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Florida International University was established in 1969 on a rather unusual site. An abandoned airfield served as the construction site, on which construction work began in the summer of 1969. Founder Chuck Perry has set up in the flight tower together with three other executives. There were no telephones, no potable water, or furniture. Maybe for this reason Perry decided not to have the tower torn down, so it is still on the FIU campus today. The Ivory Tower, the symbol of the university, has passed on and spread the entrepreneurial spirit of Chuck Perry and his colleagues and successors since that day.

In just seven years, Perry had made this university very big. When he left the FIU, 10,000 students were enrolled and the campus consisted of five large buildings. His successors pursued his vision and so one of the largest universities in the country was born from this small, abandoned building at this airport, which has made research its mission.

With 5667 enrollments on the opening day in 1972, the FIU continued this unusual trend of the start of construction, as it was the largest opening in US university history.

Be world´s ahead - Be ahead of the other worlds. This motto also underlines the vision of the FIU as a leading urban, national research university.

Florida International University reflects the cultural diversity of South Florida. The students come from different areas and regions around the world. Over half of all students come from Latin America, while the remaining students are black, white and Asian. A colorful mix that will enrich and expand life and cultural experiences.

Around 77 percent of all students are undergraduates, who mainly study at the Colleges of Business Administration, Arts & Sciences and Engineering.

From the beginning, the FIU has been more determined than other universities, including the first public law school in South Florida and the only public medical school. And was accepted as the youngest member of the Phi Betta Kappa Society, the oldest and most respected society for academic honor. Furthermore, the FIU has 17 sports teams which play successfully in the national college division I.

Miami - the magical city

Miami is, among other things, the hometown of Eva Mendes and Betty Wright. With a little luck you can certainly meet a lot of celebrities. It's not for nothing that Miami is known for its colorful nightlife and countless opportunities to have a good time. Due to the constantly warm climate in Miami, you also have the opportunity to spend your free time and surf on one of the countless beaches, but you can also take your textbook outside and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, there is everything you need to live and study successfully on the two large FIU campuses.

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