Do rabbits have a favorite human being

Can rabbits love people? Relationship between rabbits and humans!

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Rabbits can't just tell whether they love you or not. You communicate non-verbally and practically only with body language. Therefore, it can be difficult for us humans to understand whether our rabbit likes us or not. But can rabbits even love people? And how do they show affection?

The greatest token of love a rabbit can make to a human is trust. If your rabbit is comfortable around you and not afraid of being touched, it can be said that your rabbit genuinely loves you.

Rabbits are prey and are naturally afraid of us humans. As soon as this fear no longer exists and the rabbit even seeks contact on its own initiative, one can speak of great trust and love. If you want to become an absolute rabbit expert, we can warmly recommend this book to you.

Of course, the word love of rabbits is to be defined differently than the love between us humans.

Are rabbits loving pets?

Rabbits are very well able to develop a loving and intimate relationship with us humans. Of course it is different from rabbit to rabbit. Some are just more jumpy and don't get used to us. Others are less fearful from birth and more easily relate to us.

It is important to remember that rabbits and hares are prey in nature and are hunted by just about any predator or bird. With our size and strength, rabbits are considered a danger and they will be afraid of us.

With good care and treatment, we can take this fear away from them and build a loving relationship. Of course, it should be clear that this relationship will seldom be the same as between dog and human. Nevertheless, one should see trust and contact as a great token of love.

Are rabbits as loving as dogs?

If you're looking for a loving pet but can't get a cat or dog, a cute rabbit might be the right choice. Rabbits also like to be in contact with people (after they trust you) and rarely want to be alone. They love attention and even sometimes play with their owners.

Furthermore, rabbits are also considered to be very intelligent and, like dogs, can even learn tricks. But for that you need a lot of time and a good mood. But if your rabbit can master a few tricks, you have a really special relationship with your pet.

Still, there are differences in love for humans from dogs and rabbits. Dogs see their owners more as masters to be liked. Rabbits don't really care. You as the owner should please them.

Anyone who expects unconditional love from their pet should not get a rabbit or bunny. Nevertheless, a great love can develop between rabbits and humans. It's just different than with dogs and humans.

How do you get love and trust from a rabbit?

Access to a rabbit heart is pretty easy. They just have to trust you. That should always be the first step in gaining love. Get your rabbit to trust you and you will become an unbeatable team.

In order to gain the trust of a rabbit, one should adhere to the following basic rules:

  • Don't push: Do not force your rabbit to sit on your lap or be petted. Sit in the same room and let the rabbit decide when to go to you.
  • Do not pick up: Rabbits don't like hanging in mid-air, so avoid lifting them unnecessarily. You want the rabbit to feel safe around you.
  • Don't hold on: What you might understand as cuddling is a kind of trap for a rabbit. It will panic and fear if it cannot move on its own.
  • Stay close: Even if a rabbit doesn't like cuddling, it likes a certain closeness and doesn't want to be alone.
  • Develop a routine: Even if it sounds strange, rabbits like fixed daily routines. Changes or suddenly different situations can stress you a lot and disrupt the relationship of trust.
  • Delicious meal: The way into the heart of an animal usually leads through food. Feed your rabbit high-quality and tasty food and you will see how it will start to like you more and more. Here are the 5 best feeds for rabbits.

How do you know that a rabbit loves you?

Rabbits show their love in many different ways. Here are the most common ones you might observe:

  • Proximity: When your rabbit hops around your feet and when it sees you, runs straight to you, your rabbit loves you very much and sees no more danger in you.
  • Trust: As already written above, trust is the greatest gift. Especially if your rabbit sleeps next to you or even touches you while you sleep, it trusts you completely.
  • Head butts: Like cats, rabbits give their favorite humans light head butts. This is not a sign of attack, but rather a kind of kiss.
  • Licking: If your rabbit licks you off, you really did it. Licking is almost the highest form of affection. You definitely did something right.
  • Purr: Rabbits also purr when they feel very safe and comfortable.

My rabbit hates me

If your rabbit shows absolutely no affection for you, it doesn't necessarily mean that he hates you. Most likely, they're just scared of you. Imagine you are as small as your rabbit and a person of 1.75M stands in front of you. I think there is hardly anyone who is not afraid.

Here is a checklist of behaviors that could cause your rabbit to fear you. If you've done one of these, you shouldn't do it and start all over again.

If you haven't done any of these things, it can also simply be that your rabbit is simply very scared from birth or has had bad experiences with other people. Just be patient and give your rabbit time to see that they can trust you.

Summary: Can Rabbits Love People?

In summary, the question "Can rabbits love people?" answer quite simply. Yes you can. They show their love through trust and attention. If your rabbit likes to be around you, it is very likely that he really loves you.

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