How did Wolverine die

X-Men: Will Wolverine Die at the End of Logan?

Spoiler warning: Hugh Jackman is through with Wolverine. Logan is the last solo film for the actor, but also in other films by the X-Men-Universe it will not occur again. What does that mean for the character?

The death of Wolverine

Wolverine dies at the end of Logan - and is owned by his clone daughter Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23 (Dafne Keen) buried. This is due to Logan's dwindling self-healing powers and being poisoned by the Adamantium skeletonthat the mutant's body can no longer fight.

The injuries that his him evil twin X-24 added, Wolverine finished and he blessed temporal after a lifetime of war.

Fans are already speculating about whether Wolverine will not heal his injuries after all to return from the dead could, after all, it wouldn't be the first time. But Wolverine's demise seems to have been set - at least for Hugh Jackman, as he has repeatedly emphasized.

Logan is a graduation for Jackman and that X-23 is the cross on the grave to an X turns around, is a successful farewell to a successful last film: Here is (maybe) last member of the X-Men to bury.

The future of Wolverine in the X-Men movie universe

Will we see Wolverine again in upcoming X-Men movies? We can assume that he is most popular character of the franchise - through the success of Logan it will certainly not change anytime soon.

The events following Days of Future Past suggest that Wolverine is im X-Men: Supernova-Project could play a role. Professor Charles Xavier should have him around this time recruit for the X-Men.

Hugh Jackman has already brought up two actors for his possible successor: Tom Hardy and Shah Rukh Khan. However, these are only his personal favorites and maybe not really serious casting suggestions.

The decision of who it could ultimately be is probably not really up to Jackman. Logan-Producer Simon Kinberg revealed that Jackman would at least get a new casting consult would.

That Supernova getting along without Wolverine would be a novelty for FOX: The Canadian mutant got in each X-Men-Movie an appearance, no matter how small. Even in Deadpool Wolverine can be seen in some way:

Time travel & alternative realities

That Wolverine looks different or is no longer a man could be thanks to in the movie universe Time travel and alternative realities easily justify. Days of Future Past has already established this principle and is in Deadpool 2 becomes a time-traveling mutant named Cable play a role.

Should a new Wolverine actually be in Supernova occur - or later, for example in X-Force - could also Dafne Keen to inherit Wolverine. As Laura Kinney / X-23, she has the same forces and Skills like Wolverine and the audience were enthusiastic about Keen's performance.

In the comics, X-23 already slipped into the yellow and black costume of an X-Men and leads as "All New Wolverine" his legacy continues. So why not also in the film universe?

Loganhas been running since March 02, 2017 in German cinemas. You can find our review of the film under this link - in the following feature we have already told you where the X-Men gone and who the hell actually X-23 is.

In case you have no idea where Logan chronologically, our specials help timeline the X-Men as well Wolverine's trip continue through the movie universe.

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