Justin Bieber had children

Does Justin Bieber already have two children?

Pop star Justin Bieber (20) is really not making the very best headlines at the moment ...

Cell phone squabble in the amusement park, racist jokes at the age of 15, throwing eggs on his neighbour's house - the singer (“baby”) doesn't seem to have grown up yet.

If you believe a report in the gossip magazine “In Touch”, then it should actually have been by now. Allegedly, Bieber has impregnated at least two women in the past four years.

Does Justin already have two little beavers?

Three years ago, Bieber's music friend Selena Gomez (21) was said to be expecting a baby from him, but then lost it through a miscarriage. But so far there have been no reports of possible further offspring.

Scandal popper Justin Bieber

An informant, who does not want to be named, reports to “In Touch”: “It's terrible!” The “Team Bieber” tries to keep the pregnancies a secret in order to protect the image of the allegedly 150 million dollar Bieber.

Apparently it was enough so far to sweep the potent Bieber's love affairs under the rug.

Allegedly, Bieber employs several employees for this dirty job. Another witness wants to know, “If there is a problem, don't ask him. You just solve it. "

Meanwhile, Gomez spokespeople let it be known that she was never pregnant by Bieber. From the Bieber side, there was no comment on the latest pregnancy rumors. Also an answer ...