Why do we integrate systems

Tailored integration of HR systems

Merge HR data & use it easily

Personnel work consists of a wide range of processes. Many of them make it necessary to transfer data to other systems. In order not to have to rely on the error-prone "human interface", we offer you individual or fully developed integration scenarios. One of our many IT services for you.

ATOSS personnel deployment planning & SAP HCM

ATOSS Connector

SAP HCM + ATOSS personnel deployment planning = ATOSS Connector

The ATOSS Connector integrates SAP time management and ATOSS personnel deployment planning via web service and opens up completely new dimensions for professional workforce management.

If you deploy your employees exactly when they are actually needed, you reduce expensive idle times and overtime. At the same time, service quality and added value are increased. ATOSS personnel deployment planning in SAP HCM offers all industries the opportunity to be more productive and competitive.

Why integrate with the ATOSS Connector?

  • Smooth data exchange between time management and resource planning - without media disruptions
  • Avoidance of double maintenance, errors and inconsistencies
  • Simple and quick planning with real-time information
  • More transparency through a uniform and up-to-date database
  • Higher productivity through optimal synchronization of personnel requirements and personnel deployment

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Further information on the ATOSS Connector

We open up the entire world of professional workforce planning to SAP users - without system limits.

Ginesh Koottakara, Team Lead Manufacturing, ATOSS Software AG

Microsoft Active Directory & SAP

Active Directory Connector

Integration of SAP HCM or SuccessFactors into Microsoft Active Directory

Employee entry and exit usually also have to be created in non-HR systems. B. for e-mail addresses or access control. This is not only work: especially when leaving, it is often forgotten or implemented late, which can result in considerable security risks.

Our Active Directory Connector is available as a service from our data center. He connects SAP HCM or SAP SuccessFactors with your Microsoft Active Directory. This means that when entry or exit measures are carried out in the SAP HR system, the relevant users are automatically created in the Active Directory or deactivated again.

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We are happy to develop individual integration solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Our professional team of developers is available for your inquiries.

SAP SuccessFactors with SAP HCM

Despite SAP standards, you may not have the time and know-how to enable optimal use of both SAP systems. We are happy to help. What opportunities do we see for you here?

  • Core hybrid: All HR applications are in the cloud with SAP SuccessFactors, all other ERP processes in SAP on-premise
  • Talent hybrid: All talent management topics are covered in the cloud with SAP SuccessFactors, the core topics such as administration, remuneration and time management remain in SAP HCM on-premise
  • Side-by-side: All talent management topics are covered in the cloud with SAP SuccessFactors, the core topics are covered either in the core and / or with SAP SuccessFactors, depending on the company etc.

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