What does Cupid's arrow symbolize

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Association: - hit the target, - the arrow of Cupid, - painful realization. Question: What is it about? What hits the mark?

Medicine wheel:

Key words: Tools, - talents, - gifts, - thoughts, - helpers. Description: The arrow, one of the four additional symbols associated with the medicine wheel when it is used as a stone or card set, appears in the eastern district and symbolizes the tools that are available for thinking and acting. The arrow represents the power of thought and communication. It symbolizes the device that helps the hunter to succeed. General meaning: Your talents, - your gifts, - your ability to search for and find what you need, - your work, - your way of life, - goals. Association: As fast as an arrow, - Cupid's love arrows, - direction indicator. Transcendent Description: A targeted message directing you of the path or tool you should choose.


Arrows in the dream signal the consequences that the actions of the dreaming or another person have. This involves actions that can neither be reversed nor revoked. Arrow symbolizes dangers emanating from the behavior of others, especially emotional injuries through aggressiveness, malice, spite, envy and resentment. But arrows are also a reminder of the Amor / Cupid myth. Who was 'shot' at, or who 'shot' at yourself. The arrow can be a phallic symbol in certain contexts.


What the dreaming says about other people can hit them or damage them like an arrow. Directness can hurt. The arrow shot at us in a dream is the little cunning with which our fellow men want to put us on the cross in everyday life, sometimes also the strength that we waste. If we shoot arrows at others ourselves, we should be careful not to make careless statements.


On the spiritual level, arrows in the dream are weapons that indicate strength, energy and skill. He is a symbol of the sunbeam and phallic fertility.



  • in general: always represents a warning,
  • in the hand: you have insidious intentions,
  • be hit by one: discord between you and your acquaintances, - one trusts too much about oneself to an insincere person, - one should choose one's friends and acquaintances more carefully and recognize possible flatterers and parasites among them, - also: you will be deeply in love, -
  • close with it: you damage yourself by hasty, - you will regret your act, - also: one will unintentionally get involved in a quarrel,
  • see flying: a danger is in the coming,
  • break: you will be ashamed and unhappy,
  • a broken one: represents a recommendation to focus more on details in your work.


  • one has a consciousness of inferiority and has to answer the arrows, which are shot at one, - also: it follows joy, entertainment,
  • see one: if near mischief announces, which affects one and one has indirectly also to blame,
  • be hit by it: a serious disappointment is imminent, - promises a serious catastrophe or a serious collapse, - also: signs of misfortune that one is treated from an unexpected side, - a person who appears friendly towards one, actually works against yours Interests,-
  • throw or shoot: one conjures up a misfortune through own guilt, - through own behavior a good friendship could come apart, or a separation is imminent, - also: something surprising will soon succeed to one,
  • more broken: symbolizes disappointment in the love and occupation,
  • Bow and arrow: stand for big profit by the inability of others, - to meet their obligations, - hit the target: happy events will occur,
  • if the shot goes wrong: hopes of successful progress are destroyed.


  • have: you lead a lonely life,
  • shoot with it: you will lose a loved one.
(See also bow, weapon)