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Captain America's shield

Captain America's shield


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Captain America's shield is the former primary weapon of Captain America. He used the shield for both defense and attack.

History [edit | Edit source]

The shield was built from vibranium by Howard Stark as a weapon for Steve Rogers during World War II after using a triangular shield on his first mission. Although it was only a prototype, it seemed like the perfect weapon for Steve. He can aim the shield almost perfectly and throw it so that it flies back towards him like a boomerang. The shield was then frozen together with Steve Rogers.

Original artwork [edit | Edit source]

The triangular shield first appeared in the comics Captain America Comics # 1 (March 1941), edited by Timely comics, the forerunner of Marvel. After a complaint from MLJ magazines (the later Archie Comics Studio) found that the shield looked too much like the shield of their own patriotic hero, The Shield, the design was changed to a round shield.

The round shield first appeared in Captain America Comics # 2 (April 1941). In the Marvel Comics, the material of the round shield was long described as an accidental combination of adamantium and vibranium. It wasn't until 2001 that a Retcon story turned the shield into a product made of pure vibranium (Black panther Vol.3 # 30).

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