How will Trump's election affect EU politics?

Trump's economic policy under the sign of midterm elections

Laura from Daniels

Conflicts with the EU and Germany are emerging

SWP-Aktuell 2017 / A 77, December 2017, 4 pages

In November 2018, US voters in the Midterm Elections cast their first vote on how satisfied they are with their President, Donald Trump, and the Republican government. In the run-up to these US Congress elections, which take place after the first half of the president's term in office, Trump is coming under increasing pressure: He has to demonstrate political success. This applies not only, but above all, to those economic issues with which he was able to score points in the presidential election campaign: massive tax cuts, an aggressive trade policy and the deregulation of the financial markets. Trump could try to sharpen his profile as an assertive statesman with a hard line in foreign policy and economic muscle games, also with partner countries. In the 2018 election campaign year, the EU and Germany will therefore have to prepare for foreign and economic conflicts with the USA. US punitive tariffs would have an immediate negative impact on European steel imports and new US sanctions against Russia and Iran. In the long term, the EU could be harmed by the planned tax reform, the political co-ordination of monetary policy and the suspension of strict financial rules.