How should you live your life

Live for your life not for the résumé


A monster is going on in your head.

For years it has been running through your life with you and casting its creepy shadow on everything that stands in its way.

It is always behind you. It follows you closely. And its mere shadow is enough to make you tremble. It is enough to make you weak.

You suffer for it. You torment yourself. You're trying not to offer him a target. Keep your blinkers on so you just don't have to see it.

No matter where you go, it's already there. You can't escape it.

What is it called, you ask?

Your résumé.

If I met you and I could only give you one piece of advice. That would be him.

Please cease to exist for a piece of paper

Make up your mind about your life. And against 1 A4 page that you attach to applications.


The biggest mistake of your life

No matter what decisions you make as a teenager or young adult, you will hear them.

The good advice from your family, friends, colleagues, teachers and acquaintances.

Everyone wants to warn you about the biggest mistake of your life.

  • You will never find a job later if you don't have a high school diploma
  • Apprenticeships / studies XY look good on your resume
  • You have to do at least 1 semester abroad, otherwise nobody will hire you
  • Never break anything, you always have to explain that in job interviews

And should I tell you something?

It's all a lie.

The best sentence I've heard in my life was:

Just be careful otherwise your résumé will become a nightmare for all HR professionals.

At first I swallowed.

Should i cry or laugh?

I chose to laugh, and so should you!


Just a sheet of paper

Now is the time to open your résumé. You can find it in a folder called application documents or something similar.


Each of us has this folder on our computer.

Now open the document and read through your résumé.

How does that feel to you?

Well? Congratulations, you did everything right.

If you don't see any connection between these lines of text and your life, then print it out now.

Don't waste paper on me. Or save ink.

If you have a printer, print out your resume now.

And then tear it up.

Tear up your résumé into at least 10 parts.

If you want, you can throw the pieces on the floor and trample them again.

Hiring managers don't have to think your life is good.

Your mother and father don't have to find your life good.

Your siblings, friends, acquaintances or colleagues don't have to think your life is good.

The only person who has to find your life good is yourself

And what is even more important:

None of them, nobody in this world has to live your life. Just you

What matters are your dreams

I already told you here that my own life is pretty crazy. It's not a big secret, and I'm not hiding it either. But I'm often careful with the details.


Because I don't feel like making stupid sayings, it's easy! But not anymore.

Above all, I want to encourage you with So little time.

Courage, to live an unconventional life.

Courage,To go your own way.

Courage, To actively improve your life.

Courage,Letting go of things that are not good for you.

And I want to show you that the world is not that bad out there.

I want you to benefit from my experience.

I want to take away your fear.

And that's why I'm just going to be honest with you now.


My résumé - the whole truth

I've always been a pretty good student. My favorite places were the library and the horse stable.

And I only wanted one thing to become: a writer. To this day, Cornelia Funke and J.K. Rowling my greatest role models. My first works were terrible stories about girls and ponies. But I had a dream.

And at some point I lost sight of this dream.

Instead, I ended up - after a detour via the secondary school - in the secondary school branch of industry.

I still learned shorthand there - in 2000!

The decisions that were made for me were logical, sensible. Head decisions.

On this chart you can look at the big stages of my last 15 years.

I could also have called it "The Eternal Struggle Between Head and Belly".


And now I've finally got where I wanted to be. My gut has taken the lead. And has brought a partner on board.

One who can make rational decisions and thinks of things like tax returns and bookkeeping! My head.

He feels comfortable with a new job and no longer tries to remind me of my résumé.

It is in a folder somewhere on the hard drive and collects dust.

I don't need him anymore.

Update: I finally canceled it, because no, I don't need that either to become what I want.


How much power do you give over yourself to your résumé?