How are the dead embalmed today?

How does embalming a corpse work?

Does embalming make sense? - The situation in Germany

In Germany there are moderate climatic conditions. Therefore, in most cases, embalming is not necessary and the basic hygienic care is usually sufficient to preserve the corpse until it is buried. Embalming is finding its way more and more into our funeral culture, but it is still rather uncommon in this country. A laying out of the corpse occurs only in the rarest of cases. Often a cremation is also desired, in which the aesthetic aspects of the corpse hardly play a role.

Embalming also slows down decomposition. This conflicts with the usual rest periods of 20 years. Many German cemeteries therefore do not allow the burial of an embalmed corpse.

Embalming can also have disadvantages for ecological reasons. In the process of short-term preservation, a variety of chemicals are used that are harmful to the soil and the environment.

In some cases, however, embalming can also be useful. If a corpse is to be transported over long distances to the place of its burial, for example, embalming ensures that no strong processes of decomposition can take place during transport. If the bereaved also wish to keep the deceased for a longer period of time to say goodbye, embalming offers enough time to see the loved one one last time.