Is there any information about Kunskapskkolon

Thank you "school" for explaining the background!

But you still have to explain what that has to do with gambling on the stock market. The corporations do not gamble on the stock exchange or anywhere else. Investors may be investing money. Maybe you don't have a detailed knowledge of what goes on in the stock market.

That may be - I'm not a stock market professional.

But what I ask myself is why, as an "investor", should you "invest" your money in a school?

In contrast to a "normal" company, a school has no services / products that it can sell - does it?
How does a school generate profits, what makes a "school" share attractive?

I mean, the only way to generate new money for a school is only if it does not pass on part of the money it receives from the municipality (i.e. which every student brings with them) to the students as an achievement, but has to invest it again . So first of all not a "zero-sum game", right?

And where else should it invest the "remaining money", if not also on the stock exchange by acquiring shares in other companies?

In Sweden, the municipalities invest part of their money / taxpayers' money in shares - and at the time when the stock market goes down - the municipalities have lost real money. That's what I mean by "gambling" or perhaps less casually - just speculation.

Since I do this myself privately - that is, "invest" money in the stock market - I think very carefully about which shares to buy. And I don't see why I am now z. B. Should buy shares in a school?

I see the danger of running a school in this way, among other things. that it must be very difficult for the school to continue to exist or to be able to offer good service in the form of good tuition etc., if
a) their market is shrinking (i.e. no more students come)
b) their capital is shrinking (as the stock market goes down)
c) she has no way of opening up new markets