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Medicine meets beauty!


1 medicine meets beauty!

2 We want you to be successful! OUR MOTIVATION We want our customers to be successful and their customers to look more beautiful faster. To this end, we develop and sell high-quality beauty devices with a medically proven effect. Our customers receive intensive training and extensive advertising material for each of our devices. And service is also not a foreign word for us, but an obligatory matter of course. Our devices are in use in these countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. YOUR BENEFITS Guaranteed treatment success with minimal use of staff with professional advertising support ensure your company's success. Whether as a practice, beauty salon or fitness studio, our devices guarantee customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty, high income with low costs, security and quality AWARDS 2 3


4 The latest bodyforming technology! VANQUISH ME TM 6 7

5 Dissolving fat deposits with radio waves VANQUISH ME TM the future has begun! The VANQUISH ME TM is the successful device in the USA for body treatment with radio waves. The pleasant warmth dissolves the fat pads very effectively for proven high weight loss results. contactless painless effective THE PRINCIPLE radio waves heat destroys fat cells large-scale coverage of the treatment areas for every figure type, regardless of weight and age, applicable to all problem areas THE ADVANTAGES contactless and painless easy to use with little personnel expenditure maintenance-free, without consumables patented and non-copyable technology THE SUCCESS scientifically and clinically proven up to 32% fat reduction after 4 treatments up to 2 dress sizes in 4 weeks 8

6 29% buttocks 40% hips 69% belly RADIO WAVES is the new trend technology in the beauty industry for fat reduction and has long been successfully used in the USA to reduce unsightly fat deposits on the body without any surgical intervention. Skin is not damaged at a maximum of 41º Touch Free No skin contact 36% thighs Because radio waves send out energy waves that heat the subcutaneous fat in the body to up to 46 degrees Celsius. This temperature is enough to kill annoying fat cells. Immediately after the treatment, the lymphatic system begins to transport the destroyed fat cells away. By drinking enough water, the treated customers can optimally support the effect of the treatments with the VANQUISH ME TM. ANOTHER ADVANTAGE Studies have shown long-lasting results. The test subjects' new dream figure has hardly changed in the 4 years after the radio wave treatment for fat reduction. They were able to maintain 75% of the achieved loss of circumference over 4 years. Fat tissue up to 46º is destroyed Muscle up to 41º is not damaged The VANQUISH ME TM aligns the radio frequency waves between the plus and minus poles directly to the fat cells. 29% legs GOOD TO KNOW: Radio waves only destroy fat cells, they do not attack other cells. The radio waves are barely perceptible to the skin and muscles. Radio waves also promote the formation of collagen in the skin and thus achieve visible positive effects in the fight against cellulite and skin aging. Temperature C FAT MUSCLE SKIN The treatment is suitable for both men and women. Pregnant women, people with cardiac pacemakers or liver diseases should not be treated. This is how it works: OUR RECOMMENDATION: 4 treatments 45 minutes, treatment duration 7 days apart 34 TREATMENT START Measured fat temperature Measured skin temperature Measured muscle temperature TREATMENT END Approximate fat temperature Approximate skin temperature Approximate muscle temperature 10 11

7 ACCESSORIES FOR THE VANQUISH ME TM Two treatment surface attachments for maximum coverage. ABDOMINAL APPLICATOR The VANQUISH ME TM abdominal applicator covers an area of ​​around three A4 sheets and is the only device on the market to achieve a maximum treatment area around the abdomen and hips with minimal effort. Because the applicator is divided into three parts, every shape of the abdomen can be treated with ease. LEG APPLICATOR Thanks to an easy-to-change plug-in connection, you can convert the device from a stomach to a leg applicator in just a few simple steps and, with the VANQUISH ME TM system, ideally treat not only the abdomen and hips, but also thighs and arms. Treatment with VANQUISH ME TM radio wave technology enables figure results on the thighs like surgical liposuction, but without invasive surgery, without pain and without downtime. We tested many devices for non-surgical fat reduction such as ultrasound, laser or cryolipolysis. Each device has its strengths and weaknesses, but the VANQUISH ME TM takes this kind of problem zone treatment to a new level. Thanks to its particularly large applicator, the abdomen and hips are treated simultaneously and evenly. The treatments are pleasant and the results long-lasting. Dr. med. Leila Frohn THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA You can use the supplied thermal imaging camera to visually record the uniform heating of the fat areas and thus the effectiveness of the treatment. BED Cosmetic bed with 3 motors. Electrically adjustable inclination and height in the head, back and leg area. Extendable footrest. Color: gray and coffee brown Dimensions: 186 x 81 x before / after examples after 4 treatments INFRARED HEAT THERMOMETER So that you always keep an eye on the skin temperature during the treatments. TRAINING With the delivery of the VANQUISH ME TM radio wave device for killing fat deposits, you and your employees will receive extensive instruction, training and certification from Parker Wellgroup

8 Twice as strong! EXILIS TM 14

9 Perfect teamwork Radiofrequency and ultrasound EXILIS TM ... double the power against wrinkles and problem areas! The EXILIS TM is the first and only family of elite devices that combine radio frequency and ultrasound simultaneously to tighten skin and address body problems. THE PRINCIPLE Radiofrequency and ultrasound in combination warm the skin and the fat deeply. Tightening of the face and body as well as fat cell destruction in problem areas. Unique EFC (Energy Flow Control) ensures that optimal performance is delivered to the target tissue at all times. Effect clinically confirmed THE SUCCESSES Immediate effect after just one treatment Skin rejuvenation with guaranteed success Successfully encounter age THE ADVANTAGES 2 treatment heads for face and body controlled heating and cooling ensure that energy is released into the tissue at various depths without pain. Skin temperatures are controlled during the entire session for maximum safety painless effective immediate effect clinically confirmed 16 17

10 cooling 10 SKIN heating SUBcutaneous tissue device switched off MUSCLE HOW DOES IT WORK? Controlled heating and cooling ensure that energy is released to various depths in the tissue without pain. By alternating power and cooling during the treatment, the practitioner can treat deep tissue down to the superficial layer. The skin temperatures are controlled throughout the session for maximum safety. WHO IS IT FOR? The EXILIS TM treatment is ideal for all patients between the ages of 21 and 70 who are looking for a cosmetic improvement for their face and body. Common areas of treatment include the eye area, mouth, chin area, jaw line, cleavage, arms, legs, knees, ankles and buttocks, stomach, love handles and intimate areas. IS THE PROCEDURE SAFE? The EXILIS TM meets strict safety standards. The integrated Energy Flow Control system ensures that the exact amount of energy is given off during the treatment. The integrated cooling enables your provider to bring the heat to the right skin depth for the best results while maintaining patient comfort. The safety and effectiveness of the therapy have been thoroughly tested in several clinical studies. Is it painful? No, the treatment shouldn't be painful. The EXILIS TM offers the most advanced non-surgical solution that treats your face, body and intimate parts safely, efficiently and without pain. Most patients describe the feeling of the therapy as being comparable to a painless hot stone massage. The treatment is performed in a lying position so that you can easily relax during the procedure. The entire EXILIS TM procedure is non-invasive and does not require any recovery time. WHAT MUST BE CONSIDERED? There is no need to change your eating habits. However, it could improve treatment outcomes. Many years of research and development have made it possible to offer this unique device that uses the two most effective energies at the same time: radio frequency and ultrasound. The combination of these energies guarantee an extremely high level of customer satisfaction and a level of comfort that has never been achieved before. Thanks to its built-in cooling, the EXILIS TM offers a painless and safe therapy that targets the desired problem areas precisely and efficiently. Collagen formation in the skin also has visibly positive effects

11 40 years + collagen production -30% skin thickness -21% 50 years + collagen production -40% skin thickness -28% 20 years + collagen production -10% skin thickness -7% Before / after examples GOOD TO KNOW: Radio frequency waves from the EXILIS TM penetrate due to the frequency not so deep and tighten the skin primarily and promote the formation of collagen. The ultrasonic waves penetrate much deeper and destroy fat cells. In combination they create a double effect. Fat cells are destroyed, the skin and tissue tightened. The treatments with the EXILIS TM are suitable for men and women of all ages. Pregnant women, people with pacemakers or liver diseases may not be treated. On average, 80% of women will experience sun damage before they turn 20. By the age of 20, collagen production will decrease 1% per year and skin thickness will decrease 7% every 10 years. OUR RECOMMENDATION: one to two treatments per week, minutes treatment duration, depending on the area, in combination with the SLIMYONIK AIR ULTRA FEMME 360 With the ULTRA FEMME 360 a completely new approach to women's health. The procedure offers the shortest non-invasive treatment for female genital areas. This procedure is a great option for women who want non-surgical enhancement of their intimate health

12 A PLUS in every figure treatment BODY SCULPTOR BODY SCULPTOR sessions are highly valued because of the pleasant and calming technology. Soft warmth often causes customers to fall asleep. BODY SCULPTOR is suitable for all women and men who want to lose weight, get rid of their belly fat or want to beautify their figure. -3.9cm on the thigh -6.5cm on the waist subcutaneous and vizeral fat is burned in 30 minutes while lying down burn up to 600 kcal at the same time detoxify and -7.2 - cm on the hips THE PRINCIPLE Biomagnetic fields open the calcium channels in the Fat cells so that the fat can come from the fat cells into the metabolism. The simultaneous mechanical lymphatic drainage leads to detoxification and drainage. THE ADVANTAGES two effective techniques in one device no personnel expenditure pleasant treatment effective effect in figure treatments THE SUCCESSES increase fat burning and calorie consumption reduce body size increase well-being 22 23

13 With chin and arm cuffs uit 1 active effects! 2 MAIN EFFECT: DEGRADATION OF FAT DEPOTS The bioenergetic field stimulates fat lipolysis. The result: - 6 cm at the waist Bio Stigy olo m 90% BODY SCULPTOR uses the innovative technology of BioStimology. A biomagnetic field naturally increases the mechanisms of muscle activity and fat burning. Up to an additional 600 kcal are burned per 30-minute session. This corresponds to z. B. an hour of intense exercise such as jogging, cycling or swimming. In addition, the mechanical lymphatic drainage massages toxins and water from the body. ACCESSORIES AND MARKETING extensive marketing package with flyers, posters, etc. Hygiene pants Shaping cream GOOD TO KNOW: biomagnetic fields activate fat burning the calorie consumption is extremely stimulated body fat percentage is reduced weight loss processes are accelerated the figure is formed, arms and chin can be treated the lymphatic system is stimulated ideally Applications for fat destruction such as with the VANQUISH METM or the EXILISTM. OUR RECOMMENDATION: 12 sessions in 4-6 weeks treatment times minutes Combination with fat path devices such as the VANQUISH METM 24 ADDITIONAL EFFECTS: DETOXIFICATION & DRAINAGE The micro pressure reactivates the lymphatic system The result: Removal of toxins and lightness Mic ro HOW DOES IT WORK? ure ess r p 10% 25

14 Connective tissue massage for body treatment and lymph stimulation plus pure oxygen SLIMYONIK AIR ... breathe away your fat! Our SLIMYONIK AIR controls a 24-chamber massage trousers and jacket. He takes over the previously strenuous manual work of lymph drainage in a mechanical way. At the same time, 100 percent oxygen is inhaled. noticeable relief visible improvement after multiple use suitable for men and women little space required THE AREAS OF APPLICATION lymphedema and lipedema cellulite and figure shaping stress reduction and regeneration increase in fat burning increase in the natural detoxification processes THE EFFECTS stimulates the lymph flow, dehydrates and detoxifies, supports the breakdown of fat in weight reduction and wellbeing YOUR BENEFIT Device with little personnel effort, immediately noticeable wellbeing for the customer Marketing package for your advertising 26 27

15 With oxygen hose! ACCESSORIES FOR THE SLIMYONIK AIR At the beginning we will equip you with everything you need for a successful treatment. DEVICE Control device with oxygen generator. Dual function 2in1 for body & metabolism. Intelligent algorithms for many purposes. JACKET With the jacket you can also offer the massage application for the upper body, especially the upper arms. TROUSERS The insensitive, robust massage pants are easy to clean and fit for all body sizes. BED Cosmetic bed with 3 motors. Electrically inclination and height adjustable in the head, back and leg area. Extendable footrest. OXYGEN HOSE Let your customers breathe freely with their noses with the disposable hose. HYGIENE PANTS / JACKET Offer each of your customers their own washable hygiene pants for a clean, fresh feeling of being used. THE LYMPH TECHNOLOGY and the lymphatic system take on an important transport function in the body, namely the removal of dissolved substances. Like a garbage disposal, they are responsible for detoxification, tissue drainage and immune defense. The jacket and pants of the SLIMYONIK AIR work with a 24 air chamber system. They build up gently increasing pressure on the tissue and the lymph and reduce it again at different pumping intervals. THE MASSAGE of the tissue and thus the lymph supports the immune system, stimulates the metabolism and can accelerate weight loss processes and have a detoxifying effect. The application is more than pleasant: It creates relief, especially for women with heavy legs filled with water. Athletes often use this type of massage for relaxation and regeneration. Our customers use the SLIMYONIK AIR primarily for body treatment. If the lymph flows, the body can also transport annoying love handles and dissolve water deposits. With the intelligent variety of programs, you can optimally adjust the device to the needs of your customers. There is a suitable application for everyone. OUR RECOMMENDATION: Offer 30 to 40-minute treatment once or twice a week as a follow-up treatment for figure applications to increase fat burning and detoxification at the same time with the DERMIO CARE PLUS BODY SHAKE AND BASE COMPLEX Special vital substances support the therapeutic effect. CREAMS Special body gels and creams support the success of the treatment. You can also offer these as counter goods for your home. We advise, sell and train

16 Micro-needeling with radio frequency VIVACE The latest generation of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation Immediate effect less pain FDA approved Micro-needeling with radio frequency is one of the most effective treatment methods for skin rejuvenation. Fine needles are inserted deep into the skin and heated in a controlled manner with each other using high-frequency electricity. As a result, a large number of skin-improving effects are achieved.Thinking forehead frown lines Periorbital wrinkles THE EFFECT Tightening and smoothing of the skin Reduction of small / deep wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté Nasolabial folds Stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluron Reduction of scars and pores Reduction of acne Double chin THE APPLICATION suitable for every skin type Neck wrinkles red and blue Light to support the treatment results YOUR ADVANTAGE Minimally invasive skin rejuvenation of the latest generation highest needle quality gold-plated (isolated and non-isolated) two frequencies 1 MHz for skin rejuvenation, 2 MHz for scars & acne exact setting of the penetration depth 0.5 to 3.5 mm 36 37

17 Blue light Reduction of bacteria in acne / depth effect Red light Activation of collagen / depth & surface effect OUR RECOMMENDATION: 20 to 45-minute treatment once per month 3 to 4 treatments in total Combination with INFUZION before / after example GOOD TO KNOW: isolated Immediately visible improvements final results after approx. 3 months almost all facial and body areas treatable even with deep wrinkles and older skin display / software also works against stretch marks touch color display 10.4 inches not isolated not isolated long-lasting results different parameters for various treatment areas setting option : Time, strength, depth parameter storage 2 MHz 1 MHz 36 micro-needles gold-plated HOW DOES IT WORK? HOW DOES IT WORK? isolated / non-isolated VIVACE is a revolutionary combination powered by fractional radio frequencies and state-of-the-art micro-needling to stimulate and tighten the skin even in the deepest layers. VIVACE is suitable for a variety of cosmetic treatments such as acne treatments, skin tightening or scar reduction in almost all areas of the face or body and for every skin type. The device binds high frequency energy into every single sterile needle, driving the rejuvenating energy deep into the skin and stimulating the healthy growth of new collagen. This minimally invasive procedure is virtually painless using a topical anesthetic and can be performed in less than an hour per treatment. The highest patient experience is achieved thanks to innovative design solutions from VIVACE that are proven to deliver excellent patient outcomes. Using sterile needles, high-frequency energies (HF) are applied almost painlessly to deep into the skin. The released RF energy is converted into thermal energy in the skin and stimulates the natural growth of new collagen and elastin by triggering the body's own healing processes. This targeted treatment does not affect the surrounding healthy skin and has a quick recovery time. WHO IS IT FOR? The VIVACE therapy is aimed at customers with a high demand for anti-aging and acne treatments with visible and noticeable treatment results as quickly as possible. This innovative application is equally suitable for all skin types as well as men and women. 0.5-3.5mm single use handle energy options RF level 1-10 (30-70 W) RF time ms ergonomically easy operation via foot & hand switch 38 39

18 The needle-free injection system for micro-opening MED-JET ... Anti-aging at the highest level The needle-free MED-JET from Canada is the most advanced injection system on the market. With little pressure, substances such as cosmetics, fillers, serums or medication are passed through an opening in the skin in the desired amount and depth, painlessly and safely. THE PRINCIPLE MIT Canada's needle-free injectors use CO 2 or compressed air to propel a micro-thin jet of liquid that penetrates the skin without a needle. With the unique low pressure system, intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular administrations of serums, fillers or medication can be carried out in the desired amount and the desired skin layer. The output current is 6 times smaller than the smallest needle. THE BENEFITS Patented and unique technology almost any type of cosmetics, active ingredients and drugs can be injected without a needle Wide range of applications Hair roots Nasolabial Facial lift Double chin Forehead lift Frown lines Upper lip wrinkles Lip volume Ear lobes Lift fat path Indications possible Efficient distribution of active ingredients in the tissue Adjustable and fixed dosage options (0.02-0 , 3ml) and insertion depth safer for customers and practitioners because no pulling, minimal recoil, no vascular occlusion opens up new market opportunities even for people with fear of needles THE SUCCESSES wrinkle reduction every level of difficulty deep and pronounced wrinkles precisely reduce acne and skin impurities effectively treatable proven hair thickening and hair growth without surgery or Needles Two handpieces for individual applications! precise treatment proven effectiveness sustainable results 40 décolleté applicable to the entire face 41

19 HOW DOES IT WORK? The injection jet is 6 times smaller than the smallest available needle in the world. This extremely fine flow of liquid distributes the desired dose in the respective selected tissue layers in the skin. In this way, substances can be brought evenly into the target area and they can be distributed optimally. The MED-JET is the better alternative to needle injection and can be used by beauticians without restrictions. 33G 30G MED-JET BEAUTY FOR THE COSMETICS STUDIO: a state-of-the-art pore system for mesotherapy and meso-lift treatments for the head, face, neck, décolleté and hands. Safe, fast and extremely precise low consumption costs reduce the pain and skin trauma that are otherwise associated with needle injections up to 600 injections per hour fixed volume of 0.02; 0.03; 0.05 & 0.1 m MED-JET FOR LIPS Sensual and voluminous lips are the wish of many women. Botox or hyaluronic acid often make the lips look unnatural. Not with the MED-JET. A natural, long-lasting result is achieved here. A special lip serum stimulates the body's own fat accumulation. This gives the lips more volume in the long term and the red lips intensify. With Jet ... even dispersion radius efficient absorption exact delivery MED-JET FOR HAIR Thinning hair and hair loss are a very common problem, especially for men, but also for women. With the MED-JET, for example, the active ingredient F-Hair is injected into the scalp without a needle, which stimulates regrowth and reduces hair loss. MED-JET MEDICAL FOR PRACTICE: safe, easy, fast and extremely precise reduces the pain and discomfort associated with needle injections intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular multi-dose injections (0.02-0.3 ml) low consumption dose directly and continuously adjustable on the injector Areas of application: local anesthesia, mesotherapy, general procedures, clinical dermatology, cosmetic and plastic surgery, podiatry, physiatry GOOD TO KNOW: MED-JET H4 has medical approval. It can also be used for vaccinations for humans and animals the system works independently (without electricity) OUR RECOMMENDATION: 3 4 treatments every 4 weeks can be combined with other anti-aging systems such as radio frequency, ultrasound or microdermabrasion before / after examples lips / hair / Eye wrinkles 42 43

20 The full power of colored light and ionized oxygen DERMIO CARE PLUS ... Fountain of youth for skin and metabolism for cosmetic studios and SPA easy to use No staff commitment for women and men Visible skin rejuvenation, intensive detoxification and increased physical and mental performance. High quality ionized oxygen neutralizes toxins from environmental pollution. Colored light has a relaxing, cleansing, revitalizing and skin rejuvenating effect. THE EFFECT Energy for activating the metabolism Detoxification for the lungs and blood Performance enhancement at work and sport Relaxation and revitalization Firmer, pure skin A radiant appearance THE APPLICATION Suitable for every skin type Supplement to enhance the effect of anti-aging products Combination with other applications such as radio waves, ultrasound, lymphatic drainage, Cosmetic treatments YOUR ADVANTAGE Beauty device with little personnel expenditure Visible skin improvement for your customers Regular use by subscription possible Permanent income 44 45

21 HOW DOES IT WORK? WHO IS IT FOR? The DERMIO CARE PLUS treatment is based on knowledge of quantum physics and is patented. The negative ions (plasma) are obtained from the ambient air. The energy is directed into the specially coated top head and combined there with color light therapy. The ions penetrate the skin to stimulate the cell metabolism. At the same time, the energy is inhaled through the mouth and nose and is available to the entire organism, especially the brain. HOW DOES IT WORK? Health benefits of negative ions. The benefits of negative ions have been proven through countless research and scientific studies. Effect on the respiratory system: lungs and mucous membranes are sensitive to the ions. The negative ions promote the formation and excretion of mucus, in which air pollutants (dust, smoke, environmental pollution, microorganisms) are bound. Indicated for allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, dryness of the oral mucous membranes, ... Effect on skin and connective tissue: Negative ions are also absorbed through the skin. They improve the epidermis and subcutaneous tissues to provide oxygen to them and act on skin conditions. They improve skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, hives, burns. They neutralize acids in the interstitium and thus promote collagen synthesis. Effect on the nervous system: Negative ions reduce the serotonin level, which can cause hyperactivity, stress, exhaustion, insomnia, fear, aggression. They reduce migraines and headaches due to their analgesic effects and promote relaxation and improve concentration and memory. Impact on the circulatory system: Negative ions improve blood circulation and promote blood purification, regulate blood pressure and prevent coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction and angina. DERMIO CARE PLUS therapy is aimed at customers with high demands on anti-aging treatments and treatment results that can be seen and felt as soon as possible. The innovative application takes place comfortably while sitting or lying down. OUR RECOMMENDATION: 20 to 30-minute treatment once or twice a week at the same time as figure applications for chronic colds or for prevention to increase fat burning and detoxification Blue light Dermatological use (psoriasis, acne-like skin condition, skin impurities) Tried and tested in medicine and awarded a Nobel Prize : The color light therapy! Green light Recovery and regeneration (immune system, muscle and tissue cells) Red light Collagen formation / connective tissue (complexion, skin firmness) 46 47

22 Professional body analysis in 3D STYKU BODYSCANNER ... clarity about your body in a few seconds! The STYKU is one of the most accurate 3D body scanners in the world. Carry out an exact 3D body measurement and visualize the silhouette of your customers. This makes training and weight loss results visible to your customers or patients. THE PRINCIPLE high-resolution 3D body scanning technology precise to the mm Measurement of the body Visual 3D representation of the body Exact validation and visualization of all relevant body measurements THE ADVANTAGES personalized 3D visualization of the body in a few seconds Represent training and weight loss sequences with precise images Analysis of hundreds of Body measurements with less than 1% error rate Calculation of fat and lean mass show where fat is lost showing health risks THE SUCCESS All relevant body values ​​determined at a glance Body weight exactly determined body fat precisely without scales evaluating body shape and body composition anonymous comparison with reference values ​​of other customers and target groups exact measurement of the body in 30 seconds precise analysis and evaluations perfect graphic representation space-saving and easy to use 48 49

23 FITNESS AND SPORT In fitness, the STYKU is used to calculate body measurements and body fat percentage with high precision. The 3D model shows changes in body shape. The graphic representation represents an optimal basis for setting new goals. AESTHETICS In aesthetics, the STYKU is used to validate the effectiveness of figure treatments. Before / after 3D images show real changes. GOOD TO KNOW: Duration of the measurements seconds Measurements are taken without clothing or tight-fitting clothing (e.g. swimwear) Laptop with software included in the scope of delivery STYKU uses the world's most powerful 3D camera and image technology for the most accurate measurement results, easy and portable OUR RECOMMENDATION: Take an initial measurement and discuss goals Every 4 weeks success measurements make treatment successes controlled and documented Publish successes anonymously in social media and impress customers or interested parties in a package with figure applications Offer body analysis made easy in 30 seconds directly on the monitor 50 51

24 Multi-frequency segment body analysis TANITA MC-780 MA scales put the body to the test! FULL BODY ANALYSIS Weight Percentage and mass of fat, muscles and bones BMI (Body Mass Index) METABOLISM EVALUATION Basal metabolic rate analysis for calorie requirement Drinking behavior based on the total water content Fitness level in relation to age and metabolism SEGMENT ANALYSIS Arms, legs and trunk analysis Body fat distribution Result comparison with average values ​​When weighing, three different current frequencies run through the body and record the muscle, fat and water percentage. Together with the weight, the data form the basis for calculating a comprehensive, exact body analysis and thus reveal deficiencies, oversupply and the need for exercise. fast measurement process little space required evaluations exportable no maintenance necessary 52 53

25 FAST AND PRECISE The TANITA scale is designed as an interactive system. Customers stand on the scales and can take the measurement without the help of a specialist. A full segment body analysis is completed in less than 20 seconds. Complete body analysis in less than 20 seconds! The double display shows the measurement data and the detailed segment analysis in a clear and descriptive format. OUR RECOMMENDATION: Supervised weighing Regular documentation as a service in the treatment package Documenting and monitoring successes in figure and weight therapies as a service in the treatment package THAT'S MEASURED Determine your body composition and use TANITA to achieve optimal fitness and to improve the health and well-being of your customers. Body fat percentage and body fat mass: The body fat percentage is the amount of body fat in relation to the total weight. Body fat mass is the weight of body fat. Visceral fat: The visceral fat surrounds and protects the vital organs in the abdomen. Muscle Mass: The estimated weight of the muscles in your body. Total Body Water: Total body water is the total amount of fluid in the body expressed as a percentage of total weight. Bone Mass: The estimated weight of the bone mineral content in your body. Physique value: It evaluates the percentage of muscle and body fat and assigns the result to one of nine body types. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): The minimum daily energy requirement of the body at rest (including sleep) for the maintenance of bodily functions. Metabolic age: Your basal metabolic rate is compared with the mean value of your age group. Segmental Muscle Mass: Muscle mass rating for five body segments: abdomen, arms, and legs. Segmental body fat in%: body fat percentage for five body segments: stomach area, arms and legs. Body Mass Index (BMI): standardized ratio of body height to body weight; serves as a general indicator of the state of health.

26 NEW: Lose weight better and live healthier according to the PRO VITAL DNA genes ... genetically tailored to you! The genes are the blueprint of our body. Overweight is up to 80% genetic. Since each of us carries different genes, some people absorb fats or carbohydrates in the intestine more effectively than others through unfavorable genes. So it happens that some people gain weight quickly, while others are completely insensitive to the amount of fat or sugar in their diet. This is also the case when it comes to reducing calories. Some people lose weight quickly from eating less, while others lose weight. PERFECTLY MATCHED: 2.44 times more weight loss than with a standard program! CARE PRODUCTS NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS lose weight faster lose weight more lose weight more targeted 57

27 Even in sport, the training result depends on the genes. Some people lose weight quickly with regular exercise, others with the same effort can hardly notice any change. A whole range of other physical health reactions can be explained by the genes. So the tolerance of food, the need and the effect of vital substances as well as the effect of cosmetic products. With the new gene analysis, the genes can be precisely analyzed and precise statements can be made about what your personal diet should ideally look like. All your customers have to do is a simple saliva test.This is how it works: From this genetic analysis, important conclusions can be drawn such as: What predominantly contributes to obesity in the case of fat or carbohydrates? What should the genetically adapted diet look like in order to maintain body weight and feel good? Which sport should your customers practice with what intensity and frequency? What is the best diet for your customers to reduce their body weight? Which foods should you avoid? Which nutritional supplements should you take in which amounts and combinations? Product: We individually mix the right products for each of your customers. Which skin care products are genetically optimal for each skin type? Product: We mix the right care products for each of your customers. With every analysis, your customers can not only receive the genetically suitable food supplements or skin care products, but also a recipe book adapted to the results of the genetic analysis and much more. Each customer receives their own account, in which the results can be viewed and called up, secured by data protection. Non-medical analyzes Sample processing fee Regardless of the number of analyzes, a one-time fee is charged per order Nutrition Sensor (excl. Toxo) * Genetically healthy eating Weight Sensor Individual weight loss program Light: Diet to lose weight (6 genes) Standard: Diet + exercise to lose weight (8 Genes) Toxo Sensor Detox Epigenetics Information Epigenetics Recommendations (no analysis) Biological Age Sensor Chromosome Ends (Telomeres) Burnout Sensor Stress Resistance Plus Skin Sensor Nutritional Supplements NutriMe Complete Nutritional Supplements according to your genes, based on the recommendations from the Nutrition Sensor and / or Performance Sensor for 1 month for 2 month for 3 month for 6 month NutriMe Weight Management calorie blocker according to your genes, based on the recommendations from the Weight Sensor for 2 weeks for 4 weeks for 8 weeks for 12 weeks ADDITIONAL: Recipe Book for Weight Sensor approx. 100 personalized Recipes based on the recommendations Order saliva test sets, questionnaires and sample sets as well as postage-paid return envelopes from the Weight Sensor. Sale of saliva test sets with required tests to customers. Send test with samples to the laboratory. Discussion and handover of documents. Sale of products such as dietary supplements or skin care products. Available as a subscription Automatic information when the customer reorders and thus your commission 58 59