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Dog vs. Cat: What Your Pet Says About You

As of: 04/09/2021 2:20 p.m.

The battle between dog and cat lovers is entering the next round. This time: What does the choice for team dog or team cat say about you? And how can you interpret the relationship with your pet?

Which animal is the better life partner - dog or cat? Which of the animals is more intelligent? And is it easier to cuddle dogs or cats? Pet owners can debate questions like these for hours.

What is often overlooked is what it actually says about masters, which side they take and what relationship they have with their pet. In addition to many kitchen psychology guides, there are a few studies that show interesting trends.

Cat owners are smarter than dog owners

Two studies show that, on average - exceptions confirm the rule, of course - team cats are wiser or at least better trained than team dogs. The first study from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin of 600 students shows that cat fans do better on an intelligence test than those who are more attracted to dogs.

The second study by the University of Bristol with almost 3,000 respondents looked at the level of education of cat and dog owners. The result: around 47 percent of cat owners had a university degree, and a good 38 percent of dog owners. The researchers suspect that this is also due to the time factor: They assume that people with a higher level of education are more busy professionally and in terms of time and have too little time to look after a dog. Hence, they would be more inclined towards cats.

Dog fans are more sociable than cat fans

The team from Carroll University, led by psychologist Denise Guastello, also found in their study that cat lovers are more introverted and shy of contact, while dog owners tend to be more spirited and sociable.

Researchers at the University of Austin (Texas) discovered in 2010 that dog fans are more extroverted and more dutiful.

Cat owners can find themselves in their cat

Like the master or mistress, like the kitten? That's how it is - at least according to a study by the British universities of Nottingham Trent and Lincolnm. To this end, 3,000 cat owners were asked about their personality and the health and lifestyle of their cats. The study shows that the mood and personality of the owner can be transferred to the behavior of the cats.

Cats whose owners were prone to fear, anger, depression and loneliness exhibited behaviors similar to those of their owners - for example, aggression and anxiety. In addition, they were often overweight. Owners who were physically and mentally healthy, however, also had healthier cats.

Another indication that cats mirror the behavior of their owners was provided by a series of tests with 46 cats at the University of Oregon. Result: If people behave socially towards a cat, the cat also behaves more towards people. To put it bluntly: If your cat is stupid to you, you might be stupid to the cat.

Dog owners live longer - especially if they live alone

If you have a dog, you move around a lot, have company and are often out in the fresh air - that can only be good for your health. A 2017 study in which Swedish researchers evaluated the lifestyle and health data of 3.4 million adults found that dog owners had a lower overall risk of death and were less likely to be hospitalized for cardiovascular disease.

This was particularly evident in individual households. Here the mortality among dog owners was 33 percent lower, the risk of heart attacks decreased by eleven percent compared to single people without a dog. People who otherwise have less social contact benefit from their pet in particular.

A connection to the dog breed was also shown: According to the study, animals that are bred for hunting - for example terriers and retrievers - had a greater effect on health than breeds that were bred as domestic dogs.


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