What are some good podcasts in Chinese

The 60 (+ a few more) best free podcasts for learning languages: Learn a foreign language on the side with audios!

An excellent opportunity to learn a foreign language in between and without spending a lot of time are podcasts for learning languages.

You can easily listen to podcasts from time to time without taking extra time, e.g. B. on the way to work or university.

What is a podcast anyway?

A podcast is a series of regularly released audio files that you can download.

Kind of like a television series on a certain topic, only mostly without a video. Podcasts can be DJ sets, discussion groups, news items, but also language courses.

There are foreign language podcasts for complete beginners and professionals for all kinds of languages. There are podcasts that are structured in a similar way to a language course. But there are also podcasts for learning languages ​​in which native speakers speak slowly and clearly so that you can understand your language Improve listening comprehensioncan.

In this post you will find the 60 best free podcasts for learning your foreign language (ok, admittedly there are a few more like 60 - but that shouldn't be a disadvantage for you).

For every podcast you will find

  • a short description,
  • what level it is for,
  • how many episodes exist and
  • how long an episode lasts on average.

Find here: The 60 best YouTube channels for learning a foreign language.

In addition, I can't help but recommend the Sprachheld Podcast, which is also free of charge. In this you will find our best contributions in sound form. Written by me, set to music by Miriam, our sympathetic speaker.

Here are the languages ​​for the podcasts featured in this article (click on the language to jump directly to it):

  1. Podcasts to learn German
  2. Podcasts to learn English
  3. Podcasts to learn French
  4. Podcasts to learn Italian
  5. Podcasts to learn Spanish
  6. Learn Chinese podcasts
  7. Learn Hebrew Podcasts
  8. Podcasts for learning Russian
  9. Learn Japanese podcasts
  10. Podcasts to learn Dutch
  11. Podcats to learn Portuguese
  12. Learn Arabic Podcasts

Annotation:Download the entire list (plus a few other podcasts) as an Excel file here.

Most of the podcasts are in English (to learn another language). However, there are also some German-language podcasts, mainly for popular languages ​​such as English, Spanish and French. In this post you will find a mixture of German and English language podcasts for learning languages.

I've also used podcasts to learn a foreign language. Most of all, I learned Spanish with the help of some podcasts (which you can find below). And here you can find out in detail how I learn a new foreign language in 6 months.

The podcasts are sorted by language and we start with:

Podcasts to learn German

Germany laboratory

Beginner || 20+ episodes || 5+ minutes

This German podcast gets to the bottom of the prejudices about Germans and their habits. It should serve you to bring Germany, its inhabitants and its culture closer to you. Also with regard to a later stay in Germany.

Link: http://www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/das-deutschlandlabor/s-32379 (iTunes)

Deutsche Welle - Slowly spoken news

Advanced - professionals || 1000+ episodes || 10 mins

Daily (except Sunday) news from Deutsche Welle. Depending on your level of knowledge (German beginner or German advanced), you can choose between the slowly or normally spoken version. This German podcast from Deutsche Welle offers you a great opportunity to improve your German skills and stay informed at the same time.

Link: http://www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/nachrichten/s-8030

Radio D

Beginner || 50+ episodes || 15 minutes

A German podcast by the Goethe-Institut for German beginners, in which an English-speaking moderator guides you through 52 entertaining episodes with the two main characters Paula and Philipp. The focus is on German grammar and learning German vocabulary. But you also learn something about German regional studies. Good preparation if you are thinking of traveling to Germany or even living and working there for a while.

Link: http://www.goethe.de/lrn/prj/rod/deindex.htm?wt_sc=radiod (iTunes)

Slow German

Advanced || 125 episodes || 5+ minutes

Slow German or slow German. That is the title of this German podcast, in which journalist Annik Rubens slowly, clearly and clearly tells you a lot of interesting facts from everyday German life. So a podcast for learning German, which is also well suited for moderately advanced learners or German beginners.

Link: http://slowgerman.com/

Greetings from Germany

Beginner - advanced || 60 episodes || 10 mins

Greetings from Germany is the name of the Goethe-Institut's own German podcast, which is aimed primarily at levels German A1, A2, B1 and B2. As the name suggests, in 60 episodes you will learn something new and interesting about Germany, and everything there is to know about German culture and the country. The episodes of this podcast on learning German are divided into sub-chapters such as “Vacation and Travel” or “Eating and Nutrition”.

Link: http://www.goethe.de/lrn/prj/gad/deindex.htm

Andrea tells

Advanced || 83 episodes || 10 mins

A Swiss podcast for learning German with stories and fairy tales, which is of course especially suitable for children and young people. Appears every 14 days. It is very helpful that the transcripts are always available to read along.

Link: http://www.podclub.ch/sendung/andrea-erzaehlt-d

Coffee Break German

Beginner - advanced || 40 episodes || 15 minutes

The team from the German podcast Coffee Break around Mark, Thomas, Julia and Kirsten brings you closer to a typical German conversation with every episode. Particularly suitable for beginners and those returning to German.

Link: http://radiolingua.com/tag/cbg-season-1/

My voice portal

Beginner - advanced || 100 episodes || 2-3 minutes

The Austrian federal government has released its own podcast on learning German. This is a series of interviews with immigrants who previously learned German in an Austrian institute in their home country. The individual interviews are kept short and sorted according to categories (German A1, A2, B1 and B2).

Link: http://uebungen.sprachportal.at/podcasts.html

Marktplatz - German language in business

Advanced || 26 episodes || 15-20 minutes

A German podcast by Deutsche Welle on economic topics, which should help you to improve your business German. Aimed at advanced learners from level German B2.

Link: http://www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/marktplatz/s-2203?maca=de-DKpodcast_marktplatz_de-2289-xml-mrss (iTunes)

Andrea tells - Switzerland

Advanced || 83 episodes || 10 mins

A Swiss podcast for learning German with stories and fairy tales, which is above all but not only suitable for children and young people. Appears every 14 days. It is very helpful that the transcripts are always available to read along. This is the version in Swiss German.

Link: http://www.podclub.ch/sendung/andrea-erzaehlt-ch-d

Podcasts to learn English

The English We Speak - BBC

Advanced || 199 episodes || 3 minutes

The BBC's English Learning Podcast, which takes you to a different colloquial British-English phrase in 3 minutes each week. For advanced English learners who want to improve their applied English skills.

Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02pc9zn (iTunes)

The Grammar Girl

Medium Advanced - Advanced || 600+ episodes || 5-20 minutes

Not only is this English podcast extremely regular, available for free, and of high quality, it also won the Best Education Podcast Award at the 2017 Podcast Awards. As the name suggests, the topics are essentially devoted to English grammar, but in an entertaining way with a large number of practical examples and explanations.

Link: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/grammar-girl

BBC Radio - 6 Minute Grammar

Medium Advanced - Advanced || Changing number of episodes (because each episode only stays online for a limited time) || 6 minutes

Another English podcast, which is mainly dedicated to English grammar. This time from the BBC and thus in the usual BBC quality. The only downside is that the episodes only stay online for 30 days at a time. But you can download them for free so that they are available to you indefinitely.

Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05v1bnk

English with Kirsty

Medium Advanced - Advanced || 120 episodes || 5-20 minutes

Kirsty is an English teacher and communication trainer, so her podcast on learning English also covers a variety of topics such as study tips, English vocabulary, English grammar, and English conversation exercises. A particular focus of her English podcast is business English.

Link: https://englishwithkirsty.com/podcast/

Learn English

Advanced || 50 episodes || 10+ minutes

In over 50 episodes including interactive exercises to check your English listening comprehension, you will be brought closer to everyday British English. This English learning podcast is aimed at advanced learners who want to improve their English even further.

Link: https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/elementary-podcasts

Gerry’s News Digest

Advanced || 188 episodes || 10+ minutes

In this monthly English podcast, the likeable Brit Gerry speaks out on current political issues - with a connection to Great Britain, of course! In addition, he always provides a transcript and an individual audio query for repeating the English pronunciation.

Link: http://www.podclub.ch/sendung/gerry-s-news-digest-e

Gerry's Diary

Beginner - advanced || 173 episodes || 10+ minutes

In his second podcast on learning English, Gerry deals more with everyday topics. This is therefore also suitable for beginners in English.

Link: http://www.podclub.ch/sendung/gerry-s-diary-english

Owen in China

Advanced || 21 episodes || 10+ minutes

Of course, Gerry's wandering son should not be missing, who will tell you at irregular intervals about his expat experiences in China. Not only, but above all from his everyday work. So the focus here is on learning business English. In order to be able to follow it, you should already be at an advanced level in English.

Link: http://www.podclub.ch/sendung/owen-in-china-english

Podcasts in English

Beginner - advanced || several hundred episodes || 5-15 minutes

On this page you will find a variety of English podcasts for all requirements and levels, as well as topics - from English for beginners to episodes for advanced learners and business English. As well as a variety of advertising. The podcasts themselves are free of charge, but the additional material such as transcripts, vocabulary lists, tasks and exercises are chargeable if you should need them.


Your English

Beginner - advanced || 67 episodes || 15 minutes

The Quality Time English podcast provides you with over 67 episodes for all levels (English A1 - C1). The audio files themselves are available free of charge, while the extremely extensive additional material, including tasks, transcripts and English learning materials, is at least partially available for a fee.

Link: http://www.qualitytime-esl.com/spip.php?rubrique24

Language treks

Beginner || 15 episodes || 15 minutes

This podcast on learning English from Languagetrek is especially aimed at English beginners. Accordingly, what is said is easy to understand and the topics are easy to digest.

Link: http://languagetreks.com/eng/podcasts

Business English Pod

Advanced || 100-200 episodes || 5-10 minutes

On the Business English Podcast page you will find well over 100 freely available lessons and the associated additional material to make your English fit for the world of work. Accordingly designed for at least moderately advanced users.

Link: http://www.businessenglishpod.com/business-english-podcast-lessons/

Improve your English pronunciation

Beginner - advanced || 22 episodes || 5-10 minutes

An English podcast by a pronunciation trainer who, as the name suggests, mainly deals with correct English pronunciation. Unfortunately only 22 episodes and of course with a lot of advertising on behalf of the gentleman, but free of charge and including a transcript with explanations (in English).

Link: http://www.englishpronunciationpod.com/

Better @ English

Medium Advanced - Advanced || 43 episodes || 3-10 minutes

A small but nice collection of entertaining English podcasts (for download) with everyday and entertaining topics including transcripts.

Link: https://www.betteratenglish.com/be-episode-archives

Podcasts to learn French


Beginner - advanced || 182 episodes || 10-15 minutes

Since it is intended for French beginners to advanced learners, the topics of this French podcast are widely spread. From basic chapters on French grammar to current social and daily political topics for advanced learners.

Link: http://www.learnfrenchbypodcast.com/ (iTunes)

News in Slow French

Advanced || 287 episodes || 7 minutes

This French podcast brings you slowly spoken messages in French every week. You can choose between 2 different speaking speeds. On the homepage you will find the transcript for each episode and further information such as French vocabulary, information on French grammar, French pronunciation and much more. On the same page you will find a podcast for French beginners in 30 chapters.

Link: https://www.newsinslowfrench.com/ (iTunes)

One thing in a French Day

Advanced || 1216 episodes || 3-4 minutes

French podcast published 3 times a week by a French woman in France. Only a few chapters are available on iTunes, but the website itself is extremely extensive and provides you with information on your recommended level (French A1 - C1) and the respective transcripts.

Link: http://onethinginafrenchday.podbean.com/ (iTunes)

Coffee Break French

Beginner - advanced || 160 episodes || 20 minutes

The Radiolingua French podcast, which we would like to recommend to you because of the good quality and the scope of the offer. The language of instruction is English. The target group are French beginners or advanced learners who want to further improve their French. The audio files themselves are free, additional material can be purchased for a fee. In over 4 seasons with 40 chapters each, you should develop yourself from beginner to advanced.

Link: http://www.coffeebreakfrench.com/ (iTunes)

Daily French Pod

Beginner - advanced || 2458 episodes || 5 minutes

French teachers from Paris put new audio lessons online for you every day in this podcast for learning French. For all levels from French beginners to advanced learners.

Link: http://www.dailyfrenchpod.com/ (iTunes)

Podcasts to learn Italian

News in Slow Italian

Advanced || 189 episodes || 7 minutes

This podcast for learning Italian offers you slowly spoken news in Italian with a new episode every week. You can choose between 2 different speaking speeds. On the homepage you will find the transcript for each episode and further information such as Italian vocabulary, information on Italian grammar and Italian pronunciation, and much more. At the same address you will also find a separate podcast for Italian beginners in 22 episodes, as well as another series with almost 50 episodes, which is aimed at Italian learners with an advanced level of knowledge.

Link: https://www.newsinslowitalian.com/ (iTunes)

Al dente

Beginner - advanced || 93 episodes || 10 mins

The Italian Alessandra Pasqui publishes a new episode of her Italian podcast on all sorts of topics 1-2 times a month. This is aimed at the levels Italian A2 and B1 and each episode comes with a transcript and Italian vocabulary list.

Link: http://www.podclub.ch/sendung/al-dente-i

Coffee Break Italian

Beginner || 41 episodes || 20 minutes

The Italian podcast from Radiolingua, which has just completed the first season with 40 chapters. The language of instruction is English. The target group are Italian beginners or advanced learners who want to improve their Italian even further. The audio files themselves are free, additional material can be purchased for a fee.

Link: http://radiolingua.com/tag/cbi-season-1/ (iTunes)

Learn Italian Pod

Beginner - advanced || 100+ episodes || 5-15 minutes

On the Learnitalianpod website you will find tailor-made podcasts for learning Italian for all levels and learning goals. The audio files themselves are available to you free of charge, in order to be able to view the associated additional files, you have to get a paid premium account.

Link: http://www.learnitalianpod.com/ (iTunes)

Podcasts to learn Spanish

Radio Ambulante - Historias latinoamericanas en audio

Medium Advanced - Advanced || around 150 episodes || 20+ minutes

Another highly recommended podcast for learning Spanish. Authentic Latin American stories written by native speakers from different Latin American countries. Here you not only learn the language, but also a great deal about culture, country and people, and above all about the different forms in which Spanish is spoken in Latin America. Unfortunately, the transcripts are only available in Spanish and English, so you should definitely have a little more advanced knowledge of Spanish in order to be able to follow the audios.

Link: http://radioambulante.org/

Coffee Break Spanish

Beginner - advanced || 208 episodes || 20 minutes

This podcast for learning Spanish consists of 80 lessons of 20 minutes each, which are specially designed for beginners. First, you will learn basic Spanish vocabulary