Why are you a young earth creationist

Creationists and conspiracy theorists are the same

"Everything happens for a reason"
Everything that happens must have a purpose - this worldview not only explains the creationist way of thinking, but also the propensity for conspiracy theories.
Everything under control: Conspiracy theorists like to associate the "Eye of Providence" with secret societies.

You have to know that

  • Those who believe that God created the world are also prone to conspiracy theories.
  • Because behind both worldviews there is the same way of thinking: All actions and events have a purpose.
  • This is shown by a study by researchers at the University of Friborg who interviewed 1,250 people.

There is no such thing as a coincidence and behind every development and every action there is a larger plan: This is how conspiracy theorists think on the one hand and creationists on the other. For some it is secret societies or corrupt governments who make insidious plans, for others it is God who directs everything. Now psychologists from the University of Friborg have investigated whether people who reject the theory of evolution also tend to conspiracy theories. The researchers suspected that the same way of thinking is behind both worldviews, namely the so-called teleology. This states that all actions, events and developments have a purpose. Science has not yet investigated whether the tendency towards conspiracy theories can be explained by the teleological mode of thinking.

To test their assumption, the researchers had over 1,250 French people fill out a questionnaire: On the one hand, how much they agree with various conspiracy theories, such as the existence of chemtrails or the flat-earth theory. On the other hand, whether they believe that the earth is less than 10,000 years old and was created by God.

The analysis showed that there is a great deal of correspondence between the two worldviews. And that behind both lies the same distortion of perception - regardless of age, religion or education. The researchers conclude that the attitude “Everything happens for a specific reason” not only makes it more difficult to accept the theory of evolution, but also leads to a general skepticism towards scientific findings.

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