2 percent body fat is possible

Body fat discussion | This body belongs to a young woman

A body as if composed of individual muscle plug-in parts. No dent, no rounding, no fat. It's hard to believe: it belongs to a young, petite woman.

"Woman presents her body with zero percent body fat" is the title of the recording. A user from the USA named “QuakerBaker9” posted the picture on the video platform on Friday "Liveleak" set, where it has been hotly debated ever since.

The comments below fluctuate between contempt and admiration.

“She looks like a man,” someone writes. Another calls her "Hulk" and states that this is not possible without steroids. But there are also appreciative tones: “I admire her for her willpower.” And: “I respect the effort she put in. You can only reach such an impressive level with perseverance. "

"No days off" (German: "No day break") is written on the tight panties of the unknown bodybuilder, who presumably comes from the USA. The motto seems to be in their program ...

No question: this stranger worked long and hard for her hardened body. But not everything that is possible is also good. Because: Fat is a great supplier of energy and protects us in times of need.

How Much Body Fat is Normal?

The body fat percentage (KFA for short) indicates what percentage of the total weight consists of fat mass. For women, the KFA is on average 20 to 30 percent; a 20-year-old ideally has 22 percent, a 40-year-old 25 percent. In men, the KFA is slightly lower at 10 to 20 percent due to the anatomy. Ideal: 15 (20 years) or 20 percent (40 years).

Is 0% even possible?

No. A body fat percentage of at least 3-5 percent (men) and 10-13 (women) is considered essential. Even the most trained muscles contain fat. For comparison: "Normal" bodybuilders have about 6 to 7 percent KFA in everyday life. Even if they starve themselves shortly before competitions, around five percent will still remain in the body.

Protip: A well-defined body can be achieved with a mixture of proper nutrition and a training plan.

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