Are fast motorcycles safer than slow ones

10 motorcycle safety tips that you should know

Motorcycling is pure fun! Every biker has this opinion. But we all also know that riding a motorcycle is much more dangerous for the driver than driving a car. You are not protected by the vehicle, you can be overlooked more easily and a motorcycle is more difficult to control in dangerous situations. All these facts cannot prevent us from getting on the bike, but we can observe and follow certain things that will probably make us arrive at the end unscathed. Here are our top 10 safety tips for your motorcycle fun.

10. Are you ready for this?

Are you ready for your own motorcycle? This may sound strange, but many motorcyclists overestimate their abilities and want to ride a motorcycle that is wrong for you. Note, you should always be able to reach the ground with your feet. Since we're on the ground, the tires on your bike are the only connection to the road, so choose the right type of tire for your bike. Especially in corners, an enduro tire can have a very negative effect on the road, even if you only drive a short distance!

9. Keep improving yourself

Constantly try to improve your skills with your bike. Sure, most of the exercise is simply driving itself. But there are situations and critical maneuvers that can be practiced on separate courses with experienced drivers and trainers. We recommend taking a driving safety course every year, especially at the beginning. If you are already a little more experienced, you can also train a little in a private area with enough space.

8. Watch your motorcycle

Do you want to ride your motorcycle for a long time? Then pay attention! A short tour before you set off should become your routine. A check of tires, displays, lights, oil, chassis and the stand is done quickly and increases your safety enormously! Let's be honest, who wants to be out and about with worn tires, faulty wires or an oil leak 😉

7. Let yourself be seen!

When you are out on a motorcycle, you can easily be overlooked by other road users. Striking clothing would be an option here to make you more noticeable. But what is even more important in my opinion, drive in a way that others can see you clearly. When you want to overtake, you can often see that the driver has noticed you through the rearview mirror. If you are not sure, turn on the indicators and then drive past with a safe distance. The safety margin should give you enough time to react in case you are overlooked.

6. Avoid bad weather

Riding a motorcycle when the sun is shining on the road is probably the most beautiful. But we all know that unfortunately this is not always the case and it changes quickly. If you are planning a longer trip the weather can change quickly and you have to drive through the rain at times. If you can, avoid these situations, take a break, find a rest area and have a coffee instead of using force to get through the rain as quickly as possible.

5. Look Ahead!

You can prevent many dangerous situations by using your head and evaluating danger spots and situations. Always assume that any road user can overlook you or simply drive badly or react incorrectly. We motorcyclists usually take the damage, so we should protect ourselves.

4. Eyes on the road

If you are driving in beautiful scenery, stop for a while and enjoy, but avoid looking too much of the area as you drive. Keep your eyes on the road during your motorcycle ride. Avoid and ignore possible distractions such as radio over headphones, phone calls or attractive people along the way 😉

3. The right equipment

Appropriate clothing increases your safety! A full set of equipment helps you to be adequately protected in an emergency. If you get into a dangerous situation, you don't have to worry about whether you are adequately protected at all. And as mentioned above, the color also plays a big role here. If you choose equipment in atypical colors, you are more likely to be noticed during your rides. So drive with appropriate clothing including boots and leave your flip-flops at home.

2. Less is more

You can prevent dangerous situations by making your driving behavior a little more defensive in certain situations. While driving, keep an eye out for road damage, rubbish, pedestrians and bad drivers. If you drive to your limit right from the start, you don't have time to feel safe. After a few kilometers you can slowly increase. Do you want to go to your limits? Then you'd better switch to a racetrack or a training parkour.

1. You only have one head

Your helmet is your best friend! Driving without a helmet is prohibited in most countries. Every now and then you see motorcyclists who are out and about without their motorcycle helmets. Remember, your head is easily wounded and permanent damage can stay fast. A broken foot or arm heals quickly and can be operated on, but head damage is often permanent. Take care of your helmet and avoid damaging it by careless mistakes, for example if it falls off. After an accident in which you fell on your head with your motorcycle helmet, you should change it immediately. Even if it does not have any major external damage, it can be damaged on the inside and no longer work in the next accident.

No matter if you are traveling for a long time or just for a day. Follow these tips and you will be much safer and have more fun riding a motorcycle. What tips do you have? Leave us a comment!