How did cotton affect the south?

How has the abolition of slavery in the US affected cotton exports?

A PDF file, THE GROWTH OF THE COTTON INDUSTRY IN AMERICA, appears to have some pertinent information about the first half of your question. A table on page 73 of the publication (pdf p. 3) contains some information on production, export and value.

This shows that the price of cotton rose during and after the war, but by 1875 production and export numbers were higher and costs had returned to pre-war levels.

Editing of OP : I took the "export bales", multiplied it by the "average net weight per bale" to get exports in pounds, and plotted it along with the price before and after the civil war. I excluded the price during the war because it would visually overshadow prices before and after the war. So, let's go:


I wonder what happened between 1868 and 1872. The first production increases within 2 years from 2.3 million to 4.3 million, the next drops again to 3 million and increases again to 4 million in the following year.


Difficult to say, it could have been a weather-related crop failure. Most data sets fluctuate over short periods of time. I was actually surprised to find information year after year.


Thank you, this is the direction I'm looking for. By the way, the PDF link in your answer points to a local file on your computer. Is the file available online?


The link has been fixed. I had to download it in order to be able to cut out the image of the diagram. That should work now.


I've added a chart. Hope you don't mind