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"I would like to go on a trip around the world, BUT ..."

From Cape Town to Hawaii, from Rio to Tokyo: a breathless trip with great white sharks, fake Ayurveda doctors, strange coincidences and many a Tinder date. "Before the trip around the world, my life seemed so predictable. Today I know that nothing is predictable, you just have to get involved, then cool things happen." She wrote down her experiences on the blog "The World Is Enough" and has now even published a book ("My Date with the World"). On Tuesday Waltraud was at "Mensch, Theile!" - the conversation is available as a podcast.

Waltraud Hable during her world tour in Hawaii

3 excuses why you should NOT take a trip around the world!

I would like to, but ... a trip around the world doesn't fit into my life plan now!

A good sentence, isn't it? Life plan sounds so great, so sensible, so mature. And besides: You look up to people with a plan. I'll keep it short: the sentence is bullshit. And the realization cost me a proud 90 euros. Years ago, a career coach charged me so much when I complained to her of my suffering and said: Life itself doesn't make plans because he knows that it won't do anything. Every second on this wonderfully crazy globe offers too much uncontrollable - the weather, freaks, tired drivers, barking dogs. Everything is in motion, everything flows. So if you are caught in a life plan, you have knitted your own prison. "(Waltraud Hable)

I would like to, but ... I can't everything toss down!

Breathe in. Exhale. And now let's define everything. It all sounds damn scary at first. But what is it please? Career + apartment + friends + car + status = everything? Well, I have good news: your career is here, you don't throw away your experience just because you're going on a world tour. The curriculum vitae gets interesting nuances. You don't have to give up your apartment, your friends stay with you, there are even more across the globe! "(Waltraud Hable)

I would like to, but ... to go cancer alone in the world is terribly lonely!

A solo trip is definitely not for everyone. Anyone who gets the crisis after five hours at home alone should reconsider the matter. The real magic, however, lies in the discovery of one's own inner rhythm. Family, school, training, partnership, job - from birth we are externally determined, it is important to stick to schedules and to go with the flow. This is not necessary when traveling alone. You can get up whenever you want and nobody cares if you haven't seen the inside of the Teatro Colón, the legendary opera house in Buenos Aires, even though you've been in town for three weeks. In addition, when traveling alone you get to know more people than as a couple. Of course there will be quiet days. But only those who want to be lonely will be lonely. "(Waltraud Hable)

Brief summary

Waltraud Hable gave up everything at the end of 30 and went on an (almost) year-long trip around the world: "The decision was simply based on the suspicion that most of all you regret the things you don't do. So I'm off." And she says: Anyone can do that. If he or she just really wants to!