer promises "further progress" for the start-up forge Rocket Internet and is therefore comparatively meek when presenting the figures for 2017 (pdf) because the profit zone has not yet been reached. At least, however, the losses at selected important companies were curbed in the past year. The adjusted operating margin (Ebitda) improved by five percentage points to minus 10.3 percent. The company's sales rose by 28 percent to 2.64 billion euros.
Above all, the fashion sales holding Global Fashion Group (GFG) is growing strongly. The home accessories start-up Westwing increased sales by 6.2 percent to 265.8 million euros. The cook box mail order company HelloFresh and the food delivery service Delivery Hero should even hit the black in 2018. Rocket also reduced its losses significantly from EUR 741.5 million in the previous year to EUR 6 million.
But that is also due to the sale of shares.
In any case, the share price fell slightly after the figures were announced and, at around EUR 25, is a long way from its issue price of EUR 42.50 in October 2014. Reason enough not to be quite so loud.

Zooplus is fighting Amazon with its own brands:

Zooplus wants to generate up to 20 percent of its revenues with own brands in two years. That's what CEO Cornelius Patt said in an interview with the "Lebensmittel Zeitung". The goal: more margin and more distance to Amazon. Zooplus wants to almost double its sales to 2 billion euros by 2020. Patt meanwhile rejects platform concepts. "Marketplace is definitely a great thing, but not for us."


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"Amazon Wardrobe" is getting bigger:

The Amazon wardrobe "Amazon Wardrobe" is getting bigger and is to be expanded to more Prime customers after the test mode and "Invitation only". At Wardrobe, US customers can have a dozen or so items of clothing delivered to their homes to try on. If you don't like it, send it back free of charge in an already finished box. Payment is made afterwards. In addition, the less the customer returns, the greater the discount.

Obstacles to the Flipkart deal:

ReCode reminds that before a deal with the Indian online giant Flipkart, Walmart not only has to outbid Amazon, but also has to negotiate with eBay. The platform is involved in the "Amazon India" - by exclusive contract and that would actually be valid for another three years.


Growing online with jewelry, furniture, and cat food:

The industry association bevh sees growth in online trading in the first quarter at 10.6 percent and 14.6 billion euros in gross sales. Big beneficiaries: The jewelry and watches sector grew by 34.8 percent. In pet supplies, sales increased by 21.7 percent compared to the previous year. In the furniture, lamps and decoration category, online sales rose by 13 percent.

Most popular post the day before:

Cheaper than the competition and free delivery - with these bold announcements, Picnic officially started in Germany. First of all, the new online retailer will only supply the people in North Rhine-Westphalia with food. The logistics behind it even have different names than usual - and are based on two exciting formulas.

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