What actually bring success

What actually is success?

Success ... Hmm ... Somehow the word has a magical aura: SUCCESS - wow. Successful people are admired, they are imitated and have numerous advantages that make them even more successful - such as unfair. Stop why unfair? Can't everyone be successful? I? You? What exactly is success?

Is Lisa successful, who got a six in the last exam? Is Marco successful, who started his own business at a young age? Or Martina, who more or less effortlessly - can do without chocolate during Lent? Or Urs, who does his job, is a great father and supports his wife around the house? What exactly is success? Is it maybe the newest sports car after all? The biggest house? The most money? The smartest kids? The biggest company? Or a successful ski race?

The latter are definitely things that we often associate with success. Success is often measured in terms of money. The more money you earn, the more successful you are (read my column Makes Money Happy?). But is it really that simple? Is a lot of money = success? So John Junior (the son of the millionaire next door) would be extremely successful without having done anything for it. Can it be

According to the psychologists Martens and Kuhl, success is “the achievement of goals that you have set yourself”. Achieving goals that you have set yourself ... That would mean: I am not successful if someone wants something from me and I achieve this, but I have it in my own hands! I myself determine whether and how I will be successful. Success is based on our commitment to a task that fulfills us. This also means that the type of activity does not matter at all. Even the billionaire and major investor Warren Buffett says: “Above all, you should invest in yourself. This is the only investment that pays off a thousand times over. "

It's not about being obsessively successful, but about discovering success in every day you live. It is a positive view of your own life and an essential key to happiness and satisfaction - and thus also to success itself. What was your greatest sense of achievement today? “There wasn't one,” doesn't count. There is always success - you just have to see it (want to). Many are not aware of their successes, and that is a real shame! In the evening, many focus on what annoyed them, what screwed them up or failed again. All of these things happen too, no question about it. But the essential question is what we focus on: the five in math or the three in German? Is the glass half full or half empty? Every evening ask yourself: What was my greatest success today? And celebrate these successes, share your success stories and celebrate what you have achieved!

M.Sc. Ramona Wunderlin

(Front article on “Psychology - very simple”: No. 4, published in BiBo on April 3, 2014)

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