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NASA astronauts safe: Aliens are in contact with us!

No conspiracy theorists and weirdos! Several astronauts from the US space agency NASA believe that extraterrestrial beings have long since contacted us.

Anyone who believes the existence of extraterrestrial life forms is just science fiction may be wrong. NASA astronauts believe otherwise.

What has moved mankind for decades, if not centuries, and stimulates fantasy, speculation and confused conspiracy theories, could have a well-founded background.

Several astronauts from the US space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) are convinced that there is extraterrestrial life - and that extraterrestrial life forms have been in contact with us humans for a long time.

Apollo 14 pilot: Aliens wanted to save us

One proponent of this theory is Edgar Mitchell. On February 5, 1971, he piloted the "Apollo 14" crew on the lunar surface. At that time he was the sixth person to step on the moon.

Mitchell died in 2016 at the age of 85. Until recently he was convinced that aliens had observed humanity, writes the British "Sun". Accordingly, Mitchell also claimed that peace-loving aliens had already visited Earth - during a mission to save humanity from nuclear war.

Mitchell's view that there are aliens is widespread among NASA astronauts.

Other astronauts such as Gordon Cooper (✝), Deke Slayton (✝) and Brian O’Leary (✝) have repeatedly claimed in the course of their lives that they have experience and evidence that aliens exist.

NASA veterans claim to have seen UFO

Deke Slayton (1924-1993), test pilot in NASA's “Mercury” project (1959) and in 1975 as a pilot in space for the first Russian-American partner space project, claims to have seen a UFO in the shape of a saucer in 1951. Unfortunately, he did not have a camera with him at that moment, reported Slayton.

Another member of the "Mercury" project, Gordon Cooper (1927-2004), believed during his lifetime to have solid evidence of the existence of aliens.

Cooper was the first American to fly twice into space (from 1963) and the first person to sleep in orbit. Because of his career with the US Air Force and NASA, he was convinced that UFOs exist - and that they are the basis for alien life forms.

Cooper once saw flying saucers when they were spying on a secret US Army air base. "I think these alien vehicles and their crew, which are technically a bit more advanced than we on Earth, observe our planet from other planets."

Cooper devoted much of his life to investigating UFO phenomena. He wrote a letter to the UN in which he demanded that the United Nations should also do more to investigate UFOs.

Scientists also believe in aliens

Brian O’Leary (1940-2011) is an expert who has never been in space even though he was selected by NASA for a Mars mission in 1967. After leaving NASA, the astronaut became a respected physics professor.

O’Leary saw ample evidence in his lifetime that we were being contacted by aliens. The New York Post quoted O’Leary as saying: "Civilizations have been watching us for a long time."

Despite everything: no evidence

As numerous as the experts' clues may be, researchers have not yet found any final proof of the existence of UFOs or extraterrestrial life forms.

It is more likely: If extraterrestrial life forms exist, then more likely in the form of bacteria or microorganisms. These "aliens" have little to do with our ideas of human-like, hyper-intelligent beings as we know them from science fiction novels and Hollywood films.

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