How does meditation differ from loving goods

Meditation loving kindness - the good in me, in you, in all beings

The revolutionary art of being happy

The good in me

The Meditation loving kindness comes straight from Buddha. There are scientific studies that prove their effectiveness, even if you only do them a few minutes a day.

Everyone wants to be treated kindly. You too, right?
On the other hand, we ourselves make a clear distinction between who we treat kindly and who we don't. Who deserves our benevolence and who doesn't? Who is close to us and who is not?

When we practice this meditation, the miracle of love happens.
I know that sounds a little cheesy.
But you will experience it yourself, suddenly you feel friendliness, just like that, for no reason. And not only for your dearest people, but even for complete strangers, even for people whom you have previously been reserved about or for whom you have even harbored unpleasant feelings. And as a result, not only people, but also animals and plants evoke feelings of compassion, kindness and friendliness in you.

I don't know if you want that and maybe you don't believe me either.
But that's a good thing, I don't want you to believe me.
Please experiment with this wonderful meditation that the Buddha gave us.


Preliminary exercise: Think about the good in you

Duration: 3 minutes

Find a place where you are undisturbed.
1) Shake for 60 seconds, inhale and exhale strongly, jump around a bit.
2) Sit comfortably, close your eyes.
3) Think of something good that you said or did.

If you can't think of anything:
a) think of a quality that you like about yourself.
If you can't think of anything again:
b) Think of your wish to be happy.

If you think of anything but good things about yourself during this exercise,
then that's not a big deal. Do not judge yourself, just return to remembering the good in you
even back.

Now comes the instructions for the actual meditation:

meditation loving kindness:

Duration: 8 minutes
Find a quiet, pleasant place where you are undisturbed. Then set your alarm clock to 8 minutes. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes.

Breathe calmly and evenly.
On and off, on and off …… .exactly
Exhale all worries. Think of the good in you. How does it feel, where can you feel the good, is it hot or cold ...

Then say these 4 sentences:
Even if you don't believe in it, say it with feeling as if it was already there.

"May I be sure"
Imagine how it feels to be very safe?

"May I be happy"
How does your body feel when you are happy?

"May I be healthy"
How do you feel when you are completely healthy?

"May I live easily"
What is it like to go through life so easily?


Now replace “I” with “all beings”

May all beings be safe.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be healthy.
May all beings live easily.

You repeat this until the alarm clock rings after 8 minutes.

How are you?
Did youInner peace found?

kind regards

Karl Rajyogi
Your mountain meditation coach

I am happy to help you to find your inner peace, get in touch with me.