Insects can repel mosquitoes by consuming vitamin B1

10 home remedies for gels and mosquitoes

We reveal how you can keep your summer evenings free of bsss using natural means.

1. Do not offer any breeding grounds

Flower coasters, paddling pools, bird baths and watering cans are used Breeding ground for gel larvaewhen you get that water Not pouring out daily or changes. Rain barrels should be with a cover be provided. If that is not possible, you can use a mixture of one tablespoon Cooking oil and two drops Cinnamon oil change the surface tension. The larvae can then no longer stay there, the cinnamaldehyde also acts as a natural insecticide.

Mosquito larvae in garden ponds can be used with Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) fight biologically. This means that no other animals are harmed, and the water can be used for watering without hesitation. Additionally helps Movement in the water - for example through an air stone. This makes it much more difficult for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. More troublesome: the larvae with the Kerscherremove.

3. Establish predators

Speaking of which garden pond: Carp-like fish, such as Goldfish and Koi, like gels and mosquito larvae to eat.

Same goes for Water bugs (e.g. back swimmers), Dragonfly larvae and other Predatory insectsthat settle in the pond by themselves.

Nest boxes lure in the garden Birds who, in return for housing, decimate the number of bloodsuckers.

4. Make the wind

It is helpful to set up one Fan. He just blows Gelsen away. Mosquitoes also use theirs to locate their victims CO2Emissions. If the air is whirled up, however, they can no longer see where the carbon dioxide comes from. In addition, gels are attracted to heated bodies. The fan keeps us nice and cool.

5. Do not set any scent marks

The way to their victims, gels primarily show body vapors and exhaled carbon dioxide. It is difficult to stop breathing. For gels seductive fragrances but can be minimized by taking a shower, smelly socks, Work and sportswear alternates and on Perfumes, Deodorants, Creams and softener dispensed with fruity and floral notes.

6. Seal the bulkheads

Simple ones Networks, which are attached to the window frame with Velcro, reliably keep the pests out of the house. Are more comfortable Fly screens and rolls with frames that allow windows or doors to be used without restriction. If you have no way of attaching grids, you can at least get one Mosquito net hanging over the bed, which is best stuffed tightly under the mattress. Tip: nets for large beds usually have four openings. Sew three of them shut so that gelsen do not find any gaps.

7. Dress properly

Studies support observations that mosquitoes prefer to settle on dark surfaces. Therefore, it offers the best protection bright clothesthat covers a lot - especially wrists and ankles and the neck, where bloodsuckers particularly like to strike. So that they don't poke through the robe, it should be off solid fabric (e.g. linen) and not too tight.

8. Pay attention to the menu

Garlic consumption drives away animal vampires? Nothing. Also the consumption of cabbage or foods with a lot of vitamin B.1 offers no protection. However, it has been statistically proven that people who do a lot salt eat, get stung more often because more Lactic acid released through the skin, which attracts gels. It is also assumed that the buzzing nuisance people are with them high cholesterol to prefer. Who his Blood fat levels lowers, makes itself unattractive for mosquitoes. A study was also able to show that gels are increasingly flying towards alcoholized victims, especially Beer drinkers.

9. Use essential oils

Rub in with Mosquito repellants offers good protection. You can also make your own produce. Therefore 50 ml carrier oil (preferably organic coconut oil) with four drops of essential oil Mix (about neem oil). Before using it over a large area, be sure to apply it to a small area of ​​skin testing.

Alternatively, you can add essential oils in the Aroma lamp evaporate. Among others, they have proven effective against gels. Citronella, cinnamon, lavender, Lemongrass, clove, Scented geranium and especially No. Four drops are sufficient for a 20 m2 room. Also Stone pine oil seems to help against gels.

10. Use Flora's help

The scent of their essential oils also makes some plants Gel repellent, about basil, chives and Lemon balm, Catnip, lavender, geranium and Fragrant pelargonium ("Lillibet"). Also planting Paradeisers or one Walnut tree in front of the window is supposed to protect. A halved lemon, peppered with Cloves, has proven itself, as well as that Smoking with dried sage leaves.

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