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Fastic: "Virtual WWDC 2021 helps the environment"

Peter Müller

For the Mac, i.e. the desktop, the fasting app has no concrete plans yet. The developer is looking forward to further innovation for the iPhone.

Fastic was founded in April 2019 by Phillip Wayman and Sebastian Wettcke. The founders started the company to put intermittent fasting at the center of holistic health and to digitize lifestyle. The users are introduced to intermittent fasting in a gentle, playful way, whereby the complete experience is adapted to the individual goals of the user. In its first year alone, the app had over three million downloads, including one and a half million in the United States, and is one of the most successful health and fitness apps in several countries. By April 2021, the app had been downloaded over 14 million times and users had fasted over a billion hours in total. On average, each user loses 2.7 kg per month. Over the past year, our users have lost a total of almost three million kg. Fastic is now available in 6 languages ​​and is one of the top 10 health and fitness apps in the App Store. Work is currently underway on a connection to the Apple Watch in order to use the health data of the users to design an even more individual system that the Fastic program adapts to the physical conditions.

Co-founder and CPO Sebastian Wettcke answered our questions:

Have you ever been live to the WWDC in San Francisco or San José and when was that exactly?

So far I haven't had the opportunity to personally take part in an Apple WWDC. I've always followed the events digitally like millions of enthusiastic Apple customers. Even then, I was interested in the way Apple presented its products and innovations. My first digital participation took place in 2008. I can still remember how the new AppleiPhone 3GS was introduced. As a 13-year-old boy, it was already a great wish for me to own such a device.

Which WWDC experience helped you the most in developing or marketing your app? And which WWDC experiences were not so good for you?

For the further development of Fastic, the app for healthy fasting, every WWDC helps us because of the attention it generates and the resulting increased activity of the media and users with Apple devices / App Store, if there have been changes here.

I believe there is a lot to learn from Apple in terms of your WWDC and the way they approach how they communicate with their customers & the world. The presentation is unique and outstanding. We also took inspiration from Apple products for our app "Fastic - Intermittent Fasting".

In addition, what do you think has been Apple's most important software development in terms of your app in recent years? What disappointed the most?

For us as developers of the "Fastic - Fasten App", the further development of the iPhone and the iOS operating system are in the foreground. Every further development and improvement brings more customers to Apple or keeps them with Apple, who we can then address via the App Store. We also improve our capabilities as developers, which enables us to offer our customers a better experience. In addition, we are very pleased that Apple is further expanding the fitness and health sector with the integration of “Health” and the Watch. The communication and data exchange between our Fastic app and the Apple devices is very important, as we adapt our app to the user and his or her individual needs.

How did you like the pure online event of 2020? In your opinion, is this the better format in the future or are you longing for a real WWDC in 2022?

As I said, I only knew Apple's WWDC as an online event. Whether it takes place on a stage or as an elaborate virtual experience, View hasn't changed much for me. I found the purely digital WWDC more appealing than before, because the preparation, effects and insights into different areas of Apple and the various development stations were very interesting and kept me interested. At the same time, for me it corresponds more to the time in which we live and represents our technical progress better than a presentation on a stage could express. In addition, we save the journeys from all parts of the world and the associated pollution.

What exactly do you expect from iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15?

Like many of us, I expect from Apple innovation and the ability they have proven time and again to be one step ahead. In my opinion, Apple is able to identify or improve problems that most are not even aware of. This constant improvement can be found in all products and that, in addition to the quality and innovative strength of the products, distinguishes Apple from all other market participants.

Will you also bring your app to the M1 Mac or is iOS enough for you?

So far we have stayed with Fastic as a “personal companion” in our users' pockets. There are no plans for an expansion yet. It remains to be seen whether we will use the Fastic app to move to our users' desktops in the future.

What name will Apple give the next Mac system, what's your tip?

I would tap on “macOS Ocean”. It will be exciting to see how things will continue!