Sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted through blowjobs

World Sexual Health Day Recognize and protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases

Sexual diseases on the rise

Sex is known as the most beautiful thing in the world. But what if after a wonderful night, the rude awakening comes and you have become infected with a sexually transmitted disease. In the last few years the incidence rates have increased again in the industrialized nations - despite all the safer sex campaigns.

Talking about STDs is a no-go. Those affected are ashamed and everyone else may be disgusted. Still, it is important to know how to protect yourself.

Transmission possible without sex

Infection does not necessarily have to result from vaginal sex. Of course, anal and oral sex are also a common cause. Due to the greater risk of infection during anal intercourse, among other things, homosexual men tend to be more frequently affected by some sexually transmitted diseases.

But even if you are primarily talking about sexually transmitted diseases, you can also get infected without sex, for example through skin contact, droplet infection or - depending on the pathogen - also through sharing toilets or hygiene items. Those who want to protect themselves and their sexual partners as best as possible should therefore always use a condom during sex.