How does a PR company make money

That's how much PR professionals really earn

According to the survey, the amount that German press spokesmen find in their pay slips at the end of the month depends entirely on where they are employed. Fundamentally - and this is not really surprising: In press offices of companies more money is earned than in PR agencies. A clerk in the communications department of a company has a gross salary of 3,500 euros. The junior consultant of a PR agency earns an average of only 3,000 euros a month.

If you look at the salaries of management positions, however, you can see a bigger leap for agencies than for companies: a head of corporate communications earns an average of only 1,100 euros more than a press spokesman. The managing directors of PR agencies, on the other hand, receive 1,900 euros more than a senior consultant (see picture below). Most of the respondents in the PR industry are satisfied with their salaries, both in companies and in agencies. Since the employees in the company press offices are paid better, they are overall a bit more satisfied with their salaries than their colleagues from the PR agencies. 68 percent of the employees in the press offices are satisfied with their salaries, in contrast to only 57 percent in the PR agencies.

After all, every third PR professional considers himself underpaid and dissatisfied with his salary (36 percent). The dissatisfaction with the salary is correspondingly higher among the PR agencies (43 percent in total), and correspondingly lower among the press offices (31 percent). ron