How can you recycle pens?

Old pens for a good cause

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Schmidt-Rudersdorf recycles used ballpoint pens

Ballpoint pens are part of the basic equipment of every office. When a pen is empty, the next working writing implement is waiting in the warehouse to be used. The empty or defective model ends up in the trash. At Schmidt-Rudersdorf, too, large quantities of ballpoint pens are used in their daily work. Over the year, that adds up to an immense number of pens.

We asked ourselves the question: What can we do and change so that the ballpoint pens don't just land carelessly in the garbage can after use?

Recycle pens

The solution to the riddle is actually simple and has been known for a long time - and yet we don't pay enough attention to it: recycling! Since then, unusable ballpoint pens and correction pens have been collected in all departments at all Schmidt-Rudersdorf locations and sent to TerraCycle. The company is committed to modern recycling solutions for certain products.

Send in for free

There are no additional costs for us through recycling. Thanks to an online parcel label, sending the pen package is also free of charge. The pens sent in are crushed and the material melted down. Ink or other liquids are of course removed beforehand. The resulting plastic beads are used for the production of other plastic products. In this way, the environment is protected from unnecessary plastic waste.

Donation per pen

TerraCycle also donates 1 cent per pen to a charitable cause selected by us. We have voluntarily increased this donation amount by 5 cents per pen. Our company has decided to use the donation to support educational institutions, which in turn can use the money to purchase school materials. With 450 pens, the teaching material can be financed by a child.

With little effort, we were not only able to give our old pens a second life, but at the same time also make a meaningful contribution to environmental protection and the promotion of education. Another little green footprint that many more should follow.