How do I put on the Holy Spirit?

Imbued with his spirit

It occurs in people as consciousness, as a miracle that a living being can say "I" to itself, "You" to the neighbor and "It" to the world. The spirit is the bridge from the lowest levels of matter to the highest fullness of reality, which we call God. In the light of religious faith, God is the Spirit who pervades all of creation from the beginning (cf. Genesis 1: 1). In his spirit God is in the most immediate relation and presence to each of his creatures. Because he is the "breath" of all being.

God's spirit in the world

But with our senses and thoughts we never recognize God's spirit directly, but always only "in" and with things and people. The great misunderstanding of our epoch lies in the fact that God's in-being is no longer recognized and recognized in his world. Only what can be measured, counted and proven can claim “objectivity”, knowledge and insight. Belief in God is suspected of being a projection, a reflection of the brain. From the observer perspective of the sciences there is no world-wide spirituality. Accordingly, many researchers say that the thought of God is a thought of the child's soul, not of rational reason.

God's spirit is in us

But how should God's spirit reveal itself, if not in the consciousness of man himself? Our consciousness is the place where God's spirit awakens in people. When this happens, it ignites like lightning, like a fire, it whirls everything up like a storm. Because then the person suddenly sees everything in a new light. Even if things and people are what they are in the light of the Spirit of God, they are different. What was the spirit knowledge of the disciples of Jesus? It was the most stunning realization of her life: God was in Jesus, and Jesus is directly in us in his spirit. Or said in modern images: God is the energy of being, the most incomprehensible and indestructible love that can be thought.

God is there, in every stone, in every flower, in every person, in every moment. Then we are always already in God, just a breath away. “For in him we live, we move and we are” (Acts 17:28). Whoever grasps this is filled with his spirit.

Communication office of the Diocese of Linz (2008): believable - traces of faith. Linz: self-published.