Is it hard to become an EMT

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Before deciding on an EMT exam, you should decide if you are suitable for the job. Lifting and moving patients can be difficult. Unconscious patients are literally dead weight that is difficult to control. Injured patients may need to be immobilized on a long backboard and carried down several flights of stairs.

Many EMS patients are obese. Even the gear bags can be heavy. You need to be physically fit and strong enough not to seriously harm yourself or your partner. You also need to be smart enough to call for additional resources if you can't do an elevator unaided.

When you've been driving around in an ambulance all day, looking for ways to exercise, stretch your muscles, and maintain your back strength, this is a challenge. It's even more difficult to eat right and avoid the fats and salts that are so common in fast food.

You must develop discipline to practice and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Smoking is a no-no, as is excessive alcohol consumption. Exercises to strengthen the back, abdominal and leg muscles are easy to perform and do not require expensive exercise equipment.

Chances are that there will be someone in your future EMS workplace who can provide tips and guidance on realistic training and nutrition routines. You can also search the internet for articles and videos on these topics. Combine and paste terms like "EMT", "Training" and "Video" into your browser.