Why not hairdressers use aloe to color eyebrows

Professional tips for perfectly styled eyebrows with 40plus

Which daily eyebrow routine do you recommend that even make-up laypeople can do with little time?
If you want to shape your brows above all, you can use a brow mascara. These are also available in tinted versions that keep the brow hair in shape and naturally accentuate the eyebrows.

For many women, the eyebrow pencil is part of their daily make-up routine. How do I find the right shade?
The brow pencil should be a shade lighter than your own hair color on your head. And when buying it, you should make sure that it is waterproof (people like to sweat in the forehead area!) And that it is relatively hard.

What do you recommend to women who would like to re-color their graying eyebrows: Go to a professional - or can you easily help with self-coloring products from the drugstore?
The professional should do the dyeing. When you dye yourself, gray eyebrows quickly become too dark. At home, a tinted brow mask in "ash blonde" helps quickly. It is gently brushed into the hair in horizontal movements.

In addition to "classic" permanent make-up, there are also new trend variants such as micro-blading to permanently accentuate the eyebrows. How do you rate such (semi-) permanent styling methods?
Permanent make-up is a great solution if the eyebrows are too narrow or gaps or do not have a nice curve themselves. Here, however, it is very important to look for a real professional who has a good feel for the proportions of the face as well as the color and shape of the brows. In any case, have the brow shape drawn beforehand and make sure that the studio is working cleanly. The difference between permanent make-up and microblading is the execution. While I use a machine to draw fine hairs with permanent make-up, I scratch it manually with microblading. Microblading is often a bit more painful and does not last as long as classic permanent make-up. Personally, I prefer the hair drawing, which looks particularly natural and soft.