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€ 6.90 I CHF 8.70 E-COMMERCE I ONLINE MARKETING I TECHNOLOGY 43205 INTERNET WORLD Business ISSUE 8/17 APRIL 24, 2017 UP TO DATE EVERY 14 DAYS www.internetworld.de Advertisement INTERNET WORLD Business Guide: The network presents itself in Digital business new on p. 12 The job market for Internet specialists p. 35 or at internetworld.de/stellenmarkt & Aumlger with Amazon Google is planning ad blockers Annoying ads will be blocked The discussion about ad blockers should be back gain momentum. Now Google is apparently planning to integrate an ad blocker as standard in its popular Chrome browser. As the "Wall Street Journal" reports, this applies to both the mobile and the desktop version of the browser. Users can simply switch the ad blocker on or off. However, only advertising formats that the “Coalition for Better Ads” recently classified as unacceptable should be blocked (INTERNET WORLD Business 6/2017). These include, for example, pop-up ads and autoplay video ads with sound. Intersport Group What can retailers do if their Marketplace account is blocked by Amazon? he Amazon marketplace is an almost indispensable sales channel for online retailers, which attracts with a wide range and high sales. So far, so good - until something goes wrong. Because Amazon knows no mercy even in the case of supposedly minor violations of its detailed guidelines and quickly gives black sheep among retailers the red card: the account blocking. Such cases are rather rare, but if they do, they often have dramatic consequences for the retailers concerned. Many marketplace sellers generate the majority of their sales through the marketplace. Even worse if the sale is on hold for days, weeks or even months. What is even worse is that Amazon, as the landlord, can block an account without giving a reason, which makes it difficult to clarify the problem. Relevant dealer forums are full of reports on the sometimes desperate struggle for existence that banned dealers are waging to reopen their accounts. Some of those affected turned to our editorial team with their stories. We asked lawyers, industry associations and marketplace experts how retailers should best behave in such an unpleasant situation and what Amazon is actually allowed to do - and what not. You can read your answers from page 8. ◼ E-Commerce Online Marketing Technology D Photo: Shutterstock / AlexLM When it's time for a shop relaunch p. 24 Photo: Intersport New know-how series: Nothing is going in the shop without online payment. Everything about the right mix of payment methods, debt collection, providers and service providers can be found in the new INTERNET WORLD Business Guide "E-Payment 2017". Your free copy is enclosed with this issue. Restricted area: Amazon quickly punishes even minor violations with account blocks Digital advertising market UK 10.3 billion pounds sterling flowed into digital advertising in the UK last year Classified ads Other 14% 1% Manufacturers and retailers “Avoid overacting” competition around media budgets Expondo.de, retailer for catering and craft supplies, entered the business with B2B customers at an early stage. A report on the company's growth strategy. P. 14 Which trends are emerging in online marketing? What mistakes should be avoided? An analysis by the speakers of the "Online P. 18 Marketing Forum" event series. In the interview, the two board members of Virtual Minds AG talk about their strategy, programmatic TV and who will win the race for digital advertising budgets in the future. UK digital advertising (total) Luxury goods: Digital share of advertising investment GBP 10.304 billion Display 37% Search engine marketing 48% 2016 2018 24.5% 27.4% Online advertising spending in the UK increased by 17 in 2016, 3 percent INTERNET WORLD Business 8/17 Source: Internet Advertising Bureau UK, PwC When it comes to advertising spending in the luxury segment in Germany, print, digital is growing, predicts Zenith INTERNET WORLD Business 8/17 Source: Zenith, "Luxury Advertising Expenditure Forecast" Neue Mediengesellschaft Ulm mbH, PF 201552, 80015 M & uuml; nchen Postvertriebsst & uuml; ck, DPAG, fee paid Photo: Shutterstock / Stokkete E-Payment 2017 Newsletter Subscribe now to our new weekly newsletter on the subject of eLogistics. Our editorial team analyzes the most important sources for you and summarizes trends and innovations in the industry for you. NEWS News Background The newsletter provides you with the latest news from the eLogistics industry. Every week we prepare a strategic analysis on the subject of logistics for you. Personnel You will first find out the most important personnel information in the industry from us. 01 Number of the week Every week we prepare the most interesting number of the week for you. Subscribe now to our new eLogistics World newsletter free of charge. digital.internetworld.de/elogistics/ CONTENT April 24, 2017 8/17 INTERNET WORLD Business Contents 3 Conference tip FOCUS The topics and trends in online marketing are currently changing every second. In addition to a lot of euphoria, this also leaves a bit of uncertainty. Which channels should be used in the future? What should the focus be on? TECHNOLOGY Strict gatekeepers When marketplace dealers break the rules, Amazon knows no mercy: dealer accounts are closed, livelihoods threatened 8 Competition for media budgets Virtual minds executives in an interview 26 loyalty Installment hire purchase at the Rad-Shop Linkradquadrat 28 The Online Marketing Forum helps you to get an overview. The conference has hired numerous top-class speakers who will tell you what developments are currently taking place in mobile marketing, display & amp; Native advertising, video marketing, SEA, SEO, email marketing and social media marketing are emerging. Nothing for the little ones E-commerce frameworks are on the rise 30 E-COMMERCE Difficult business Intersport is working on retailer platform 12 SECTIONS Manufacturers and retailers How Expondo.de became a B2B marketplace 14 Update Cross-Channel- Illusion customers do not use the channel link 16 Personal details 35 Pay more securely Payment is open to non-banks job market 35 17 ONLINE MARKETING 4 31 Directory of service providers Dates 36 Scene 37 Imprint 37 Opinion 38 The event is aimed at everyone involved in online marketing and e-commerce are active and would like to gain an overview of the current online marketing advertising opportunities. Numerous best practice examples provide valuable suggestions for daily business. “Avoid overacting” An analysis of the trends in online marketing 18 Dancing with elephants The Zee One social media campaign 20 Farewell to the players Digital image change at Mercedes 21 KNOW-HOW Turn old into new Part 1 of the series: When Relaunch of the website is urgently needed 24 Photo: Team Bank 28 20 Photo: 1-2-social Photo: Shutterstock / HstrongART 16 The Online Marketing Forum will take place in Munich (May 2nd), Berlin (May 4th), Hamburg (May 9th) and Cologne (May 11th). With the code OMF17iwb you can secure your participation for only 240 euros plus VAT. You can find more information at: www.onlinemarketingforum.de Social Media Facebook: facebook.com/internetworld.de Xing: INTERNET WORLD Business Twitter: @internet_world Newsletter: www.internetworld.de/newsletter WhatsApp: www.internetworld.de/whatsapp Instagram : @internetworldbusiness People in this issue Yvonne Bachmann, as an attorney at the Dealers' Association, deals almost daily with complaints from Amazon dealers. You know but also that Amazon has domiciliary rights on its marketplace and is allowed to exclude traders. 9 Sebastian Brede is certain that most knowledge arises in the development of products. The managing director of the catering supplies portal Expondo.de uses this know-how specifically for quality assurance. 14 Christine Mayerhofer is Marketing Director at Bollywood broadcaster Zee One. It reached two million users and generated half a million video views in three weeks through a campaign with a four-digit budget. 20 As a board member, Andreas Kleiser is responsible for the strategic alignment of the ad technology holding company Virtual Minds. He observes a consolidation in the adtech market and talks about the competition for media budgets. 26 Peter Litterst sells e-bikes in his shop Linkradquadrat averaging 1,500 euros. That is why hire purchase is a logical option for him. Ten percent of his customers finance bikes in installments. 28 Alexander Rabe, as the head of the capital office of the Internet industry association Eco e.V. in Berlin, fights for freedom of expression if the draft for the Network Enforcement Act should come into force in this form. 38 UPDATE INTERNET WORLD Business The performance marketing agency Blue Summit is now a so-called “Elite Partner” of the search engine Bing. Why actually? www.bluesummit.de Mirko Teichert, Director Client Services, explains why he thinks it makes sense. What advantages do you hope to gain from the partnership? Basically, it has to be said that Blue Summit has partnerships with almost all of the major US players. As consultants to our customers, we act independently in the market, so that we always strive for goal-oriented partnerships that offer our customers added value. What does the collaboration mean in concrete terms? As a Bing Ads Elite Partner, we enjoy access to exclusive training courses, networking events and marketing programs. We also have exclusive contacts to MicrosoftBing developers. In addition, we are participants in exclusive beta tests, which can be of great advantage, especially for our customers. What else do your customers get out of it? Above all, our customers benefit from the fact that we receive regular training and further education in order to optimize and control the Bing Ads campaigns in the best possible way. Above all, we can offer our customers a certain degree of independence. Within the framework of the specifications, budgets are distributed via the search engines in such a way that a performance-oriented and efficient use of the budget is guaranteed. The objects searched for are matched via photos using the search app and selected in the mobile image search. Google has also equipped its mobile search for fashion articles with the new “Styling Ideas” feature. When searching, users receive tips for suitable trend looks and accessories. With these measures, the group is obviously resisting the increasing tendency of many users to start their product search on Amazon instead of Google. (cf / lm) SHOPPING ADS Google shows ads in the image search Google opens its image search for shopping ads and offers shop owners new opportunities to draw attention to their products. From now on, Google will present selected "similar products" in the result list of the image search to the ones in the images that the user was looking for. For example, if a user is looking for glasses with chips: Edel Optics equips its frames in the branch with RFID chips so that sensors can recognize which model the customer is trying on. Additional information is available on the iPad. Amazon Prime Now cooperates with basic retailers can promote products in the image search for "Brand Sunglasses" and if you click on one of the images in the result list, you will be presented with a product detail page containing similar glasses including additional information such as model or price supplies. If he then clicks on this picture, he will be forwarded directly to the webshop with the corresponding sunglasses. At the moment, however, Google is only playing the ads in its Amazon Prime Now delivers in Berlin from now on also from local retailers. The first cooperation partners are the organic supermarket chain Basic and the delicatessen retailer Kochhaus. Both retailers are integrated as separate shops in the Prime Now app and on Primenow.de and maintain their shop-in-shop systems, including product descriptions and prices, on their own. The Basic range includes fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy products as well as bread and baked goods. Customers can have their recipes including the necessary delicatessen foods brought home from Kochhaus. Cybercrime More than every third German company has been affected by cybercrime in the past two years. Basis: n = 504 companies; Status: April 2017 Source: KPMG "e-Crime in the German Economy 2017" Photos: Flaticon, Solar22 / Shutterstock Edel Optics links online and offline in the branch using an RFID chip. Now driver of the logistics partner Go! and Interkep take the products from the store and then deliver them by eCargo bike and in future also via eVan. LOCAL RETAILERS The organic supermarket: Basic is an Amazon partner From a minimum order value of 20 euros, delivery is made within one hour, the 2-hour time slot can be booked free of charge. The available delivery times vary depending on the retailer: Basic offers delivery from 8 a.m. to midnight, Kochhaus delivers from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ADVERTISING ENVIRONMENTS Youtube improves After protests by advertisers against inappropriate advertising environments for their campaigns on Youtube, the video platform is now trying to limit damage. In the future 8/17, Youtube will only allow advertisements to be displayed on channels that have more than 10,000 views. As a result, channels that have so far attracted little interest fall out of the group of advertising environments. In addition, Youtube has more time to check a channel for its reliability. Via a collaboration with the market research company Comscore, Youtube also wants to offer its advertising customers an independent brand security check. (skr) EXPANSION Otto Versand goes to Switzerland Otto Versand intends to launch in Switzerland in the second half of 2017. As the blog Neuhandeln.de reports, the offer should be found under the Otto-Shop.ch domain. So far, the domain refers to Jelmoli-Versand, just like Otto-Versand, a subsidiary of the Otto Group. The business is to be controlled by the Austrian company Unito, another subsidiary of the Otto Group. Unito is already responsible for the Swiss business of the two universal mail order companies Ackermann and Quelle. (cf) Internet for everyone By 2025, everyone around the world should be connected to the Internet. Federal Minister of Economics Brigitte Zypries swore her ministerial colleagues to this goal of the G20 countries at a meeting in D & uuml; sseldorf. At the end of 2016, 3.5 billion people were using the Internet - just under half of humanity. Photo: BMWi Maurice Weiss Exclusive contacts with Bing developers Digital lost and found office: The Frankfurt start-up Zentrales Lost and found provides automatic image recognition. It should help authorities and private individuals to find what has been lost. Photo: Basic Q&A April 24, 2017 Photo: Google 4 8/17 INTERNET WORLD Business A question in the Burger King TV commercial activated Google Home as if they were in a real room together. Facebook Messenger, which is now used by more than 1.2 billion people worldwide, is to be expanded into an all-encompassing communication service. For this purpose, a discovery area is to be set up, through which users can find the right chatbot for their concerns. Automated answers and an artificial intelligence assistant should enable new bot services (sg / dpa). DEVELOPER CONFERENCE F8 Facebook promotes virtual reality At its annual developer conference F8, Facebook presented a number of innovations. One of the most important trends is the expansion of virtual reality (VR). Facebook wants to set up a new platform called the “Camera Effects Platform”, via which virtual objects can be integrated into a real environment. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the smartphone with camera and screen will be the decisive device for this. As examples, he cited games or messages that are only visible on the display for certain users. In addition, Zuckerberg presented “Facebook Spaces” at F8, a new VR app in which friends can meet in an interactive virtual environment. Uber is also getting a prominent addition: Kai, the former Springer manager and publisher of “Bild” Diekmann, will advise the Californian company in the future. (dpa) PILOT PROJECT Zalando delivers to the customer's location Zalando has started a pilot project for location-based delivery in Belgium.In the future, customers will have to participate in Uber's PARTICIPATION. Photo: Facebook Mark Zuckerberg presents “Facebook Spaces” At the push of a button: Blacksocks, Swiss subscription socks provider, introduces an order button. The customer installs them where they want and in future orders their socks at the push of a button. The media group Axel Springer has participated in the controversial transport service provider Uber. "It is a financial investment, not a strategic investment," confirmed a company spokeswoman after researching the T3n.de portal. The participation is an investment "in the minimal range, similar to Airbnb". The media group bought into the brokerage platform for private accommodation in 2012. Springer did not want to provide any information on the details of the entry such as the scope or time of the participation. Facebook Business 65 million companies worldwide currently have their own Facebook page The parcel goes where the customer is. Parcel can no longer be picked up or received at home - the supplier delivers where the user is. The place and time of delivery can be freely chosen. The offer is based on a cooperation with the Belgian delivery startup Parcify. In order to be able to use the service, customers have to download the order from the cify app via the home WLAN, double-click on the button and use a certain Parcify as the delivery address for their Zalando order. Specify address. As soon as the package has been delivered to this address, the customer receives a push message on their smartphone. On the basis of location-based services, he can now track where his parcel is and specify his desired delivery location. Deliveries are made seven days a week between seven a.m. and midnight. During the pilot phase, the service is free of charge for online shoppers. With its focus on reducing the hurdles for online shopping as much as possible, the online group is apparently having success: In the first quarter of this year, according to the preliminary figures, the fashion mail order company will be able to compare show strong sales growth of 22 to 24 percent to 971 to 987 million euros in the corresponding period of the previous year. The operating result for the first three months of 2017 should be between ten and 30 million euros. Zalando plans to announce the official quarterly figures in Berlin on May 9th. (lm / cf) INSOLVENCY Creatrade Holding before bankruptcy Creatrade Holding from Wedel and its subsidiary Schneider Versand have filed for insolvency at the Pinneberg District Court. The step became necessary after a photo: Creatrade advertisement with Google Home: Burger King used the networked loudspeaker from Google in a TV advertisement: The employee asked in the spot: "Ok Google, what's a Whopper burger?" Speakers near the TV answered. Photo: Zalando April 24, 2017 The refinancing of the group has failed Refinancing of the group surprisingly could not be finalized, says Marc Breitfeld, Managing Director of Schneider Shipping. According to the company, the subsidiaries of the Creatrade Group with the brands Conleys, Impressionen and Miavilla are not affected by the bankruptcy. Impressions and Conleys are often used as role models for innovative catalog design. Insiders suspect that Creatrade made the switch from pure catalog to e-commerce business too quickly. (cf) Where consumers suspect artificial intelligence Voice assistance systems such as Siri 58% Driverless cars 54% Virtual chat assistants 43% Virtual home assistants such as Alexa 38% Kitchen devices with web connection 5 million companies place paid advertising on Facebook Source: Facebook 27% Personalized shopping recommendations 26% When it comes to assistance systems, consumers most often expect artificial intelligence INTERNET WORLD Business 8/17 Source: Pegasystems “What Consumers Really Think About AI: A Global Study”, as of April 2017; Basis: n = 6,000 consumers in six countries, 1,000 consumers from Germany UPDATE 6 INTERNET WORLD Business April 24, 2017 8/17 World Wide Web start-up Byrd helps web retailers with shipping, picks up goods and packages them and hands them over to the cheapest carrier. Pick up, pack and send: The Viennese start-up Byrd helps dealers and consumers with shipping parcels. "Smaller companies and private individuals find only a few offers on the logistics market," says founder Alexander Leichter. “We devote ourselves to their needs.” Byrd relieves his clients in Vienna and Berlin from running around and compares the prices. The packages are sent with the cheapest transport service. Its costs plus the pick-up SAINT ETIENNE / FRANCE Probikeshop goes to internet stores http://bit.ly/probike-signa BURGWEDEL / DEUTSCHLAND // HANGZHOU / CHINA Rossmann relies on Alipay http://bit.ly/alipay-rossmann Olivier Rochon sells his company Probikeshop to the Signa Sports Group, the holding company for Radh & andler Internetstores and Karstadt Sports. Probike started in 2005, operates seven online bike shops in western and southern Europe and is integrated into internet stores. Rochon remains head of the company, which employs 170 people. (vs) Two million Chinese travel through Germany every year and spend a lot of money on shopping: At Rossmann you can pay with their well-known payment service Alipay. The drugstore chain based in Burgwedel near Hanover has integrated the electronic payment system into its cash registers and also offers it in its online shop. (vs) ROM / ITALY Uber driving ban http://bit.ly/uber-italien Uber has to stop its driving services in Italy by April 20th due to unfair competition. That was decided by a court in Rome in early April. The US driver service will appeal the judgment. This gives Uber around two months more time to offer its services. If the appeal is not upheld, each day of driving costs around 10,000 euros. In 2015, the judges banished Uber from their city. Byrd invoices (vs) fee to private customers, for dealers the prices are based on the package volume. "We coordinate a network of various courier and transport services for our services," explains Leichter. “This market is great; and worth several billion euros in Germany alone. ”This is why Byrd has won investors - and has already faced competition: Packator in Berlin offers similar services, in the US it's called Shyp and Weengs, in the UK it's Parcelhero. (vs) DELIVERY ROBOT Hermes tests Starship in Lodon The British capital will be the next test area for the delivery robot Starship. Hermes UK plans to use the robots from startup Starship Technologies to pick up consignments from consumers' homes and small businesses. This can be both returns and normal packages. The robot is ordered online; the customer can freely choose his 30-minute pick-up time slot. There are no additional costs for the consumer. So-called “handlers” accompany the robots during the test phase. They monitor operations and are available to answer questions from passers-by. A first test by Hermes ran for six months until NEW DELHI / INDIA Whatsapp wants to get the money http://bit.ly/india-whatsapp The first high-rise building from the 3-D printer is to be built in Dubai. To this end, the government is cooperating with Cazza Construction, the start-up has relocated its headquarters from the USA to the Persian Gulf. Cazza combines printing robots with existing construction technology and wants to use cranes to tower components at least 80 meters high. (vs) Whatsapp wants to test its own payment formats in India. The Facebook subsidiary is already working on corresponding offers. In India, more than 250 million money transfers with a volume equivalent to a good billion euros are already processed via mobile devices - most of them via the Pay TM app. It has 200 million users, Whatsapp 160 million. (vs) at the end of March in Hamburg. The robots made 600 journeys there, now they are evaluated. (cf) ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Spreadshirt increases significantly The mass customization specialist Spreadshirt increased its global sales in 2016 by nine percent to 93 million euros Photo: Spreadshirt Getbyrd.com: Pick up, pack and ship goods DUBAI / UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Skyscrapers from the printer http://bit.ly/Hochhaus-Dubai The most important market is to increase the DACH region. The growth driver was the DACH region, where the company had 30 percent more sales than in 2015. This means that Germany, Austria and Switzerland are Spreadshirts' largest markets, closely followed by the USA. According to its own information, Spreadshirt is currently going on the offensive there. The aim is to take market share from the US-based competitors such as Red Bubble and Custom Ink. Countries such as Poland (plus 52 percent) and the Czech Republic (plus 49 percent) also contributed to sales growth. The best-selling day at Spreadshirt was December 12th in 2016 with more than 30,000 products from around 18,000 orders. In the meantime, almost 50 percent of the visitors come to the platform via mobile devices, 22 percent more than (cf) in 2015. INCREASE IN Fees Fulfillment by Amazon will be more expensive Amazon will ask for higher prices from June 1st. r its fulfillment services. The shipping of non-media products and products in large areas is becoming more expensive. The monthly storage fees are also increasing. On August 1, the fees for media products will follow, and in October for returns of goods in the shoes and clothing categories. (lm) NEWS ONLINE E-Commerce, Online Marketing and Tools & amp; Technology: You can find the latest news at www.inter networld.de. There you can also order our newsletter, which appears three times a day. Secure, flexible workspace environment through cloud FREE whitepaper Read the free whitepaper from '' 0 * '4: ƒ *'% 3m 'm 1'% mm3mm9m '8m' m% 9C Download now for free: http://digital.com-magazin .de / wp-citrix-cloud-iwp / '7m` mmm] B) BNRSXQ; & quot; & quot; QM & quot; #; B FOCUS INTERNET WORLD Business April 24, 2016 8/17 Photo; Shutterstock / AlexLM 8 Strict gatekeepers If marketplace dealers violate the guidelines, Amazon knows no mercy: dealer accounts are closed, entire livelihoods are suddenly threatened of the Jena record shop “Mr. Music ”and the Amazon seller account“ Plattenguru ”, a nasty surprise: All of his items in the Music category on Amazon - 29,000 items - had been blocked for sale from now on . An existence-threatening situation for the music dealer; With a sales share of around 70 percent, Amazon is its most important sales channel. "And it just broke away without warning," says Mitterbauer, whose Amazon account had flawless statistics up to this point - over 99 percent satisfied customer reviews in the last 12 months, very low cancellation and return rates , represented on the platform for around ten years. The explanation for the blocking arrived a few days later by email: Amazon for your requirements for the activation for the sale of products in the music category. And this activation cannot be approved at the moment. The dealer immediately defended himself against the blocking. What followed then was not the quick clearing up of a mistake, to which the sub- A Every second Amazon customer buys from marketplace dealers a marketplace dealers generate 45% of the total turnover of Amazon. This number has been stable for years. Sources: Amazon, Wortfilter, Shopdienstleistungen.de, Afterbuy, Plentymarkets take from Jena, but a communication battle: e-mails, contact forms, processing tickets, reimbursements, surcharges and contradicting information. "We couldn't even determine what the problem was - nobody at Amazon could conclusively explain that to us," says Mitterbauer. While the record dealer was being sent back and forth between Amazon's Seller Service and Seller Performance departments without finding a solution, the Christmas business took place without him. After three months, the ban threatened the existence of the country; Mitterbauer had to fire an employee who was primarily entrusted with managing the Amazon account. It was only after Mitterbauer turned to the press (including INTERNET WORLD Business) and Mark Steier from the industry blog Wortfilter.de got involved in the incident that Amazon gave in. Active again: Johann Mitterbauer's dealer account can now be reached again - after a three-month existence-threatening ban April 24, 2016 8/17 INTERNET WORLD Business 9 “Somebody should dare to take it” Several marketplaces Dealers have turned to the editorial staff of INTERNET WORLD Business about account blocking and asked: Can Amazon do this? And if so: what can we do about it? We have forwarded your questions to Peer Fischer, lawyer and specialist in IT law. Mr. Fischer, what is the legal situation with regard to Amazon as a marketplace platform for other retailers? Peer Fischer: From a legal point of view, we have largely terra incognita in the B2B area when it comes to the Amazon terms and conditions. So far, only the previous clause on price parity has actually been checked by the Cartel Office and a corresponding procedure has been initiated - Amazon has finally adjusted its terms and conditions under pressure from the Cartel Office. But apart from that, there is an incredible amount of unexplained. And that means for retailers: Whatever Amazon writes in its B2B terms and conditions applies first. Does that also apply to controversial regulations such as the fact that Amazon can destroy goods stored in its logistics centers in the event of a hardship? Fischer: This clause in particular is actually very unusual, especially with the tough deadline of four weeks after an initial warning. At least I haven't found a fulfillment provider who would have agreed such clauses in the terms and conditions. From my point of view, this clause encroaches on the property of the contractual partner in a very one-sided manner. But here, too, the following applies: As long as no court has ruled the opposite in a proceeding, the terms and conditions signed by both contracting parties - i.e. Amazon and the marketplace dealers - are initially agreed as binding. Whether a clause is then effectively agreed upon is another matter. But in the case of Amazon and the marketplace dealers, we're not talking about a contract that is negotiated on an equal footing. Amazon sets the contracts and the dealers have to sign them. Fischer: Of course, Amazon can take a “eat or die” position due to its market power. And under certain circumstances, however, this market power is the starting point at which Amazon could be caught in a legal dispute. Peer Fischer specialist lawyer for IT law at BBP Rechtsanw & auml; lte www.bbp-legal.com You are referring to an antitrust case. Fischer: Exactly. But here comes the first hurdle, because in the Amazon terms and conditions, Luxembourg is agreed as the place of jurisdiction. It is difficult to assess whether claims for damages under antitrust law (e.g. from Section 33 GWB) can be assigned to another - i.e. non-German - place of jurisdiction via the terms and conditions. However, in a ruling of May 21, 2015 (EUGH, Az .: C-352/13 - Cartel Damage Claims (CDC) Hydrogen Peroxide SA v Akzo Nobel NV and others), the ECJ took the view that “a clause which is contained in abstractly relates to legal disputes arising from contractual relationships, does not include a legal dispute in which a contractual partner is prosecuted for tortious liability for his behavior corresponding to an illegal cartel ”. And that means? Fischer: In German antitrust law, for example, there is a ban on unreasonable hindrance (§ 19 Paragraph 2 No. 1 GWB). If a market-dominant participant like Amazon decides unilaterally and not verifiable who is allowed to appear on his marketplace and who is not, he hinders the business of the traders whose account was closed. Domestic law finds its limit in arbitrariness, for example if there is no comprehensible reason for the exclusion of a dealer. modest about a possible opening of the 135,000 account came at the beginning of February marketplace dealers finally the redeemers are registered with Amazon.de Message: Plattenguru registered, was allowed to sell again on Ama about 64,000 zon."We apologize for the inconveniences", actively wrote the Amazon - of sudden, baseless account locks, of unfriendly to incompetent Amazon employees who disseminate contradicting information, by arbitrariness endangered livelihoods. A trader even told the editors about goods employees at the end of the sources: Amazon, word filter, shop in the value of several Tauhaben.de, Afterbuy, Plentymarkets conscious message. send euros, which they stored at Amazon via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and sent via the marketplace. r the incidents like the one made by Johann Mitterbauer because of the block making items not for sale in the “Seller Central” forum of to be paid, destroyed. Amazon or in relevant dealers Only a few cases are grouped on Facebook as regularly as clear as that of Mr. Music, in which there is a round. Angry dealers also report that Amazon itself is difficult, plausible. However, the dealers would first have to submit themselves that Amazon has actually arbitrarily excluded them. That should be difficult; many retailers report that it is difficult to even find out the reason for an account suspension. Fischer: That's right. Affected traders may therefore initially be able to assert claims due to illegal interference in the "established and practiced business" and thus - if necessary in legal action - force Amazon to provide information on why an exclusion because it happened at all. A complaint into the blue. Against Amazon. Doesn't sound like a dealer's dream. Fischer: So to speak. And that is probably one of the main reasons for the lack of judgment on this matter to date. Any trader who takes Amazon to court will be able to calculate that this will not really make his business any easier. On the other hand, a trader should dare to go; as a result, some inconsistencies in the terms and conditions would also be judicially examined. I would also recommend to every dealer who feels that they have been treated arbitrarily, to find the innocent dealer for reasons of exclusion. "Even if problem cases always make waves at Amazon Marketplace, one thing has to be seen clearly: For well over 90 percent of retailers, Amazon works very well and largely smoothly," explains Mark Steier, who does the word filter himself -Group on Facebook, a platform for marketplace dealers of all kinds, moderates and often mediates in disputes with Amazon. "And in 90 percent of the cases in which there are problems, there is some mistake on the part of the retailer, which then triggers a reaction from Amazon - usually the account is blocked until the mistake is resolved ; rt is. ”Many retailers underestimated the accuracy with which Amazon interprets its own detailed rules. A blocking can already be made due to ▶ Amazon, in particular claims under antitrust law. At first this can only be done out of court. What happens in the - few - cases in which a block is not due to a neglect by the dealer, but to a problem by Amazon? A ban of several weeks can drive a marketplace retailer to ruin. Isn't Amazon then obliged to pay compensation? Fischer: If Amazon has excluded claims for damages in the terms and conditions, German or EU law will not get you any further, since Amazon has its headquarters in Luxembourg in Europe. So one would have to proceed against this AGB clause according to Luxembourg law. But since Germany takes a special legal path with its rather strict B2B law, one should not get very far here in Luxembourg with the possible grounds for complaint such as infringement of property or immorality. In addition, Luxembourg is a small country with an even smaller legal landscape. You first have to find a lawyer who wants to take action against Amazon. "Amazon has domiciliary rights over its marketplace and can exclude dealers who violate the internal rules without giving reasons" Yvonne Bachmann, lawyer at the dealer association www.haendlerbund. de FOCUS 10 INTERNET WORLD Business "For well over 90 percent of retailers, the Amazon Marketplace works largely smoothly" Mark Steier Online marketplace expert, operator of Wortfilter.de In 2016, the sales of German marketplace retailers increased 21.4% of German Amazon retailers exported goods for more than two billion euros abroad in 2016. Sources: Amazon, Wortfilter, Shophaben.de, Afterbuy, Plentymarkets are made for petty reasons from retailers' point of view, confirms the hand ; Dealers' association, where complaints from Amazon dealers about account blocking land on the table of the legal department almost every day. "Often there are formal problems: For example, a phone number is missing in the imprint, or necessary payment information is not stored, dealer documents such as trade licenses or tax numbers are missing," reports Yvonne Bachmann, lawyer at the Dealers Association. “Usually such problems are resolved after a few days. If, on the other hand, it is a violation of the very extensive Amazon guidelines, it can take months before the problem is resolved. Or the deal ends with a lifelong account ban for the retailer. ”Another difficulty: the failures that led to the ban often go back months or even years. It can become even more problematic for the retailer concerned if a patent or plagiarism complaint has been filed with Amazon against one of its products. “We only recently had a dealer who sold his own cell phone cases on Amazon - until another manufacturer filed a patent complaint against his products. Since Amazon, as a sales platform, is also liable for patent infringements, the affected retailer was of course blocked immediately, ”says Bachmann. “However, with the help of a patent attorney, he has now proven beyond doubt that the complaint is devoid of purpose. Nevertheless, Amazon has not reactivated its account yet. The retailer now has losses in the six-figure range. ”Even if the retailers concerned feel that they have been treated unfairly by such bans: In all of these cases, Amazon is entitled to suspend the retailer's activities to prevent the marketplace. "Because in the B2B area there is freedom of contract: Amazon has house rights over its marketplace and can exclude individual retailers who violate internal rules without giving any reasons," emphasizes the H & auml; ndlerbund -Lawyer. The same conclusion was reached by the IT specialist lawyer Peer Fischer, who reported the individual cases of ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ available to the editorial staff. April 24, 2016 8/17 Important warning: The performance display in the dealer account indicates possible early on ; other problems that could lead to a suspension have specifically checked account suspension (see interview). In the B2B area, the contract status is freely negotiable - and from a legal point of view the Amazon terms and conditions are still largely unexplored area. The need to draw up a plan of action as to how to avoid the problem in the future - which is difficult if it is not possible to determine exactly what the problem actually is. The e-mail battles often drag on from side to side, and the main problem: The dealer has to re-describe his case because different processors have to do with it The seller support - which in turn is a matter of course for the dealer give most marketing advice. “An example for place traders who are aware that there are rules that prevent misinformation on the part of the Selan. “The problematic support that I have heard from several dealers is, from my point of view, not so much the blockers again and again, is the consequence of Amazon itself than the lack of it: A dealer is blocked because he Incorrect communication structure sold behind the two different accounts, this blocking ”, says Wortfilter.dewas at Amazon in GegenMann Steier. “Often the sentence about Ebay is not allowed. Dealer is the reason,” reports Mark Steier. Worldwide, it only grew to "The seller support advises the number of dealers, the detours or even now dealers, an account that has not been open for weeks at Amazon's logistics, not to close the program" fulfillment so that he can Problems and simply one by Amazon “(FBA) cannot solve at all. to open a new account. Participate, 2016 at The seller support at That worsens the ProAmazon only makes the problem worse, because this verbal, sometimes misunderstood procedure according to the terms and conditions is not allowed, sources: Amazon, word filter, shop is not allowed and the seller.de, Afterbuy, Plentymarkets that often end up making the problem for traders even worse. The hierarchy behind the lock as a black sheep in the statistics is also a problem: dives. Instead, the retailer would have to get a Because the Seller Support, who is directly in contact with the individual authorization at the Affected Dealer department, has to obtain buyer performance - which does not have the power of disposal to find a ban but it's not that easy at all. ”You can take it back yourself. Because it is often not understandable what another department is doing - and the problem is, the dealer forums whose decision-making processes tend to be more straightforward than transparent A trader can only promise a blocked account to such an action plan in order to pacify the higher powers by using the contact form with the seller first. And after the suspension, contact support - and not continue practicing the lock as before. more as usual via the dashboard in A dangerous game, from which the Seller Central. He is then more likely to get disapproved of by the dealers' association. After all, a standard e-mail can be used to assign a case number to the original mistake by the dealer and the warning to get back into the crosshairs of the Amazon guards at any time - and in the long run, full-bodied promises alone will no longer suffice. Typical reasons for an account lock on Amazon status. "In disputes with Amazon you need staying power," says Yvonne ∙ The retailer sells products for relevant information in the RetailerBachmann. "If Amazon is missing the most important imprint that it has no approval / license is the sales channel, you should of course take the necessary payment information ∙ The dealer leads without explicitly taking a lawyer in any case, they are not deposited exemption from contacted the marketplace weekly, in dealer documents such as GewerbeAmazon several seller accounts in the hope that Amazon would give in. ∙ The retailer sells products to foreign customers with receipts or tax numbers, which are presented on a website. In our experience, however, Amazon is hardly willing to discuss individual product descriptions with any of the international marketplaces. “◼ The retailer's offer may be contradicted by Amazon's image guidelines ∙ There is a patent or plagiarism complaint against one of the retailer's products 70% ∙ Bad customer reviews ∙ Shipping too slow, returns processing too slow ∙ High m & auml ; ngelquote Ingrid Lommer internetworld.de/il CHANGE NOW! 1 & 1 DSL 9, 99 INTERNET & amp; TELEPHONE € / month * Savings price for 12 months, after that € 24.99 / month. Now up to € 100 changer bonus! * The 1 & amp; 1 HomeServer Speed ​​with the latest WLAN technology for the best Internet in the whole house! Internet made in Germany Try it out in peace: Expert advice? At any time: TEST GENERATED Defect? New tomorrow! 1 MONTH 1 CALL 1 DAY ON-SITE EXCHANGE 02602/96 90 * 1 & amp; 1 DSL Basic for 12 months € 9.99 / month, then € 24.99 / month. Including flat-rate telephone to the German landline network, internet without time limit (100 GB per month up to 16 Mbit / s, then up to 1 Mbit / s) and 1 & amp; 1 DSL modem for € 0.-. Or on request z. B. with 1 & amp; 1 HomeServer Speed ​​for 4.99 € / month more. € 100 changer bonus when you take your phone number with you (offset against the basic fee from the 4th month) with 1 & amp; 1 DSL 100 for € 19.99 / month 12 months, then € 34.99 / month. Hardware shipping € 9.90. 24 month contract period. Prices include VAT. 1 & amp; 1 Telecom GmbH, Elgendorfer Stra & szlig; e 57, 56410 Montabaur 1und1.de E-COMMERCE INTERNET WORLD Business March 24, 2017 8/17 Photo: Intersport 12 Difficult business The Intersport group turns your e-commerce business completely upside down. A cooperative retailer platform is to be created from a central online shop he expectations were high when the sports association Intersport launched its online shop in March 2013. Multichannel means the magic word with which the stationary dealers of the Heilbronn group wanted to inspire their customers. Apparently Intersport's e-commerce concept was unsuccessful, which is why the group has now adopted a new digital strategy. The operator of the previous online shop was Intersport Multichannel GmbH. She delivered the goods from the central warehouse. From the online sales generated in this way, the retailer that the customer stated in the shop as the “favorite retailer nearby” received a commission of three percent. "From the retailer's point of view, this commission model was not attractive enough," summarizes Kim Roether, CEO of Intersport. In addition, Intersport, as the operator of the online shop, was perceived as a competitor by many stationary retailers. And: Anyone who has chosen an item on the Internet and wanted to pick it up in the store of their choice: “There is no sporting goods retailer who is as well positioned as we” Kim Roether CEO of Intersport Germany www.intersport.de, received the note in the ordering process: “The price currently valid at the retailer applies. This can differ from the online price. ”Roether's summary:“ At that time, we wanted to do e-commerce with the idea of ​​an association. That didn't work. ”Farewell to the central online shop Since the launch of the web shop, online sales have been slumbering in“ irrelevant terms ”, as Roether puts it. Intersport Multichannel GmbH recorded sales of 3.9 million euros for the 2014/15 financial year. For comparison: In 2015 the 950 Intersport retailers generated sales of 2.87 billion euros. Now Intersport is gradually saying goodbye to the central online shop. The multichannel subsidiary has been completely merged into Intersport Digital GmbH, which was newly founded in 2017. Today white Roether that “e-commerce only works with the rules of e-commerce”. Intersport is not alone in finding this out. Online business is a particular challenge, especially with affiliated groups (see box). Intersport has therefore come up with something different and is converting the web shop into a cooperative dealer platform. It works like this: The inventories of the members who want to be on the platform are shown on Intersport.de in Intersport in a nutshell Figures for the medium-sized group in sports retail: ∙ Intersport is founded in 1956 by 15 sports retailers. nd. ∙ 950 dealers belong to Intersport Germany. The group is active in six markets. ∙ The online shop starts in 2013. ∙ In 2016, Intersport's retail volume in Germany was 2.9 billion euros. The six-country association of Intersport has a total turnover of 3.52 billion euros at retail prices. ∙ 2017 Intersport Digital GmbH is founded. April 24, 2017 8/17 merged into a kind of goods turntable. The system queries the availability of goods several times a day. If a visitor to Intersport.de is interested in a product, an algorithm searches in the background for the nearest dealer where this product is available and shows it to the potential buyer.The customer only sees the product once and not, as in an online marketplace, the same product from several retailers. The retailers determine the prices themselves. They are also the ones who either ship the goods or hand them over to the customer in the shop. In addition, they take care of the processing of returns. The technical requirement is that the merchandise management system of the participating retailer is connected to the Intersport Digital software. The association's own merchandise management solution "Intersys" is linked to the software from Intersport Digital. If retailers use a different inventory management system, programming the interface can result in costs. The platform should be ready by the third quarter of 2017. "If the majority of our dealers take part, we have an inventory of well over 400 million euros", calculates Roether. According to Intersport, this marks the beginning of the largest phase of reconstruction of the dealers' association since it was founded 60 years ago. The new subsidiary Intersport Digital is to accompany and control the digital transformation of the company and also be a service provider for the affiliated retailers. This includes, for example, the provision of product data and framework agreements. “We want to work out online what we have achieved in over-the-counter retail in 60 years,” Roether states as a goal. Multichannel remains trump card In the future, retailers will generate all online sales themselves. The head office takes over the product presentation including search engine optimization. Roether emphasizes that participation in the online platform is voluntary - and relies on the commitment and enthusiasm of sports dealers. "If a trader as an entrepreneur makes this decision, he also approaches things with a different way of working," believes the Intersport boss. The big trump card should remain multichannel sales. Especially with the “Click & amp; Collect ”, in which the goods are ordered on the Internet and picked up in the store, the retailers want to make use of their advantage. “The sale of sporting goods is and will remain an issue in which person-to-person contact plays an important role. We have more than 20,000 enthusiastic and well-trained employees in our stores, ”emphasizes Roether. When the platform goes online, the Intersport board hopes for a start in INTERNET WORLD business with 60 to 70 dealers. More are to follow. Roether is optimistic that a large part of the dealers will join. The response to the platform is very good. Nevertheless, there will also be some sports shops that will not join and will only operate stationary retail. For all others, the Heilbronn Group provides the technical framework solution and the equipment for packing and shipping the parcels. The head office also takes care of payment processing and an anti-fraud solution. Intersport Digital GmbH charges a percentage fee per purchase for its services. Good opportunities in the market for sporting goods. Inexperienced retailers are looked after by a team that supports them in their first steps. In addition, the sports association is currently developing “rules of the game” that the participating retailers must adhere to. This includes, for example, that the goods are sent in uniform cardboard boxes and in the uniform Intersport look. The umbrella brand marketing remains in Heilbronn. Dealers who want to work with their own agency or who have additional ideas can do this on their own and without the head office. “The essential things come from Heilbronn in close coordination with our dealers. This service is what defines a dealer-oriented retail organization, ”says Roether. He pays good chances on the hot competitive market for sporting goods. Intersport scores with a wide range, high availability and close links to stationary retail. "If we do the online business just as well as those that are our benchmark today, there is no sporting goods retailer who is as well positioned as we are." ◼ Susann Naumann E-Commerce is for retailer cooperations Not easy terrain More than 55 percent of German dealers are members of an association group. Their aim is to use economies of scale. In the offline world, the collaborations are successful. Most people are still looking for a concept online. The toy association Vedes relies on a central online shop. Design, product range creation and content take place in the head office. Fulfillment from the central warehouse, including payment processing, is carried out by a service provider. In order to boost the slacking online business, Vedes expanded the warehouse near Osnabr & uuml; ck and tried to use “Click & amp; Collect ”to transfer the business from the online to the offline world. Idea + Play takes a different approach. The retailers decide for themselves which articles and at which prices to offer on the online marketplace. The group advertises the marketplace centrally. Idea + Spiel wants to score points above all with its regional proximity: every purchase made online is handled by the nearest specialist retailer. Even at the ANWR Group, the dealers are allowed to set the price themselves. The association of over 6,000 shoe retailers has been running an online shop since 2013. ANWR members can present their specialist shop with all the relevant information such as opening times, promotions, brands and photos of the shop free of charge on shoes.de and show their current stock via the digital shop window . This is intended to increase the visibility of the assortments carried out at the station and the additional function “Click & amp; Collect “can be enlarged. The group for entertainment and household electronics, Electronic Partner, also had difficulties. The first online shop was closed in 2009 and reopened three years later. In contrast to the old, centrally-located idea + game, the dealers involved decide what is offered “Click & amp; Collect ”is intended to lure customers into the connected shoe stores and a decentralized solution was launched. Today, customers can use the central website EP.de to display their desired product and select a retailer after entering the postcode. Only so-called top products can be ordered online. All other articles can be accessed via “Click & amp; Collect ”at your local dealer. E-COMMERCE 14 INTERNET WORLD Business xx. 24.Mxxx April2017 2017 xx / 17 8/17 ∙ Waldemar Moss and Piotr Stach founded Expondo in 2007, a marketplace for catering, craft and industrial supplies. ∙ Own brands are created in the following years. ∙ From 2013, internationalization will also be promoted with the help of Amazon. ∙ Expondo GmbH is now active in 16 European countries, employs around 200 people in Germany, Poland and China and has an annual turnover in the double-digit million euros. Manufacturers and retailers With the help of Ebay and Amazon as well as a verticalized business model, Expondo has grown into an online marketplace for catering and craft supplies. Most of the knowledge arises in the development of products "Sebastian Brede CEO Expondo.de, Berlin www.expondo.de of which in other European countries. For several reasons, the Berlin-based company relies on a verticalized business model. Expondo not only looks for and buys its goods in China and Asia, but also has them manufactured there: “Everything we sell is specially produced for Expondo,” explains Brede. “Of more than 200 employees, almost 20 are employed in the development department. Here engineers and designers construct or optimize tools. In China, we have our own quality assurance system. ”External service instead of e-commerce In e-commerce, the manufacturers of tools and large kitchen utensils have so far shown themselves to be just as closed as the cosmetics industry. Even today, their branded products are rarely sold online. Dealers, especially young internet start-ups, therefore find it difficult to build up a specialized range for the catering industry or for workshop professionals. Because the brands work with a dense, expensive network of branches and field service employees. You speak to companies directly and negotiate prices individually. Companies with low demand are left behind in this opaque trade and usually pay more. With cheap imports and its own brands, Expondo offers alternatives. Customers include medium-sized and small workshops, young companies and freelancers. Well-known professional brands make up only five percent of the range. With their own quality assurance and modification of imported products, the Berliners reacted to special requests and criticism. Today, customer proximity is cultivated in order to react more quickly to trends and new needs: "The employees in service and sales are trained to record and collect customer questions as precisely as possible," says Brede. "This information forms the basis of our product and range development." From power seller to online marketplace at the latest since the start of Amazon Business and the market launch of companies such as Contorion or Zoro Tools, familiar structures have been softening. At least in the core business of gastronomy, Expondo finds it easier today to convince brands of e-commerce. Photos: Expondo.de business customers themselves discovered Amazon very late as a growth path: it was not until the beginning of 2016 that the online pioneer from the USA launched “Business”, an offer for its marketplace that was geared towards purchase ; banks in companies and workshops. After that, the manufacturers of tools and special technical equipment also gave up their resistance to the Internet. Market leader W & uuml; rth recently started selling tools, fittings, dowels and bolts online. "In the past, many professional brands were unfamiliar with e-commerce and didn't want to build up any new competition to their sales networks," explains Sebastian Brede, Managing Director of Expondo, "but consumers are ordering more and more online - and are now expecting the same service in the work environment. ”Equipment can also be conveniently compared and ordered online around the clock - and even directed to construction sites, restaurants or fair stalls. In contrast to Amazon, Expondo is one of the pioneers in business-to-business online trading. The marketplace for gastronomy and industrial supplies has been offering kitchen appliances and tools for around ten years and, according to Brede, now generates "well into the double-digit million range" in euros per year with its 1,700 offers - around half G xx. Month April 24, 2017 2017 8/17 xx / 17 This summer the Berliners are launching another shop for everything to do with the professional kitchen with sausage paddles, gastroms, stoves and grills from brand manufacturers. Expondo’s business is based on a growing range of kitchen utensils and tools for food production. This range now generates around half of the income and has been supplemented in recent years by offers for craftsmen and industry: Expondo sells scales, melting furnaces, as well as power tools and welding equipment, drying ovens. nke and pipe cleaner. "The range has grown from market observations and the personal interests of the founders and has increasingly specialized," says Brede. “We want to show that we understand the various trades.” Founders Piotr Stach and Waldemar Moss registered as power sellers on Ebay as early as 2002. Five years later, they set up their own Expondo platform and initial storage capacities in Berlin and continue to internationalize their business with the help of Amazon. Both sales channels are still being fueled across Europe, but search engine marketing today preferably brings reach and customers to the Expondo platforms in 15 countries. Here, craftsmen and cooks can be addressed more professionally, here there is a catalog for INTERNET WORLD business traditionalists among the buyers to download and the possibility to order by fax or telephone. “A large number of our customers found Expondo through Amazon and Ebay,” says Brede. “In the last three years, however, we have set up shops in different languages ​​and hired native speakers for customer service in order to be accepted by local customers.” 15 Where do you usually shop for your company? Website or online shop for business customers (B2B) 45% Written order (e.g. fax, order card) 45% In stationary specialist shops 31% Order by telephone More branded devices 31% generate growth Marketplace for businesses ft customers (e.g. Mercateo, Zentrada, Amazon Supply) 24% In the catering sector alone, annual expenditure on equipment in Germany is expected to grow to up to seven billion euros by 2020, and forecasts of up to 40 billion euros for tools: Expondo will therefore develop more products, convince brands and further internationalize them. A showroom is also planned in Berlin: “We know what customers need for their business,” says Brede, “but many still want to pick up the products and try them out.” ◼ Marketplace for consumers (e.g. Amazon, Ebay) 21% e-procurement system (e.g. catalogs in SAP) 17% survey on buying behavior in B2B trade in Germany 2015 website or online shop for consumers (B2C) 10% app of a supplier 3 % Other 3% INTERNET WORLD Business 8/17 Source: Ibi Research, Votum; Multiple answers possible; n = 29 experts; Survey period: 6/15 Susanne Vieser internetworld.de/vs In cooperation with advanced training seminars on the subjects of eCommerce I Digital Marketing I Sales & amp; Communication Learn with us! Digital Marketing April 20-21, Munich | May 9-10, Cologne | 6-7.6., Berlin Facebook compact: Generate fans. Place and control ads! The best tricks & amp; Tips to be more attractive as a company and to place advertisements with little wastage. Increase conversion rate through retargeting! 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With a review by the jury and winners of the 2017 Internet World Business Shop Award. 16.-18.5., Munich | June 20-22, Cologne Lead generation: content creation and marketing automation Lecturer: Nikolaus Herbert, certified Google AdWords trainer Costs: € 499.00 (beginners € 299.00) ● Registration: nmg-akademie.de/google -ads eCommerce eCommerce | Communication NeuroDIALOG-COMMERCE: Effective stimuli - increase conversion COMPACT COURSES Use communication techniques successfully with customers, partners or in a team. Convince with eloquence and learn the techniques in this 8-part webinar series.WEBINAR Lecturer: Heidemarie Mei & szlig; nitzer, Communication & amp; Rhetoric trainer Costs: € 350.00 ● Registration: nmg-akademie.de/argumentieren Contact: nmg-akademie.de | Tel. 08122- 955 625 | [email protected]