Why are medical reference books so expensive

Medicine = expensive?

Med10  📅 21.01.2010 12:32:21
Hello everyone,

I would like to start studying medicine in the summer semester (high school graduation average of 1.2; so calculate my chances of getting a place).

So my problem is not so much the admission or the motivation, but the question of how expensive (if you can estimate that) a medical degree will be.

Friends of mine who study other subjects such as philosophy, German studies etc. hardly ever acquire specialist literature, but when I am studying medicine in relevant forums I read constantly about "you have to get this literature", not to mention various "suitcases" ( ?), Preparation cutlery, etc.

I come from a rather low-income family and even if I get the full maximum student loan amount - can you tell me (even if only vaguely) what I have to expect per semester?

Just about for specialist literature and aids such as the preparation set (So, as it were, are things like that asked or are you obliged, have to buy these things yourself in the course of your studies / how expensive it is approx.) ..

I hope the question doesn't seem too silly, but I've never read anything like it here and am a little worried about the cost).

Many Thanks!
derHANS  📅 22.01.2010 16:32:17
So you will be able to get most of the books easily and cheaply from fellow students in the higher semester and / or borrow them from the library. The one with the "prep cutlery" is such a thing, some universities make the cutlery available (Aachen, Cologne, Bonn) at other universities you have to buy it yourself. But it's not that expensive.
The "suitcase" you are addressing is available especially for dentists and is needed for the course. It can be the case that they cost between € 1000 and € 2000!

Otherwise don't worry about the cost of the teaching material, but rather about how much nerve the study costs!
Pear bride  📅 22.01.2010 21:12:57
this is only difficult with the Zahnis - in human medicine you get along well with the Bafög maximum rate. I would advise you to just borrow them and not buy your own books anyway. First-time students tend to have an exaggerated need to own books, but at first the ones from the library totally do it. and otherwise you can come used them.
prep cutlery costs 15 euros, that's not that wild.
btw: with the bafög maximum rate, you have more money at your disposal than some of my fellow students.
Dark side  📅 21.03.2010 14:17:36
phew ..

so studying medicine is already expensive!

At the moment I need about 700 € ... so around 300 rent, then take the train home 2-3 times per month (80 € per trip) then of course I need something to bite and absolutely all the time Food from the Aldi so sometimes a pizza then every now and then going out costs something ... and then of course after various expenses for scripts or registrations that you have to do at the university and passport photos ...

Then books that I buy also increase my expenses .. of course you can also borrow them, but the library has about 30 books for 180 students so one thing is certain:

either you're damn quick and borrow one or you're unlucky ... you also need some books all the time so you have to keep checking them out and bringing them back ... which gets on your nerves over time ...

Of course you can buy used books but you have to expect that they are marked etc ... I for one get my problems there ... but that is up to you

i prefer to buy the books because then i can mark up and add notes how funny i am and how you will need them as a reference work again and again later ...
I can work better there :-)

but there is one more thing that should be mentioned:

I don't think that other courses are cheaper, because the basic costs are the same, everyone has to pay rent and food!

well, the books are really expensive you can take a look at Amazon.Examples are Prometheus 1-3 (damn good and believe me in the dissection course at the latest, this is your Bible that you pay homage to every day) or short textbooks from Thieme or Welsch or Duale series. ...

But where else are you supposed to acquire the mass of knowledge that you need as a doctor? After all, you don't give a 1 on any exam, but snip around a living being that then wants to open its eyes again!

hope that brings you further!
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