Is League of Legends Wildrift good

The 5 things we need in LoL Wild Rift

Riot Games is currently taking the game industry by storm. Valorant keeps shooter fans in suspense, the LoL boom continues. With League of Legends: Wild Rift, the MOBA will soon take the plunge to Android, iOS and consoles. Here are 5 things we want to see in the spin-off:

5. New modes

The games will be shorter thanks to the mobile version. A round will last a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes, so it would make sense to implement exclusive mobile game modes.

4. Exclusive skins

Since only 40 champions have been set for Wild Rift, but League of Legends now has almost 150 heroes, new, exclusive hero skins would look extremely good on the game.

3. Wild Rift Beta for iOS

League of Legends: Wild Rift should appear for iOS in addition to Android. The Alpha was only playable on Android devices. That has to change urgently with the beta, because many League of Legends fans own an iOS device.

2. Clash in Wild Rift

The competitive Clash game mode from the template has to find its way into Wild Rift. That would be the first and most important step in making the title suitable for eSports.

1. A release date

The fact that Wild Rift will be released "sometime in 2020" is too imprecise for many players. Around a year after the offshoot was announced, it's time for a final release date.

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