How is video game concept art done

Where can I find beautiful video game concept art online?

Have you ever wondered how video games turn into such breathtaking landscapes? Create attractive graphics without a design background on Canva Create attractive graphics without a design background on Canva More information, realistic characters and convincing settings? It Takes a Village 4 Ways Gamers Can Help Charity 4 Ways Gamers Can Help Charity There are several ways gamers in the world can make a difference while indulging in the hobby they love! Here's what you need to know. Read More One of the most important roles in developing these masterpieces is the concept artist. Concept artists pave the way for today's game.

The conceptual art behind a game usually determines the artistic style of a game. Such unique and remarkable examples as Okami and Shadow of the colossus Their artistic excellence is due to the careful work of experienced concept artists. Is art school required for a career in graphic design? Is Art School Necessary For A Career In Graphic Design? If you're pursuing a career in digital art or graphic design, is it worth getting a degree? Can you do without one What exactly does the degree actually do for you? Continue reading . If you're not familiar with the glory of conceptual art, here's an introduction to the various online resources that are available to you.

What is concept art?

Video Game Concept Art provides insight into the nature of a video game's artistic direction. Conceptual art is an important, albeit undervalued, aspect of games. Today's landscape and character concept art becomes tomorrow's in-game content. The very best conceptual art often leads to the best and most immersive games.

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There are many types of concept art, from landscape to character art. Some sites focus on character art and weapon design, while others focus on building interior design. The excellent resources listed below don't have a particular artistic focus, but they provide enough imagery to keep you watching for days.


ArtStation is a great game concept art resource and is used by some of the greatest concept artists in the world. The selection library is stunning and heavily game oriented. ArtStation goes to great lengths to collect the highest quality works online.

Renowned artists also use the ArtStation to exhibit various official works. The list is huge and includes members like Ben Lo, concept artist for BioWare and a leading concept artist for the stunning BioShock Infinite.

John Sweeney and Eytan Zana, both environmental concept artists for video game company Naughty Dog, also provide incredible concept art for such games Uncharted and The last of us.

The use of ArtStation doesn't stop providing excellent graphic resources for fans and artists. It also has a magazine feature that deals with reporting on advances in digital art and design. ArtStation Magazine content provides resources such as guides, tutorials, artist profiles, and news.

They also provide job leads for artists and graphic designers, making ArtStation a useful resource for both artists and Fans.

Concept art world

Concept Art World follows the trend of all-round concept art news and information. In addition to training and inspiration, Concept Art World's news category is also a great resource for concept art related to current games and movies.

These are some examples of what a short tour of Concept Art World has to offer. Here is an example of Halo 5: Guardian Gun concept art from artist Sam Brown.

Here is a character concept Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper (DLC) by artist Morgan Yon.

Concept Art World is best used as a source of concept art news rather than an accessible library. Even so, the quality of the official work on Concept Art World is amazing.


DeviantArt is perhaps the most popular art work platform used by beginners and experts alike. Professional game concept artists often use DeviantArt to display and maintain their work. Artists like Kienan Lafferty and Alex Flores are some notable examples. If you are not familiar with their names, you are certainly familiar with their work League of Legends.

Here is another piece on DeviantArt by Blizzard artist Luke Mancini who participated in the Stars ship Series as well Heroes of the Storm.

Creative Uncut

The previous resources are best used for finding conceptual artists. Creative Uncut is better suited for finding concept art based on game categories. While the library is a bit limited when compared to other sites, there is no question that they are high quality works. Here is an example of what you can find on Creative Uncut Metal Gear Solid V.

Here is an example from the Creative Uncut section devoted entirely to visual style Overwatch.

Video games artwork

Video game artwork does exactly what the name suggests: high quality video games. This is a similar resource to CreativeUncut that allows users to search for images based on video game titles. Again, the library is limited, but it has multiple graphics pages for most of the games it supports.

Here is an example of a character portrait of hers Grave robbers (2013) category.

Here's a gun sketch by legendary Bethesda concept artist Adam Adamowicz for the popular game Older Scrolls V: Skyrim, also featured on video game artwork.

PlayOverwatch, the popular game's official website Overwatch, is a brilliant example of how game developers can showcase concept art to their fans. For one, PlayOverwatch offers fans several impressive comics that relate to character use and themes. The example below is from McCree's comic Train hopper.

If that's not enough, they also offer high quality concept art for every playable character. PlayOverwatch even goes a step further Reference kits for any character that includes character themes, swatches, close-up details, and more. Below is a page from Lucio's reference kit.


Kotaku is best known for its game content, but it also shows the artistic work behind many popular games. your art Section is best defined in your own words:

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of their professional and personal portfolio.

When a new game comes out, you can be sure that Kotaku will show off its concept art. Here is an example of the stunning concept art recently released for Witcher 3.

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Games don't get beautiful overnight. Conceptual artists dedicate their time to developing the video game worlds that players can enjoy before the world is built. Their designs are the backbone of the characters we love so much today.

Concept art is not just a loose composition of sketches and artistic work. It is the template on which in-game worlds are created. Even if you've never dealt with the concept art of any game, as you flick through these pages you will definitely get a glimpse of the masterpieces of your favorite video games.

Are you a fan of game concept art? Which game concept impresses you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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