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The Stooges

04.07.2005 - 11:56

Is there really no Stooges thread yet?

Then I'll open one for a current occasion.

In the psychedelic haze of the late 60s, the loud and relentlessly rough rock of the STOOGES was really not 'up-to-date'. Similar to The Velvet Underground, THE STOOGES showed the downside of sex, drugs & rock’n’roll with their music by pulling the dirt out from under the myth. Her roots came from the British blues, her music was like an early American garage rock paired with the psychdelic rock of the Doors, always direct, raw, loud and vulgar. Front man Iggy Pop was known for his peanut butter, blood and stage diving orgies. THE STOOGES even managed to completely leave out the swing that was to be found in early Rock’n’Roll and R&B and this is how the typical Stooges sound came about, brutal, primitive and without finesse. During the 60s & 70s the band was a sensation in underground circles, but they were always too wild, crazy and unpredictable to ever gain a foothold in the mainstream. After only three albums, the band members split up and a cult developed that continues to this day and Iggy Pop even managed to make it into the history of rock as a cult icon.

Now Rhino / WSM is releasing the albums THE STOOGES and FUN HOUSE in an expanded & remastered version, equipped with unpublished titles, rare photos and detailed liner notes in the booklets.


Cat.Nr .: 8122-73176-2

CD, stereo


Cat.Nr .: 8122-73175-2

CD, stereo

Release date: 22.8. 2005 (tbc)

04.07.2005 - 12:00

Raw power!

29.08.2005 - 23:01

Now I want to be your dog!

30.08.2005 - 00:09

Oh, is it great to finally hear a noisy version!
There are certainly bands that made better music. But are there bands that have made even better music?

30.08.2005 - 10:31

@Norman Bates

are already mentioned above. Velvet Underground were just as cool, just a little more casual but the white light white heat is a board

30.08.2005 - 13:14

their debut album is just great, in contrast to raw power it has even more blues influences.

the only stupid thing is i always fall asleep when i hear we will fall. or is it because I only hear the album in the middle of the night?

30.08.2005 - 15:03

ask the doctor

10.11.2005 - 00:14

I can only recommend Radio Birdman to the Stooges fans!

10.11.2005 - 16:41

@ Karlhaas Kornheinz

that's an australian (punk) rock band right?

09.01.2006 - 18:41

"Fun House" rocks everything away.

06.05.2006 - 12:19

I'm listening to "Raw Power" right now. Only like that. Keep going!

20.05.2006 - 16:52

Yes man, fun house. Great.

20.05.2006 - 16:56

I listened to TV eye yesterday. always a pleasure even if it was just a song

02.07.2006 - 19:40

is there a "best of" from the boys?

03.07.2006 - 09:51

just buy the 3 albums. with so few albums you don't need a best of

besides, they are worthwhile

03.07.2006 - 11:33

buy all three albums at once? have not dealt with the music of iggy pop (or the stooges) too much so far and would like to get a first impression! what do you think of "nude & rude: best of iggy pop"? this is a cross-section through iggy's entire musical past (including the stooges).

03.07.2006 - 11:43

since i have all stooges & pop records i don't know.

You don't need much from iggy pop, but you can buy the 3 stooges albums. you can't go wrong there

03.07.2006 - 11:51

then i will listen to the matter. Kind regards!

03.07.2006 - 16:22

The three Stooges records are the essence of punk.

03.07.2006 - 16:31

although the first one also partly contains blues and psychedelic. but what makes them even more personable

03.07.2006 - 16:50

For example, Nude & Rude doesn't have a single song from "Fun House" and only two from "The Stooges". For that reason alone, definitely buy all 3 Stooges albums. The first two were reissued last year, each with an interesting bonus CD and an informative booklet.

03.07.2006 - 18:23

thanks for the information! I'm definitely looking forward to the three albums. maybe I'll become a die-hard stooges fan?

03.07.2006 - 19:19

Hard to assume, there are also plenty of failures on all 3 disks

03.07.2006 - 20:29


Nanana ...!

04.07.2006 - 14:09

so I can't see any "failures"

20.07.2006 - 15:17

are these the same cds (apart from vö-date):
http://www8.cd-wow.net/detail_results_10.php?product_code=70045 and http://www8.cd-wow.net/detail_results_10.php?product_code=29578

21.07.2006 - 13:05

Well, the Raw Power doesn't kick me like the first two. And the debut slows down a lot later.

21.07.2006 - 13:58

i think the legendary raw power is the worst of them but the first two never fail. I think so anyway

02.09.2007 - 18:29

The Raw Power remaster is a bad joke! Endless clipping. I get a terrible headache after 10 minutes of listening.
What did you think?

02.09.2007 - 19:01

So personally I love Raw Power because it lives up to its name. Mostly fast tempo, scratchy guitars and even with the slower songs you still get Iggy's excellent "vocals", which can only be described as insane screaming. A great album for me, but again I didn't think the first album was that great.

03.02.2008 - 14:04

Uiuiui, how good is Fun House please? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

03.02.2008 - 15:36

Fun House is amazing, the best Stooges album IMO ...

Stooges 9/10
Fun House 10/10
Raw Power 9/10
Weirdness 6/10

04.03.2008 - 01:16

I only know Funhouse. And that album is just amazing.

Alone shcon dirt !! I mean, whenever Iggy says "uohhhh", it gets really tough in the head.

Are there any contemporary musicians who are going in a similar direction?

14.06.2008 - 13:19

Hands up, who can stand raw power on the piece? There you get really bad earache.

Senior Twilight Stock Replacer

15.06.2008 - 12:56

That the whole thing should sound brutal is unfortunately intentional: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_Power#Remastering.

Got the remastered version and to be honest, I've never really listened to the album because of the lousy audio quality, so I can't stand it.

15.06.2008 - 13:46

Of course, Raw Power doesn't even come close to the quality of Fun House, neither in terms of songwriting nor of the sound (guitars are way too loud). Still a good album, if only because of "Gimme Danger".

16.06.2008 - 17:59



16.06.2008 - 18:09

fun house is also inaudible because of the poor song material.

16.06.2008 - 18:12

norman is wrong (June 16, 2008 - 6:09 pm):
fun house is also inaudible because of the poor song material.

Poor? Definitely not.

16.06.2008 - 19:29

Mullah Dadullah thinks the album Raw Power is the best from the Stooges, Stooges are great!

27.06.2008 - 20:34

It seems to me that Raw Power is a little disadvantaged here, I think it's great, the sound appeals to me more than for example. that of Fun House

01.01.2009 - 16:00

is actually something of a sausage which of the first three albums is the best.
Could it be that not many people here know the sampler 'i'm sick of you'? partly tracks that cannot be found on the first two albums.
I claim that this sampler can easily keep up with the well-known albums, and that is also due to the absolutely great mixing and the unique playing by J. Williamson.

01.01.2009 - 16:03

partly tracks that cannot be found on the first albums.
...I wanted to say...

01.01.2009 - 18:25

James Williamson was just loud and anything but unique.

06.01.2009 - 21:02

The Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton found dead by police

The new year starts very sad: Ron Asheton, legendary and influential guitarist of the Stooges, has been found dead in his house. The police from Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced this afternoon.

Accordingly, an anonymous caller was concerned about Asheton and finally alerted the officers. The unknown man stated that he had not heard from the musician for several days. Police broke open Asheton's door and found the musician dead. He was only 60 years old. The cause of his death is still completely unclear, but the police are currently ruling out any possible third-party negligence.

06.01.2009 - 21:53


07.01.2009 - 13:45

Shit is that ...
the last album wasn't the best, but would still have liked to see the Stooges live ... Ron was a good guy, had a great sound

17.03.2014 - 23:28

Now Scott Asheton has passed away too ... sad :(

And sad enough that nobody cares about this in the forum ...

18.03.2014 - 11:44


Because it came from me.

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