Where Google stores their secret algorithms

Finally revealed: the secret Google blueprint

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As a consumer, Google is your most important website. As an online retailer, Google is your most important success factor. So it's no wonder that for years almost everything in e-commerce has revolved around the question of how to get as high up as possible on the search engine results pages.

Forget everything you thought you knew about search engine optimization today. Because we have news for you that will change everything.


Manual: this is how Google rates your website and sorts the index

Imagine if the management of Google decided to provide you with a document that describes what the search engine looks for when it visits, rates and indexes pages. Do you agree with us that such instructions would mean that after just a few weeks you could receive a real rush of new customers in your shop and run away from your competition in giant steps?

Then hold on tight now. INTERNET TRADE is a 160-page document, a kind of Google blueprint, which enables deep insights into the evaluation of your website or your online shop. But first things first: We do not want to owe you the explanation of what this manual is all about.


The algorithm's judgment determines your success

You know the concept of the Google algorithm. This is the program with which the search engine tirelessly scours the entire Internet and evaluates each individual page in detail. The verdict of the algorithm decides in a very concrete way at which position of the search results your pages end up when a consumer has entered a certain search term on Google. The algorithm is, one could say, the real capital of Google and is constantly being further developed and improved. In order to be able to do this, the search engine also employs thousands of people worldwide who manually examine countless Internet pages. The results of this investigation are not included in the ranking of the pages visited. They are used to continuously revise the algorithm.

The decisive factor here is that the many manual testers naturally have to be comprehensively trained for their demanding tasks. You have to teach them exactly how the algorithm looks at pages and how they should proceed to rate a page. For this purpose, Google uses a training document in English. A total of around 160 pages describe exactly how a page has to be structured and optimized so that it exists in front of the strict eyes of the search engine.


The essence of the Google blueprint for your shop

Now we could simply make the entire document available to you and ask you to spend weeks and months dealing with the complicated descriptions and instructions in order to finally know how to optimize your pages for Google. With that we would expect you to invest all your working time in this topic and to neglect your shop. Our editorial team has therefore taken on this work for you.

In the cover story of our current issue, we provide you with a summary of what you need to know to make it to the top of Google. In detail, you will receive from us:

• A detailed introduction to the whole topic
• All the details about the groundbreaking Google Doc
• The 15 decisive criteria for an optimal ranking
• 15 ingenious practical tips for immediate implementation
• Your personal key to resounding success in e-commerce


First come first serve

Of course, you can now take as much time as you want before you finally decide to take a look at the Google blueprint and actively work on your success. In the meantime, however, your competitors are unlikely to be as hesitant and run away from you in big strides. So don't wait too long, take your chance here and now. We can promise you that it will be worthwhile in every respect when you can finally use the well-kept Google secrets for yourself and your business success.