A banshee is a ghost

Wail fairy

Lament fairies, also called death fairies or banshees, are ghosts of mortal beings, mostly of humans or other humanoids (elves, dwarves, etc.).


It is said that to become a mourning fairy after death, one must die in a state of hatred and malice. The spirit of the deceased then wanders around in the mortal world and seeks the life of all other humanoids. It is not known whether that is the only requirement or whether the banshees exist outside of the legends at all.

It is also unclear why wailing fairies are always portrayed as ghosts of women in legends and horror stories. Perhaps, after death, hateful men become something other than a mourning fairy? Another kind of ghost or demon? Or is this curse reserved only for women for some reason?

The cry of the banshee

The most famous aspect of the banshee myths is the banshee scream. Wailing fairies are said to be able to utter such a bloodcurdling scream that most of the living die by just screaming.

Powerful archmages are said to be able to imitate this scream through an elaborate spell. But there is no known magician in Terravino who can do this.

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