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The Yorkshire Terrier is an intelligent, lively, and courageous dog with a cute appearance. You can find out everything about the history, character and demeanor of a Yorkie in the profile.

History of the Yorkshire Terrier

When industrialization began in England, many Scottish workers came from the countryside to the big cities. They brought their native dogs such as the Skye Terrier and the now-extinct Clydesdale with them. The poor workers in the north of England had been breeding since the 19th century Industrial towns in Yorkshire targeted small terriers. The Yorkshire Terrier's initial job was to keep the cities free of rats and mice. Later, however, the workers also used them to illegally hunt rabbits and in rat pits. Over time, they crossbred so many breeds that the exact genetic history of the Yorkie is unclear today. The breeders of that time attached great importance to reducing the size and weight of the Yorkies more and more in order to make the dog interesting also in high society. Also came to the fore Focus on a long and silky coat.

The farmers and workers were able to make a profit from breeding and sold many specimens to the nobility. The Yorkies as we know them today probably came from oneTerrier male calledOld Crab and a bitch by nameKitty from. A descendant of the two, theShow dog Huddersfield Ben won several prizes and is now considered the progenitor of the breed. The breed was entered in the stud book in 1874, although it was not officially recognized until 1886. Towards the end of the 19th century, the Yorkshire Terrier was one of the most popular miniature dogs among the British. A little later it began to spread outside the country. In the 1970s there was a real hype and many wanted the little dog.

Essence and character

The Yorkshire Terrier, despite its small size, is a very brave and confident dog. In the best terrier manner he is bright and anything but a cute lap dog. He likes to behave briskly and especially towards other, also much larger dogs tends to overestimate oneself. He prefers to bark at other dogs from the owner or mistress arm out of or out of the bicycle basket. The little terriers need consistent guidance in the upbringing, otherwise they will shamelessly exploit their cute appearance. The dogs take their job of protecting the house and the owners very seriously and can become barkers if they are poorly trained. If you take the loyal and eager to learn terrier seriously as the “right” dog and use it well, you will be rewarded with a strong-nerved companion for everyday life.

Acquisition of a Yorkshire Terrier

What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing?

Before you sign up for the Buying a Yorkshire Terrier decide, you should be sure that the dog with the colorful personality suits you. After all, with a life expectancy of up to 15 years, the little terrier will remain part of your family for a long time. If you've made up your mind to give a Yorkie puppy a new home, you need to start looking for one trusted breeder do. Unfortunately, you can find a lot of dubious providers on the Internet who sell their puppies at low prices. You should avoid these offers and not buy a puppy out of pity. Here you often get sick or behavioral animals. In addition, the purchase of the animals encourages the dubious providers to continue breeding. This should of course be avoided.

Yorkshire Terrier puppies have black fur

You are much better off with a breeder who does Club for Terriers e.V. connected. These breeders have to adhere to strict rules and you will get a purebred and healthy puppy. Of course that has its price and you have to approx1000 € for a Yorkie puppy invest. A good alternative to a young dog from the breeder is to take in a Yorkie or a mixed breed from the shelter. You will always find terriers that have got into trouble through no fault of their own and are now living in the rescue center. These dogs are often very grateful and happy about any kind of affection.

Development and upbringing of the puppy

As cute as the little Yorkies look, you can't compromise on upbringing. The little terriers are tough and need an experienced dog owner who can show them where to go. Even as a puppy, the dog needs a caregiver who can assert himself and show him his limits. With Consistency and praise you achieve success quickly and can prevent unwanted behavior. The dog must be socialized at a young age, especially with other dogs, as otherwise it likes to act out. It is important to give the little whirlwind enough time to understand what it is allowed to do and what is not. You should also stop yapping in the house early on. Treat him like a real dog, don't carry him around in your arms or in a bag and don't make the mistake of petting him too much just because he's a small, cute four-legged friend.

How do I keep a Yorkshire Terrier?

Activities with the Yorkshire Terrier

The keeping of the Yorkshire Terrier is quite unproblematic with enough time. As an original hunting dog, the Yorkie has a strong urge to move around and needs one daily walks. Due to its small size, you can easily take it with you anywhere and also explore new walking areas. However, you should always keep an eye on the little one so that he doesn't cut you off into the undergrowth. To compensate for his hunting instinct, the small dog can be used for Hunting and search games inspire, where he can use his nose. Many members of the breed love to dig, and you should see to it that he has the opportunity to do so. Otherwise, he'll get it for himself and you will definitely not be happy with the result.

The Yorkshire Terrier is an active contemporary

If you want to do something more than just a walk, you will find a great partner in the Yorkie. Due to its size, it is not well suited for jogging or cycling, but is enthusiastic about dog sports. Because of his funky and playful nature, he loves it through Agility course to hunt. The little dog is also enthusiastic about retrieving games or flyball. In addition to physical exertion, the Yorkie also has to be mentally challenged. With little intelligence games he stays mentally fit and happy.

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Health and care

The Yorkshire Terrier's silky coat needs one on a regular basis professional care. In addition to brushing and cleaning, this also includes the Visiting a dog groomer. Since the terrier does not have a natural coat change, the dead coat must be trimmed regularly. In general, you should also make sure that the dog's hair does not fall into the eyes. Otherwise, the long, drooping fur quickly causes eye infections. If necessary, the trademark of the breed - a bow on the head - is suitable for this.

The Yorkshire Terrier needs extensive grooming

Interesting and worth knowing

Famous Yorkshire Terrier

Throughout history, some Yorkshire Terriers have made it to fame in one way or another. Most of them were able to shine with their small size. The Yorkie bitch Sylvia, with a shoulder height of an incredible 6 cm, is the smallest dog that has ever lived. The little bitch lived with her ownerArthur Marples of Blackburn in England and was unfortunately only two years old. Another very small dog was the male Big Boss, who made it into the Guinness Book of Records in 2002 with a height of only 12 cm.

She became famous in another way Bitch Smokyfound by American soldiers in a hole in the ground in New Guinea during World War II. Corporal William A. Wynne took the fur nose with him and she stayed by his side for the remainder of the war. The Yorkie lady got the same meal, slept in his tent and braved tropical temperatures. Despite the unsuitable conditions, the bitch never got sick and accompanied her master on air raids and on the high seas. During her time in the army, she learned numerous tricks that she performed in TV shows and hospitals after the war. She died at the proud age of 14 and a memorial was erected around 50 years later.

Yorkshire Terriers in film and television

The breed has not passed Hollywood without a trace either. The cute dogs have found their way into numerous films and series. So owns Rajesh from "The Big Bang Theory" a Yorkie named Cinnamon whom he adores. In the strip "A fish called Wanda" three Yorkshire Terriers play a rather tragic role. In the course of the plot, one after the other is accidentally killed by an animal lover who is after their mistress. In the famous film "My wife, her in-laws and me"Gaylord Focker’s parents own a Yorkie named Moses.

Off the screen, too, the Yorkshire Terrier has a great one, too prominent fan base. Many celebrity women in particular are big fans of the breed. Audrey Hepburn and Whitney Houston already owned a representative of the breed and even the otherwise tough Bruce Willis owns a little male named Wolfie.

Do you also have a Yorkshire Terrier or do you want to buy one? What makes your Yorkie so special? Tell me more in the comments!

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