Is Madonna real

Madonna surprises with a new look on Instagram - fans are irritated

On Instagram, Madonna is completely different. It seems like the queen of pop has not only changed the color of her hair, but also the shape of her face. Fans don't seem to like the unusual look.

Madonna is known for constantly reinventing herself. The singer has been on stage for over 40 years and is a role model and style icon for many. Above all, however, the now 62-year-old polarizes the masses. What some find good causes criticism and incomprehension for others. Madonna has not lost this quality even after all these years. Current example: your new look, which causes different reactions.

Black, blonde, red - Madonna has tried many hair colors. The singer is currently wearing the color rose gold on her head and is therefore absolutely trendy. But the pink shade isn't the only thing that stands out in Madonna's new photos.

In a very short time, she shared a wide variety of impressions with her around 15.5 million Instagram fans. In addition to the clip that the musician shows while applying makeup and the subsequent photo, she also uploaded three selfies of herself, which sparked discussions.

"What happened to your cheekbones?"

"What happened to your cheekbones? Not good, Madonna. Not good!" Someone writes under the post. Many others are mostly shocked by the new look in the Instagram comments. Madonna shows herself with an exaggerated amount of make-up and a seemingly newly shaped face including glasses in the 60s style.

"What did you do to your face?" Asks a user in Spanish. Another posts alien emojis based on the oval face shape. "Is that really real, or is that some kind of filter again?" Puzzles another fan of the pop queen. "Stop doing the cosmetic surgery," someone also implores.

But there is also positive feedback on the new style. "Unbelievable. You look beautiful," someone says. "That pink hair, wow!" Can also be read.

Actually, Madonna just wanted to call for votes

Actually, the Queen of Pop only wanted to use her mail to draw attention to the fact that she had already sent off her postal voting documents and that she had voted for the Democrat Joe Biden.

But her fans are apparently only interested in her transformation. "The three faces of a girl who has just voted," she wrote about the snapshots of herself, "go out and take responsibility, people!"