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Internet Reverse Google image search - here's how


Usually you want to find an image on Google using a keyword. But what if you now have a picture and don't even know what context it is in? Or maybe you want a different size or just know the original source? Then Google's reverse image search will help you out. You can find the Google image search here.

You have a Picture on your computer and want to know the context or the source? Use the image search by dragging or the image search by uploading.

You have a Picture on the internet found and would like more information about this? Then use the image search with an image URL.

You are with yours Smartphone or tablet traveling and want to know more about a picture? Then use the image search on your smartphone or tablet.

Google image search by dragging an image

Note: This method only works with Mozilla Firefox 4 or higher or Google Chrome.

  1. Visit the site of the Google image search.
  2. On your computer, open the folder with the image to be searched for.
  3. Drag the picture with your mouse from the folder in google. The file will be uploaded automatically.
  4. It loads one new page. Be on this possible hits displayed. Also, Google throws a guess from which picture it is.

Google image search with an uploaded image

  1. Open the page of the Google image search.
  2. Click on the little one Camera icon next to the magnifying glass symbol.
  3. One opens Search bar. Now select the tab "Upload Image" out.
  4. Now click on "Search...". A new window is opening up.
  5. Here you now select that Picture on your computer which one you want to search for. Then click on "to open".
  6. The file will be uploaded. A new page will then be displayed. She gives possible hits out. In addition, Google expresses a guess about the picture content.

Google image search with an image url

  1. Right click on the Image of a website.
  2. Now choose "Copy graphic address" out.
  3. Go to the Google image search.
  4. Now click on the little one Camera icon On the right side.
  5. A search bar will open. In the already opened tab "Paste image url" can you Copy image address.
  6. Now if you hit the Magnifying glass a new page will be displayed. Here you will find possible hits to your picture.

Google image search on smartphone


Note: You can use this method to do the reverse image search only for graphics on a website use.
Even if you need Google Chrome, this method doesn't only work on Android systems. You can also start the reversible image search conveniently from your iPhone or iPad, because the Chrome browser is also available in the iOS app store.

  1. Download Google Chrome. It is not possible to use the reverse Google image search on your mobile phone via another browser.
  2. Open the website with an image you want to search for. You may need to access the Tap pictureto enlarge it.
  3. Long press the picture to get a selection of options. Here tap on "Search for the picture in Google"to use reverse image search for that image.

Google image search with an uploaded picture on the smartphone

It is now also possible to search for your own images via image upload via Google Chrome on Android and iOS devices. First download Google Chrome to your mobile phone and then follow our instructions: