Should I work out with my girlfriend

Sport for couples: this is how training together improves your fitness and your relationship!

There are several reasons why you should do sports together: firstly, it is just a lot more fun as a couple than alone and secondly, it is much easier to exercise and stick to a nutrition plan if you are supported.

Regardless of whether it is your partner or your best friend, with these sports and everyday tasks you will stay fit together and also strengthen your bond.

Sports for couples: dancing

At home, at the party or in the class - dance! Because dancing is not only a great opportunity for couples to feel closer again, you can also burn many kilocalories in a short time and with a lot of fun. You learn to move with each other and to trust your partner.

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Sport for couples: running

Go for a run or a walk together. The main thing is that you spend time together and enjoy the togetherness. Whether in the morning to prepare for the day or in the evening to relax after work. In addition, you will discover your surroundings together.

Take your beloved four-legged friend or your offspring with you in the practical jogger stroller.

Sport for couples: skating

Skate together. When it's pleasantly warm and dry outside, you simply strap on your inline skates and start racing. In winter you can go to the ice rink instead. Wrap up warm and lace up your skates.

In doing so, you increase your stamina and train your balance - there is also a firm bottom.

Sports for couples: cycling

There's really no better way to get around than cycling, is there? You are fast on the go, don't have to stand in a traffic jam and can do something for your fitness.

With your partner you can maybe cycle to work together or you can go on nice tours on your days off.

Sports for couples: Sports on vacation

It's winter and you are looking for an exciting sport that you can do as a couple? In addition to ice skating, you can also go skiing or snowboarding together. Cross-country skiing is also an ideal sport that can be practiced as a couple. If you don't live near a ski area, this might be an idea for your next vacation.

In general, there are many ways to move around together on vacation. For example, a canoe trip or a joint course for a sport that you both always wanted to try out.

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Sports for couples: hiking

You can charge your batteries while hiking. Exercise in the fresh air is a real balm for body and mind. You can forget the stress of everyday life and concentrate fully on you as a couple again. Finally have long, intensive conversations and enjoy a cozy snack together.

Tip: Determine your routes together in advance and find out about possible resting places, then you can go on a discovery tour together in a relaxed manner.

Sports for couples: swimming

Swimming is an ideal endurance sport and it is also gentle on the joints. Whether in the swimming pool or in the lake, you can swim your laps together or try to perform the movements synchronously.

Tip: Then you can go to the sauna together and relax.

Sport for couples: fitness workout

Workout for two, in the gym or at home is great for your fitness. Share this passion and try out different devices and exercises. In doing so, you can mutually pay attention to whether you are doing it correctly.

Dear girls, please don't take too much on the weights. If your loved one is lifting a heavy weight that you cannot lift in an emergency, you have to ask someone to take care of it beforehand.

Otherwise, have fun, cheer each other on and praise each other when you've achieved something. That strengthens the bond!

Sport for couples: yoga

Strengthen your body through yoga. There are many positions for which you need a partner. It is a great opportunity to promote your inner balance and relax together.

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Sports for couples: ball sports

Do you not only want to work together as a team, but maybe also compete against each other? Then ball sports such as tennis, badminton, squash or golf are ideal.

If one of you is already really good at a sport and would like to practice it with your partner, you should think about giving away coaching hours. Because as soon as you train each other, the mood can quickly change and all the fun passes.

Teamwork in everyday life: This is how you stay permanently fit!

Either of you want to change your diet to shed a few extra pounds? It is much easier to keep these resolutions in a team. Take your time, cook together and try out new, healthy recipes, which you can then enjoy in a cozy atmosphere.

You can also create a joint eating plan in which each of you takes in the nutrients you need.