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Sports movies on Netflix: these are our streaming tips

Whether fiction or biopic, professional sport often serves as a backdrop for exciting stories. We have put together the best sports films on Netflix for you.

The childlike kicker becomes a football god, the rabid whipping boy becomes a professional boxer or the shy wallflower from next door develops into a talented ice princess. The realistic backdrop of amateur and professional sports has already provided the right basis for rousing stories for many films. And sports fans in particular appreciate the fact that many filmmakers use this authentic template to stage full-length feature films. Netflix also has a lot from this genre in its portfolio, which is why we have put together our list of the most interesting sports films that are available as streams for you.

"I, Tonya" (2017)

Tonya Harding grows up in difficult circumstances, but has found her personal outlet in figure skating. Even as a child, the girl showed talent and developed into one of the most successful American athletes. But Tonya makes sad sports history when it is discovered that her husband is responsible for the assassination attempt on rival Nancy Kerrigan. Margot Robbie shines in the biopic "I, Tonya" as the eponymous and tragic protagonist who was never able to gain a foothold in her sport.

"Southpaw" (2015)

Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) fights for the title of light heavyweight world champion with his legendary left hook. But when the professional boxer loses his wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams), he gets into a downward vortex that is marked by alcohol and violence - and his career comes to an abrupt end. Eventually, Billy turns to trainer Tick Willis (Forest Whitaker) to get him back on track. "Southpaw" uses some clichés, but convinces with driving box sequences and some touching scenes.

"Draft Day" (2014)

Sonny Weaver Jr. (Kevin Costner) holds an important position: He is the manager of the Cleveland Browns football team. The "Draft Day" is considered an important milestone - because on this day Weaver is responsible for buying in new players. A demanding job, as the manager has to deal with difficult team colleagues and the expectations of an entire city. The ambitious drama offers an authentic look at the mechanisms of the popular American popular sport and inspires with a convincing Kevin Costner.

"100 Meters" (2016)

Ramón (Dani Rovira) receives a harrowing diagnosis: multiple sclerosis. His inflamed nervous system will ensure that he will lose more and more control over his body and his movements - and will not even be able to walk 100 meters. But Ramón does not want to let himself get down and sets himself an ambitious goal: He wants to take part in the Ironman triathlon. With “100 Meters”, the Spanish director Marcel Barrena tells a true story in a moving and dramatic way, which does not miss out on humorous tones.

"The incredible story of Ariana Berlin" (2015)

A tragic car accident changes the life of Ariana (Ana Golja) from one day to the next. Because the accident ended her professional career as an artistic gymnast. In order to find her way back to life, the young woman deals with breakdance and hip-hop - but she cannot completely forget her favorite sport. “The unbelievable story of Ariana Berlin” may be very predictable and conventional at times, but tells with a lot of heart about the courage to face life and the famous second chance.

"Dangal" (2016)

Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan) is a former wrestler and has won several prizes. The athlete actually wants a son who follows in his footsteps. But this wish is denied to him - because Mahavir has four daughters. But he draws new hope when his daughters Geeta and Babita show an interest in wrestling. The proud father trains both of them, but is confronted with some prejudices. "Dangal" is not only an exciting sports melodrama, but also a rousing plea for women's rights and equality.

"Touchdown - His goal is victory" (1993)

Rudy (Sean Astin) comes from an Illinois working class family. The young man's professional path seems to lead to the same steelworks in which his father toiled. But Rudy is sticking to his dream of joining the football team at Notre Dame University - and in fact, he succeeds in this almost impossible endeavor. But the road from the working class to professional sport is tough. “Touchdown - His goal is victory” may not set any striking accents in terms of the staging, but it does credibly sketch the protagonist's inner conflicts.

"Everest" (2015)

In 1996, Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) dared to take on the greatest challenge there is for passionate mountaineers: the legendary Mount Everest. The New Zealand entrepreneur wants to conquer the terrifying mountain with two teams and a lot of determination. But the two expedition groups are surprised by an unexpectedly heavy snow storm - and the project turns into a struggle for survival. In impressive images, "Everest" tells a true story that manages without pathos and authentically captures the forces of nature.

"Blind Side - The Great Opportunity" (2009)

Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) is a homeless ghetto kid with a great talent for playing football. The young man has a sad past with a drug addict mother and many stays in children's homes and with foster families - and therefore little social competence. But when he met the committed Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock), he saw the greatest opportunity of his life. “Blind Side” is based on real events, moves you to tears and gave Sandra Bullock the Oscar for Best Actress in 2010.

"Probation Game" (2006)

Sean Porter (Dwayne Johnson) works as a probation officer in a juvenile detention center. Together with his colleague Malcolm Moore (Xzibit), Porter has a month to shape a group of felons into a high school football team. But gang rivalries make this task incredibly difficult for him. “A game on probation” is based on real events, at first glance it looks conventional and almost unoriginal, but approaches its characters authentically, unadorned and yet respectful.

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