How do I print a comic book

Have comics printed - at PRINTTERMINAL!

Your comic is finally finished, everything is approved, the last corrections have already been made, now your comic should be printed in the best quality.

We offer you the printing of comics in digital printing, if necessary also in small editions from a few pieces! For the Print your comics At DRUCKTERMINAL you have a range of different papers, formats and types of binding available!

Which paper is right for comic printing?

We offer a range of papers in our print shop. They range from normal white papers to factory printing papers to picture printing papers in matt or glossy!

Finding out a suitable paper for the respective comic theme or comic genre is sometimes not that easy! The properties of the papers are of course difficult to describe here, so why not order our sample papers - then you can immediately see and feel with your own hands which of our papers suits your comic project best!

Cellophane wrapping of the cover of your comics with matt or glossy film is of course always recommended. The covers of the comics feel more elegant with a cellophane film, are better protected from wear and scratches and the colors on the cover appear fresher.

Here you can order our free paper and cellophane wrapping samples!

What types of bindings are available for printing your comics?

From comic books with hardcover or soft cover to spiral or wire comb binding to comic books with spine stitching, everything is possible!

If you are not yet sure which type of binding is the right one for printing your comics, we have put together further details on the various types of binding here.

The following types of binding are available for configuration in our comic book calculator for printing your comic books:

  • Comic with soft cover
  • Hardcover comic
  • Saddle stitch comic
  • Comic with wire comb or spiral binding

Click here for the comic book calculator!
For your comic, you can use our calculator to create one or more non-binding offers with the configuration you require. The printing price includes the shipping costs and is shown to you immediately during the calculation.

Would you like to examine the processing of the various bindings?

We can also send you a sample produced by us for the desired type of binding, so you can check our product sample and convince yourself of our printing and processing quality.
Simply order a product sample suitable for your comic project here - we will then send you a free copy of the binding you want!

In which formats can the comics be printed?

It is of course always a very personal layout decision whether it should be in portrait or landscape format or in what format size it should be printed at all.
The question "Which format suits my comic best?" Unfortunately we cannot answer for you - but with the large selection of formats in our print shop, you are sure to find the right format for your comic project!
We offer a variety of formats. The formats offered range from standard sizes such as DIN A6 and DIN A4 in portrait or landscape format to square formats and intermediate sizes in your very own individual format.
Not all format sizes are possible with all types of binding. This is why our online calculator shows the possible formats for the respective type of binding when configuring your comic books - give it a try and calculate a non-binding offer!

Do you still have questions about your comic print project?

Call us, we will be happy to advise you personally on all questions relating to your comic project!
You can reach us through our Hotline at +49 911/61 09 58 33!

Your team from the PRINT TERMINAL


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