What is millennial thinking

What will happen to the saved on earth after the millennium?

Before the great white throne after the millennial kingdom, only the dead are judged. There is no saved one among these dead, since all believers who have fallen asleep have long been raised. But what happened to the living believers from the Millennial Kingdom who did not fall victim to Satan's cunning when he was released?

There is no explicit answer to this in God's Word. But when we think of the rapture of the believers at the coming of the Lord, we cannot doubt that the believers will be transformed from the millennial kingdom and transferred to the new earth without dying. Old Testament believers and those after the rapture of the congregation will have their place on the new earth. The congregation, however, has its abode in the Father's house, in heaven, for ever - even if it will come to the new earth in the millennial kingdom and in the eternal state, as Revelation 21 clearly tells us. Even then she will occupy a special position: She will be the bride, the wife of the Lamb, and also the tent of God.

Also for the following reason I believe that the believers from the millennial kingdom will be transferred directly to the new earth: In the millennial kingdom one does not die of diseases etc., but only when one evidently rises up in revolt against the Lord Jesus. Well, that will certainly not be the case with believers, it will be with unbelievers. So only one conclusion remains: the believers do not die, but, just like us, will be changed alive when the Lord comes, to be transferred to the new earth. Because they cannot get there as they are, we only think of the changed living conditions: The sea, for example, will no longer be (Rev 21). If the sea disappeared today, we would no longer be viable. Life is unthinkable without the sea. The word from 1 Corinthians 15:50 comes true here as well: Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor the future glory.

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