Is Quentine a French girl name

Emma, ​​Louis, Marie, Antoine, Camille: the list of French names is long - and beautiful! We show the most popular first names (both boy names and girl names) from France that parents will be happy to choose for their offspring in 2019

Très chic! There is probably no other country where such sonorous and timelessly elegant first names come from as from France. The French not only have a knack for fashion, good food and wine, but also for stylish first names. So it's no wonder that French names are absolute classics when it comes to baby names - for both girls and boys - and will continue to be among the most popular first names in 2019.

Here you can find out which French girl and boy names are particularly popular with children and what exactly baby first names mean.

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French first names: popular girl names 2019 including meaning and origin


Thanks to "The fabulous world of Amélie", the French version of Amalia / Amelia or Emilia / Emilie has experienced a real revival since the appearance of the cult film with Audrey Tautou in 2001. The meaning of Amélie: "the capable", "the driving force" .


Annabelle is made up of the first names Anna and Isabelle, both of which have biblical origins. Anna means "the gifted" or "the graceful", the word "belle" means "beautiful" in French. Thus Annabelle stands for "the beautiful Anna" or "the beautiful gifted".


The French first name Anouk is also derived from Anna and is practically a nickname of it.


This female first name from France comes from the male form Aurelius and means "the golden one" or "the shimmering one".


Noble, honorable, wedding, festive: the old French first name Camille comes from the Latin Camillus and has many positive associations.


"The shining one", "the bright one" or "the famous": Claire is the French equivalent of the first name Clara or Klara.


The feminine form of Denis or Dennis originally comes from the Greek and means something like "the cheerful" or "the celebrating".


The French first name Dominique is the feminine form of Dominikus and means "belonging to the Lord" or "God's child". Parents like to choose the first name for children born on Sunday.


Short, concise and beautiful: Emma - understandably - always takes first place on the hit list of French maiden names. It is also extremely popular in Germany. Originally derived from the Germanic word "ermana", the first name means "the great" or "the all-encompassing".


It could hardly be more feminine and tender: the name Florence means "the blooming one" and has its origins in Latin (flos stands for flower or blossom).


How about paying homage to a style icon? Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel is probably the most important fashion designer of all time and certainly one of the reasons that Gabrielle is a popular first name in and from France. The feminine form of Gabriel means something like "the mighty" and originally comes from Hebrew (Gabriel means "the man of God").


Inès is derived from Inés, the Spanish form of Agnes, and stands for "the saint" or "the pure".


Like so many other names, the French variant of the German first name Elisabeth has a biblical origin and meaning. Isabelle comes from Hebrew and means something like "who worships God".


Jeanne, the feminine form of Jean, has a similar meaning. Jeanne means "God is gracious".


Julia in modern: The feminine form of Julius has only existed in France since the end of the 18th century. So compared to biblical names, baby name Julie is still quite young. Julie means "consecrated to the god Jupiter", but also "the pretty one" or "the shining one".


Derived from Leon, this French given name means "the lioness", "the strong" or "the fighter".


Instead of Lucia or Lucielle, many parents simply use the short form Lucie when it comes to choosing a short but very beautiful name for their baby. This maiden name means "the one who shines" or "the one who brings light".


Madeleine is the French variant of Magdalena. The original Hebrew name means "the one from Magdala".


Next to Anna, Maria is probably one of the most common names. The French form Marie stands for "the one God loves". By the way, a popular first name in France is Manon, a nickname of Maria.


So beautiful: Michelle is derived from Michaela, the female form of Michael. The original Hebrew name is made up of several words and gives the question "Who is like God?"


This name is perfect for all babies born in December: Noelle means "Christmas" in French.


Coming from Latin, Pauline translates as "the little one".


This unisex first name, which is usually chosen as a maiden name, is derived from Patrick or Patricia and means "the noble" or "the noblewoman".


Often also written Zoe or Zoë, this first name - in France most often with the accent at the end - comes from ancient Greek and has the beautiful meaning "life".

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French first names: popular boy names 2019 including meaning and origin


The French form of Adrian comes from the Latin Hadrian and means "the man from the port city of Adriatic".


Antoine is the French variant of Anton. What exactly the first name means is not entirely clear. If, however, the Latin model Antonius is used, the male first name is interpreted as "coming from the family of the Antonians".


"The Baptist" means Baptiste, who originally served as a nickname for John in the Bible.


This male name is not only popular in Spain, Latin America and Italy, parents also like to call their offspring Enzo in France. Fun fact: Enzo is the French equivalent of Heinz. The first name means "ruler of the homeland".


This variant of Heinrich is interpreted as "the ruler". So it's no wonder that he is a popular first name with the royals too - greetings from Prince Harry, who is actually called Henry! Hugo Hugo is an old German name, but it is also very common in France. Meaning: "thinking mind", "mind". Julien This form of Julius means "the youth" translated from Latin.


The male first name Leon comes from the Greek and means "lion".


Thanks to the birth of Prince Louis, the young son of Duchess Kate and Prince William, the first name - although it has always been popular - is experiencing a revival in 2019. He is interpreted as "the famous fighter".


"The Shining One" or "The Light Bringing" Lucas comes from ancient Greek and is a variant of Lukas / Lucius.


Although the name has been chosen less and less as a baby name in France over the last century, it is very popular with parents in Germany: In the 90s, the first name even made it into the top 10 most popular first names in this country. Marcel is descended from Marcellus and means "the fighter".


Mathis is derived from Hebrew and means something like "gift from God".


While Noah is a unisex name, it is more commonly used for boys. The namesake is the tenth forefather after Adam, known thanks to Noah's Ark. The first name means "the consoling" or "the calming".


The French form of Nicholas is translated in ancient Greek as "victory of the people".


Whether in English, German or French: Paul is a popular male first name all over the world and is the short form of Paulus. The first name can be interpreted as "the little one" or "the younger one".


If there is a male first name that you immediately associate with France, it is Pierre. The French form of Peter can be interpreted as "the stone" or "the rock".


Coming from the Hebrew, Raphaël is interpreted as "God heals".


"The winner": The originally Latin first name is for very strong boys! Théo Two first names, one meaning: Just like Mathis, Théo also means "gift from God".


Thomas is a classic name that is still very popular today. It is derived from Aramaic and stands for "twin".


Short and sweet: This French first name comes from the old German word "iwa" (yew) and means "the archer".

First name inspiration: List of other French maiden names

A: Adèle, Adrienne, Alice, Anais, Angélique, Aurelie

B: Babette, Béatrice, Bernadette, Brigitte

C: Camille, Cécile, Céline, Chantal, Charlotte, Chloé, Christine, Claudine, Colette, Coraline

D: Danielle, Deborah, Diane

E: Elle, Élodie, Emanuelle, Estelle, Eve

Q: Fabienne, Fleur

G: Geneviève, Géraldine, Georgette, Giselle

H: Hélène, Honoree, Hortense

I: Isaline, Ivette

J: Jade, Jaqueline, Jeanette, Jeannine, Joëlle, Juliette

K: Karine

L: Laurence, Lisette, Louanne, Lorianne, Louise

M: Mallaury, Manon, Margaux

N: Nadine, Natalie, Nicolette, Nour

O: Odette, Ophélie, Orélie

P: Paulette, Priscilla

R: Rachelle, Rebecca, Rémy, Renée, Roseline

S: Sandrine, Sarah, Seraphine, Solange, Sophie, Sylvie

T: Thaïs, Tatiana U: Ursule, Ulrique

V: Valentine, Valérie, Victoire, Virginie, Vivien, Vivienne

Y: Yasmine, Yolande

Z: Zélie

First name inspiration: list of other French boy names

A: Alain, Albert, Adrien, Aloïs, Amaury, André

B: Basile, Bastien, Bernard, Blaise, Benoît

C: Cédric, Célestin, Charles, Christian, Claude

D: Davide, Denis, Donat

E: Edgar, Edmond, Edouard, Elian, Emanuel, Émile, Etienne

Q: Fabien, Fabrice, Félix, Firmin, Frédéric

G: Gabriel, Gaspard, Gaston, Gerard, Georges, Gideon, Gilles, Guillaume, Guy

H: Hector, Herbert, Hercule, Hervé, Horace

I: Ignace J: Jaques, Janik, Jean, Jérôme, Johanne

K: Kléber, Kyllian

L: Laurent, Luc, Lucien

M: Marc, Marlon, Mathéo, Maurice

N: Narcisse, Noé, Nouel

O: Olivier, Oscar, Oswald

P: Pascal, Pascale, Patrick, Pépin, Phillippe

Q: Quentin

R: Raymonde, Richard, Roger, Romain

S: Samuel, Sébastien, Séverin, Stéphane

T: Thibaud, Thierry, Timothée, Trystan

U: Ulric, Urbain

V: Valentin, Virgile

X: Xavier

Y: Yael, Yannik

Z: Zacharie

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