Are boys superior to girls when it comes to cooking

"Above all, you can't do anything worse than boys"

Under the motto "Cheeky, free and wonderful", girls are demanding equality in all areas of life, the right to education and freedom, and zero tolerance towards violence: for ten days they will be the focus of International Girls' Day on Tuesday (October 11) - including in this edition of the Saturday paper. “What can girls do better than boys?” We asked on this occasion.

"Well ... then what can boys do better than girls?" objected reader Isabella Wolf, "Is there also a boys' day? As long as such questions are still asked and there are such days, we are far from not thinking in terms of gender clichés. And this harbors the danger of evaluating in good and bad differentiate. "

Our reader is addressing an important point. People often perceive their environment as a "grid" and think more or less in boxes. This may be useful to find your way in a confusing environment; On the other hand, this creates clichés that do not correspond to reality very well and, on the other hand, cement essential restrictions for entire groups of people.

Our question would like to play with the gender clichés and thereby perhaps defuse them a little. "There are no typical 'gender roles' in children these days," says Ulrike Bauer, principal of the elementary school on Plinganserstraße, describing her experiences. Adults like her and several young people from facilities of the KJR, the IMMA and the girls' club in Blumenau answered the "better question" in very different ways. Their common conclusion could be what Mayor Christine Strobl says: "Above all, girls can't do anything worse than boys!"

"You think more"

Young people from the youth club whistled TEEN in Neuhadern say:

Selina, 14 years:

"Girls think more than boys. Girls are finer. They are better at school."

Hokar, 12 years:

"Girls care better."

Evelyn, 12 years:

"Girls are better at acting."

Maxim, 12 years:

"Girls are smarter. Almost all of them go to high school."

Adrian, 16 years:

"Girls are better at flirting. A girl can tell a boy anything if she looks him in the eye."

"You need the same opportunities"

MdL Diana Stachowitz (SPD):

"When small children play with each other, some can climb better, others jump further or run faster. Regardless of whether they are a girl or a boy. If they later become 'typical girl' or 'typical boy', that is mostly due to them the general conditions of our society. Girls are no better than boys. They are different, but they need the same opportunities as boys. For example in the Mint subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology), in manual professions, in terms of equal pay , but also when it comes to reconciling a career and family. Women are not putting back here because they are better at family, but because the general conditions - yet - are not right. Women are just as good at work as men, both of them need family-friendly working conditions and good childcare. So that today's girls and boys can live better families together tomorrow. "

"Girls are better organized"

Aga, 14 years, interlude (Fürstenried):

"I find that girls can do everything better than boys. They can cook better. Girls show more emotions than boys. Girls like to shop well and because they know more about prices. Girls are better organized. They usually get up earlier, to be at a meeting point in time. Girls are more honest, they are more daring to tell the truth. For example: If you ask whether the pancake was tasty, the girls answer: 'Yes, it was okay, but could be better ! ' and the boys say: 'Yes, I liked it!', although they didn't like it. Girls are always right !!! "

"Do not link uniqueness to gender issues"

Dr. Brigitte Kössinger, first mayor in Gauting:

"What can girls do better? Can this question be answered so easily? I think no. It is precisely this categorized thinking that is at stake. Individual characteristics and personal 'corners' make every person and therefore every woman in their uniqueness. This is and should not be tied to a gender issue. Each and every one of us has very own character traits, abilities and desires, which depend on our own personality and previous influences on our path of life.

I want to encourage all girls to believe in their own individuality and their own strengths. Realize your lifelong dream, do not let the expectations of others hold you back. I wish all girls a lot of innovation, courage and joy in new paths. "

"There are no longer typical 'gender roles' in children"

Ulrike Bauer, Rector of the Primary School on Plinganserstraße:

"That's a really difficult question. You can't really answer that in general.

It is often said that girls write much nicer and work cleaner than boys. In the many years that I have been teaching in elementary school, I have always had boys who simply made wonderful, clean and very tidy notebook entries and wrote them very nicely. When designing the entries and when painting, the girls usually have more stamina and patience. They place much more value on accurate and colorful coloring and usually decorate their magazine pages more imaginatively than the boys.

One thing occurs to me that, strangely enough, girls are really much better at than the majority of boys: jumping rope! Almost every girl can jump rope very safely and well - most boys, on the other hand, do not necessarily succeed in doing this despite the best will and tremendous willingness to exert themselves. But one thing still needs to be said on this subject. In one 'discipline' most girls are really 'superior' to boys - even if that is not necessarily a positive behavior: Girls can bitch around much 'better' and are usually a little more resentful than the boys! Even the girls themselves admit that!

Otherwise I really can't think of that big of a difference. In my opinion, the typical 'gender roles' that were always promoted in the past no longer exist with children these days. In elementary school it is also not the case that the girls are better at German and the boys are better at maths. There are no differences in performance in sport either. The girls can usually only lose better - the boys 'nibble' harder and longer on defeats. "

"You think first and then act"

Elham, 15 years, Intermezzo (Fürstenried):

"I find that girls can shop better than boys, they advise each other better. I think that girls clean better than boys, that they are tidier. Girls talk to everyone, they talk more than boys. I think that girls They can paint and write more beautifully and they read better. They can decorate better than boys because they have a better feeling for beauty. They think slowly. By that I mean that they don't react immediately, but think first and then act. "

"You can achieve anything!"

Christine Strobl, third mayor of Munich:

"Above all, girls can't do anything worse than boys. I don't believe in role specifications like 'Girls are gentler' and 'Boys are more technically gifted". It is much more important to motivate girls (and boys) and ask them to recognize their abilities and try out what they want to do. Girls, do you want to be a truck driver, deep-sea diver or CEO? Develop a vaccination against HIV or discover an unknown star? Then go! You can achieve anything! "

"In school the boys have long since overtaken"

Member of the Bundestag Julia Obermeier (CSU):

"At school, the girls have long overtaken the boys! In school they are often easier, are more diligent and inquisitive. Girls not only sit down less often and have better grades, they also go to high school more often and do their Abitur. This can be seen on the basis of Statistics show: For example, in the year of birth 1992 around 51 percent of girls graduated from school with a university entrance qualification, but only 41 percent of boys.

One also has to dispel an old prejudice: boys are not generally more talented in mathematics and science. However, girls often do not have enough confidence in MINT subjects and therefore do worse in tests. So I can only say: More courage to do math, girls! You can also do technology! "

"You can get help"

Dr. Sandra Dlugosch, Head of Child and Youth Welfare and Mother and Child Division at the Social Service of Catholic Women:

"Girls chat a lot, sit together and talk. What is often associated with giggling and blasphemy as 'typical girls' is one of the greatest strengths of girls: They can get help and support in conversations and exchanges with others, for example in advice centers , Conversations with caregivers in institutions, other adults or with each other. A good conversation with a person of trust is sufficient for many girls to master difficult situations and to develop new ideas for action. Good advice is a valuable resource for girls - this is good for themselves it is something that boys find much more difficult to use. In addition, girls have a lot of fun in contact with other girls and women, can learn from each other and achieve a lot together. "

"You can pour out your heart sooner"

Regina Beckmann-Kimpfbeck, Rector of the Primary School on Königswieser Straße:

"I don't like to generalize, especially because I have to deal with very different boys and girls every day at school. I can see very clearly that it is unfair to say that girls can do one thing better, boys do the other.

Today, however, I asked three children, two boys and a girl, to pick up a vest from the floor. The boys looked at each other, the girl, a little first grader, immediately bent down and picked up the vest. Girls are very happy to help and are good, they work thoroughly and are hardworking. You get more and see details. "A child is crying," they call out right away. They are more empathetic and take care of other children. If a child is not so well integrated and you ask who takes the child on break to play with them, the girls will come forward. Boys think about it first. We have some very good mediators who do their job professionally at school and carry it out just as they learned in the mediation course. You take it seriously. Girls are practical. If a child has lost something or got their feet wet during the break, girls are quickly on hand with advice and dry shoes. Speaking of advice - of course they like to talk very much and in great detail, they are more likely to talk about problems and pour out their hearts.

Girls are charming and forgiving, they write properly and manage the notebooks creatively and appealingly. Of course I also love our boys - they are also unique! "

"You Can Dance Much Better"

Esther from the Neuhausen youth club and two of her friends (every 12 years) say:

- You can dance much better, e.g. ballet, freestyle and hip-hop.

- Cook and bake.

- Gymnastics (beam, floor, parallel bars, uneven bars).

- Take care of plants and animals - and they can also deal with them better.

- Play musical instruments, e.g. harp, zither, dulcimer.

- Make-up and face art painting.

- Synchronized swimming.

- Play Sing-Star.

"Every child should be able to be what they like!"

Gudrun Lux, Chair of Alliance 90 / The Greens in Munich:

"I think there is nothing that girls can generally and generally do better than boys. But I am also convinced that there is nothing that girls can generally do worse than boys. Every child is a very unique person and should be able to be something it likes - regardless of gender.

Dear children: Try yourself, play soccer and dance, build Lego towers, slide and climb, giggle for 20 minutes at a time, play with dolls and jump in puddles of mud! No matter if girl or boy! "

"We can fight our way through difficult situations"

What can girls do better than boys? Girls at Imma e.V. (their names have been changed) also answered the question:

Sarah, 15 years old, flexible outpatient assistance:

"Girls are more compassionate, patient, and nicer than boys."

Marie, 11 years old, Zora groups and school projects:

"Girls can be more polite and treat each other better."

Lea, 11 years, Zora groups and school projects:

Keeping things tidy, knowing more about clothes / hair, taking better care of things, writing better grades ... everything else. "

Makedu from Eritrea, 17 years, living group for girls and young women:

"Some boys are impatient, girls can wait. Girls can run the house better, e.g. cleaning. Girls are always calm and nice, but some boys are disrespectful. Boys are selfish, girls think of others."

Alina, 14 years, flexible outpatient assistance:

"Listen better."

Jani from Somalia, 18 years, living group for girls and young women:

"Girls learn more for school, they are more hardworking. Girls can handle money better than boys. Girls pay more attention to their appearance and personal hygiene than boys."

Serpil, 16 years old, refuge:

"Lead relationships, think better."

Sunya from West Africa, 19 years, living group for girls and young women:

"Girls are very strong, in the sense of the love of life. Women can persevere and fight their way through difficult situations. Women are better able to keep order and take care of children. We are optimists! We are women and strong and invincible!"

"The future seems to be female"

Nele Kreuzer, advice desk for parents, children and young people in Westendstr. 193 (Social Department for the City of Munich):

"The International Power Day on October 11th was initiated by the UN and pursues the goal of promoting girls through education, preventing forced marriages, combating violence against girls and achieving equality in all areas of life.

In our country, girls definitely have access to education and are not threatened by forced marriage. In our counseling center we even find time and again that girls overtake boys in various ways. They do better at school, finish high school more often than boys, and graduate from college with better grades. So the future seems to be feminine. At least in this country.

Are Girls the Strong Sex? It seems so. Girls tend to be more adaptable and empathetic. They come to the counseling center with very different problems. But in contrast to the boys, who often react with aggression or flee into addiction when faced with difficulties, girls tend to become quiet and withdraw - often invisible to the family and the environment, but just as in need of help.

Young people of both sexes have very similar needs: They want to be seen and valued, need a place where they are loved, encouraged, recognized and where they can develop.

The aim is to raise self-confident and self-determined young people who approach people in our society and take responsibility. Our task as a counseling center is to support, advise and strengthen not only parents, but also young people with our expertise. "

"Tends to be closer friendships"

Nicole Lormes from the girls' meeting in Blumenau (schule - beruf e.V.) summarized the discussion and the answers of "her" girls:

"At the girls' meeting in Blumenau, girls discussed possible differences between girls and boys, questioning unambiguity, rigid attributions and apparent normalities at the same time. According to the participants, girls tend to be better at maintaining closer friendships. They also have best friends more often, are more understanding, and don't give away so easily Secrets, are often more creative and artistic, show more courage in terms of color and styling, pay more attention to things entrusted to them. It also became clear that it is sometimes difficult to meet these demands on being a girl, and that in everyday life to find the right measure. "

"Go your own way"

Member of the Bundestag Claudia Tausend (chairwoman of the Munich SPD):

“Girls can do everything just as well as boys.In our education system, girls are now even more successful than boys. They have long since left the boys behind in terms of the number of high school diplomas. In Bavaria, too, almost 12,000 more girls than boys attended grammar school in the 2014/15 school year.

However, women then often accept economic disadvantages when choosing a career and opt for typical female jobs, for example in the social sector. I think it's great that there are campaigns like Girls' Day, for example. In Munich there are always numerous local companies involved. The girls get to know apprenticeships and courses in which women have so far rarely been represented. I encourage all girls to go their own way and not be influenced by role stereotypes. "

Girls celebrate on Marienplatz

On Tuesday, October 11th, girls and young women will celebrate, sing, rap and dance in Munich for their rights and show what they can do. Munich celebrates with a large rally on Marienplatz. The stage program starts at 2 p.m. with Beats’n Rhythm for Girlz, Zumba, K-Pop and HipHop show acts, the women's choir of the Munich police and the "Open Stage for Girlz only", where girls can appear spontaneously. At 4 p.m. City Councilor Lydia Dietrich and the head of the Equal Opportunities Office for Women, Nicole Lassal, will speak. There are also creative campaigns at many information stands until 6 p.m., including textile printing and selfie campaigns.