Refurbished laptops are good

Test: Refurbished notebooks - classics or technology junk?

We have ordered two refurbished laptops from the online retailer The 14.1 inch Lenovo ThinkPad T61 (Year of manufacture 5/2008) cost 463 euros and the 15.4 inch Dell Latitude D830 (Year of manufacture 12/2007) was available for 332 euros (including VAT). The devices have a new one Windows XP Professional License (new sticker on bottom) including recovery DVD.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 - 14.1-inch, Core 2 Duo T8100

The ThinkPad T61 was interesting for us because it has an anti-glare resolution of 14.1 inches 1440 x 900 pixels brings along. It also has many connections (docking port, modem, FireWire, ExpressCard54) including an integrated one SmartCard reader. The price of 463 euros (including VAT) is around a third of a new device.

The T61 is optically in one very good condition. Only the corner bumpers (rubbed off), the lid (slight scratches in the rubber) and the battery (scratches) can be seen signs of use. The keyboard and touchpad are as good as new because they were replaced.

In one Idle test The 56 Wh 6-cell battery lasted 164 minutes (2:44 hours). The new device lasted 3:55 hours in the idle test at that time. With the Core 2 Duo T8100 (2 x 2.0 GHz) we are of course no longer up to date. Even a Core i3-330M (smallest Arrandale processor) calculates faster. At least they stay Temperatures stable and the T61 is hardly loud. In the stress test (Prime95 and Furmark) that lasted several hours, the processor reached a maximum temperature of 82 degrees and the fan turned evenly. At the end of the load, the cooling system turns down again within seconds.

In the case of our T61, there was even a remaining term of the original manufacturer's guarantee (on-site guarantee until 05/2011). But this is a coincidence, buyers have to assume that there is no longer a manufacturer's guarantee.

Dell Latitude D830 - 15.4-inch, Core 2 Duo T7300

The D830 caught our eye because of its cheap price 332 euros (including VAT). The colossus of 3.0 kilograms is not suitable for ambitious bargain hunters. But if you are looking for a solid desktop device that shines with many connections, then this is the right place for you. Just the one serial port, S-video, Firewire, PC card type I / II as well as ExpressCard are today Rare become. In addition, the D830 docking able to.

The massive built laptop is almost three years old (Year of construction 12/2007). The Dell Service Day provides information about the warranty status: There is a three-year Next Business Day warranty (from December 9, 2007), so we still have 40 days of the manufacturer's warranty.

The 15.4 incher shows clear signs of wear on the keyboard and on the edges of the chassis. So the keyboard was not swapped, which seems acceptable to us. The touchpad looks like it has not been used, but it has not been replaced either. They fall negatively Joints on. The lid wobbles about five degrees in every position and the locking mechanism is on Get game. It is still held securely in every position. positive is the Overall look. We only find a single scratch on the lid, the underside is like new.

The Neutral-Runtime is included despite the old age 4:44 hours. This suggests that the 56Wh battery has already been replaced. However, there is no concrete evidence of this. In the item description, the retailer speaks of "at least 60% of the original time", which we consider to be fulfilled. As with the ThinkPad, the cooling still works perfectly. During a stress test lasting several hours (Prime95 and Furmark) the Fan evenly and the temperature on the Core 2 Duo T7300 does not exceed 77 degrees.